Written by analalan

16 Jun 2009

We met in the grapes car park early , we got into the cars i was in piggys , he had picked me and my stuff up on the way. We drove out the the fishing lakes and set up. After an hour or so i could hear the tins of larger been opened, apart from the drivers who had to make do with coffee.Its started to get late and the guys said that they had, had enough and were going. Piggy said he would stay for another hour or two, which meant i had to say too.

I told piggy i need a pee and walked off to a woods a few yard down the track, he said he would join me , he needed to go too.I stood there pissing against a tree , when piggy asked to me to come look at what he had found, i walked over to find around 4-5 used comdoms and an empty packet of KY.He laughted and said someones been having fun, His hand went to my bum and started to rub and feel it.He turned me to a tree and told me to take hold of it, which i did, his hands came around and started to undo my combat trousers and pushed then down over my bum along with my boxers.I could hear Piggy lowering his jeans and soom felt his hard cock between my cheeks, he rubbed his knob up and down my crack before finding my bumhole and pushing.He started to move backwards holding onto my hips and pulling me back , which made me bend over , Thats better he said and pushed his cock up and into my bum , i let out a moan until the pain was gone. He waited and then started to fuck my bum , i held onto the tree looking both left and right while he was pounding away up me , making sure we was on our own and making sure non of the lads had returned.Piggy said he had been thinking about my arse since that night i had stayed over at his.He started to fuck faster and deeper. then with a few deep thrusts he said he was coming, grunted and pumped his cum into me.He stayed where he was getting his breath back , before pulling out his cock, and pulling up his pants and jeans , i reached down to get hold of my jeans and let out a small fart, which also made some of his spunk run out of me and down my balls.You dirty fucker he said, im right behind you and you fart in my face, he walked off.I dressed and followed him , he offered me a fag, and we both agreed that what had happened before and just would not happen again' I agreed and sat down on my fishing box, feeling more cum ozzing out my bum.Piggy reached over and lite my a fag , and said he loved this place .We would give it another hour and head back to the grapes,while i smoked it i thought about those used comdons and wondered if Piggy came here often.