Written by slutty s

27 Jun 2009

As the story title says i went back to black.

Let me explain in my teenager and young twenties i got upto allsorts sexually in particular with black guys and their are many stories to tell but sadly once i met my hubby setlled down had family them days were i thought in the past until recently.

Im 42 years old still in reasonably good shape size 12 5 foot 10 tall blonde shoulder length and i was invited on a night out with the girls at work what to wear especially as the girls were so younger than me anywhere black dress my highest heels hold up stockings.

It was a okay night out until they took me to a club which specialised in rnb garage music such a smile to my face lots of men and i was smitten with one who chatted me up yes i was wet with excitement.

Darren offered me a lift home under normal circumstnces it would have been an absolute NO but i couldnt resist bmw blackened out windows and we parked up in a car park just round the corner from my house he put my seat in the horizontal position and his big hands spread my legs apart already wet he fingered me heavily making me cum playing with my g spot i couldnt control myself leaving me begging for his cock getting his finger coverd in my cum and getting me to swallow.

Then he thrust his cock inside me it hurt initially but he pumped away for what seemed to be for ever and emptied himself inside me and subsequently got me to lick his cock clean darren helped me out of his car i could not stand or walk properly and waved me goodbye i staggered home.

I hurriedly undressed at home went to bed and my hubby partially asleep asked if i had a good night out i said with a wry smile i did sweetheart you go back to sleep darling