Written by as before

21 Apr 2008

my hips were bucking and my clit was on fire as cloe pulled me away from jo and gave me a sexy snog of her own, then both girls pulled back and grabbed at each side of my t shirt and pulled it over my head, exposing my bra and slim stomach ( i like to keep in shape ). my protests went unheard as both girls worked together again, both pulling at my bra til it gave way and snapped,then they pulled it off me and chloe threw it way, then i threw my head back in sweet sexy abandon as jo and chloe took a nipple each and sucked and licked with relish, with their lips working on my nipples their hands were free to work on my jeans, i felt the button pop undone and groaned as chloes nimble fingers slide into my knickers, her fingers searching out by boiling clit.

jo pushed at my jeans til they were past my knees, then they both double teamed my knickers, pulled at them as they had with my bra, i felt them snap and they were discarded. chloes fingers once again went to work on my sex, and jo joined in, slithering a finger into my pussy as my hips bucked and i tried to resist the pleasure they were giving me, but it was no use, and when chloe found my clit and lightly pinched it i howled out loud in pleasure. both girls worked on me with no mercy, my tits were sucked and licked, my clit pinched,and my fanny fingered and after a few more seconds i could feel my orgasm approach, i gasped to the girls that i was gonna cum, they both sped up their attentions til i couldnt hold back and my orgasm ripped through me, i shouted my fucking cum to the world, and revelled in the dirty pleasure they gave me, chloe then stopped her attentions and pulled my leg towards my head and then lifted it which left my cunt exposed,as jo slid down towards my pussy and roughly squirmed four fingers into my hot sex, rubbing and thrusting onto my g spot as i sobbed with pleasure and begged her to stop,i couldnt move or escape as chloe held my leg firm

jo took no notice of my pleading and carried on with her cunt fucking and a few seconds later i gave in to an enormous cum which left me breathless, but still jo didnt stop, indeed she spat on my asshole and slid in a finger and worked me my cunt and asshole til my third cum left me a sweaty mess on the floor........more later x