7 Jun 2019

I used to do a bit of cabbing in the 80's (driving a private hire taxi), in Nottingham, and it was an ideal opportunity to visit all the toilets I knew in the area, with no pressure of work to keep me away. However, the plumb jobs were the airport runs to East Midlands Airport.

I made such a drop one afternoon, and then hung around to see if I could get a fare back to Nottinham. It was illegal but we all used to try it. A guy came to my cab and asked to go to Castle Donnington, the nearby village, not where I wanted to go, but a good fare all the same. I dropped him off and on the way back I notice a public toilet by the roadside. There were a few cars parked nearby so I thought there may be some action to be had. I parked and went in. There were four cubicles and a queue. Yes a queue. Undaunted I stood by the doors and waited my turn, there being 3 guys in front of me. A door opened and a guy left. None of the guys in front of me made any effort to enter the vacant cubicle, so I just went in and locked the door.

The walls were full of stories and anecdotes, adverts and phone mumbers, plus some well drawn pics of cocks and cunts etc. I sat on the toilet seat and before long a note came under the wall asking what I liked. It turned out that he was a top and wanted me to suck him off. We soon concluded that we were not suited and a little while later he left. His cubicle was not re-occupied. ??? This made me very suspicious, I had managed to jump the queue earlier and now another cubicle was on offer and the guys outside were not going to use it. .....??????.... What the fuck was going on. I heard the doors at the other end opening and closing and I decided to leave. I got out of the cubicle just as 2 guys came into the toilet. I washed my hands and they both went into the two vacant cubicles. Just then the cubicle next to the end became vacant and I decide to see if I could find out what all the intrigue was about. I went in and locked the door.

There it was, staring at me like manna from heaven, it was a lovely glory hole. But it was not the total answer, because there was another glory hole in the opposite wall. If the guys in the queue were after the glory hole, why did they not fill the cubicle next to me when I was at the other end ????

Not bothering with the stories, pics and phone numbers on the wall I sat on the seat expecting to see, through the gh, a fantastic cd/tv in all the sexy underwear. The inevitable finger came throught the hole and I stood up and presented my cock throught the hole. A warm, if not even hot, mouth engulfed my cock and began to suck me. It was very good but not the spectacular event I would have expected due to the mystery. The mouth stooped sucking, I withdrew my cock and got a note through the hole. On it was written, as well as I recall, "Look through the hole. Do you want to fuck me?"

I looked through the hole and was met with the sight of a beautiful partially shaved and trimmed pussy, lips pulled open so I could see the pink inner lips and her hole. I hastily scribbled back that I would love to. She passed a condom through the hole and whispered that I put it on or no fuck. Despite hating them that I did, I complied. She turned around as I watched through the hole and backed towards it. I judged her to be in her early 20's, an amazing body and tits to die for. Before she blocked the hole I put my hand through and felt her cunt. She turned around again and I was able to play with her clit, I rubbed it and fingered her for about a minute and then suddenly she gasped and had an orgasm. It was embarrassingly loud,,but extremely erotic.

I withdrew my hand in order to replace it with my condom covered cock. I pushed it through the hole and I felt her remove the condom and then a warm soft pussy was sliding over my cock. I gently fucked her trying to make it last, but inevitably I shot my load deep inside of her. Satiated, I reluctantly withdrew my cock and sat down. A note came through which basicall said that I was the only one in the last two hours (the ammount of time she had apparently been there) to have made the effort to make her cum and as a thank you I got her only bareback fuck.

It was as a result of this experience that to this day I have never cum in or on a woman unless I have ensured she has had an orgasm first. It had been a general policy before this, but I had now made it a rule. I left the cubilcle and was replaced by the next guy. I noticed one empty cubicle and two guys waiting, Word had obviously spread in the area and guys must have been coming from miles around for a bit of free pussy. As I got in my car, I notice a young figure running from the toilet and getting into a Lotus Elan sports car. It was obviously her and she had decided to call it a day. I got there just in time. Lol

Only one other time was I lucky enough to fuck a woman through a glory hole, but that was not in a public toilet, but in a video booth, in a porn shop in London.

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