Written by john150mm

17 Feb 2014

I was lying naked on my back on the bed. My equally naked wife was laying to my right, on her left side, her head on my shoulder. One of her large breasts was pressing against my side, the other resting on my chest being caressed by my left hand; her right hand held my six-inch cock, gently wanking it. Her abdomen was not against my side as she was lying at an angle from me, but her left knee pressed against my thigh and her right leg was over my legs. She was gently pulsating against me, alternately pressing me and then moving slightly away. She was breathing heavily with occasional little gasps.

Behind her, on his left side, was Jason. Also naked, with his thick black seven-inch prick slowly sliding in and then nearly out of my wife’s juicy cunt, time after time.

He kept this going for fifteen minutes or more. Every three or four minutes my wife would have an orgasm, each one a little more intense and longer-lasting than the ones before. Each time she would gasp and cry out and wank me harder and faster, but I managed to hold off from cumming even though my cock was ram-rod hard.

Then Jason started moving faster and harder. After a couple of minutes, holding her belly for leverage, he pushed his manhood as far into my wife as he could, the full seven inches, and held it there whilst he pumped his seed deep inside her, filling her cervix and vagina with his spunk. He lay there with his prick in her until it withered and he pulled out.

My wife moved onto her hands and knees, then moved to kneel astride my face, lowered her cum-filled cunt onto my open mouth and bent forward to take my rigid cock into her mouth, swallowing the whole six inches. My mouth covered her gash and I as sucked I savoured the mix of woman juice and man-seed that gushed out, having to swallow several mouthfuls before finally licking her cunt clean with my tongue. After that I sucked her clitty , making her cum one final time as I shot my load down her throat.

She collapsed on the bed between Jason and I so we could all recover for a few minutes before continuing the session with a nice dp-ing.