Written by Jason

5 Mar 2010

I have been thinking that my partner has been getting some extra cock lately, I commute to work so she has lots of opportunity. I read somewhere about google latitude allows you to track mobile phones using google maps. I installed the application on my partners smart phone created an account for her and logged into the account using her phone. Now this application uses either gps or calculates roughly the location. Last week she told me she needed to work late. I got a bit suspicious as she phoned me at 7 and said she will be leaving around 8. I was traveling home on the train and I logged into google latitude on my phone and watched her location move from her office to a location just off a main road, I used the satellite function which is a photo of the ground and her location was a secluded layby, fuck I was hard thinking what she was doing. She was there for about 45 mins before the icon started to move toward home. When I got home she was her normal self. I took my suit off and check the laundry basket, to my delight I found her thong absolutely soaked through, I licked the gusset but could not tell if I could taste cum,  i was gutted because i would have cleaned them out although I could smell rubber! My cock stifened and quickly wanked one out. I'm finding this spying so fucking horny.