Written by The Ferret

24 Mar 2007

I got a phonbe call the other day frpom David. He asked if I could come around to massage his wife at their home..... in the Den again. I said I would and he asked me " to give her the fingers " I thought about this and then said o.k.

I was thinking about her as a i got off the phone, and thought about this trim blond with pert little breast. I thought to me self, "yes I would be there are eight" and won't be late ! Of course I arrived on time. Jane was dressed in her usual see through blouse and short black mini no panties on, she organised David to go and get the oil, she stripped off and I layed her on the table and placed a towel over her to keep in the body warmth.

When he came back I started the massage proper. It usually take me about an hour to do a full body massage and after completing it, I went and had a shower because I was dripping with sweat.

When I came back from the shower, David was out of the room again, and I just lightly brushed her legs. She then opened her legs up, off fell the towel and I thought No I wont just use my fingers, I was going to use my tounge on her. I could tell that her motor was running and the little boatman, was coming out to play. I opened up her legs and then dived into her shaven pussy with my moist tounge and she lifted off the massage table. From then on she mewed and moaned and we had a ball.

After a while she grabbed my cock and started to wank me off. David in the meantime, started to take photos with his small video camera, and I said "perhaps we might adjourn to the double bed " which was still on the floor from the last time we were her ( the gand bang in the Garage with the boys ).

We got down to the bed and I proceeded to really go to town on her pussy. I had her legs over my shoulders and was lapping away, every so oftern I would stop and tweak her nipples... they are just like little corks and very sensitive. While I was doing this she grabbed my cock and stuck it in her mouth and started to suck on it. I really enjoyed this, David taking photos of his wife and me, shoving my cock down her throat. After a while, I stopped and then got between her legs and mounted her.

Her wet lips parted as I put my cock in. It slid down into her warm wet fanny and I started " the old in out " . She was mewing and moaning, as she does and then I motioned to her to change positions. First off, I asked her to get on top of me, because I enjoy feeling the womans rythm, after a while she sort of slowed up and I changed positions once again. This time, she was facing down on the mattress and I mounted her on top, and then once my cock was inside of her, I grabbed both of her tits and then proceeded maul then, puling on the nipples and really pounding into her. She and I really enjoyed that fuck .

She was awash with vaginal juices and not too long after that I added to her fanny a fair portion of my spunk, telling her that I had been saving it up for her. She groaned with pleasure as the spunk went up her fanny and after a while I turned her over and just layed there in her arms, playing with her fanny and tits.

David by this time, had stopped filming, and he came down from the sofa to join us, he put his hands into her fanny and felt my spunk up his wife's cunt. She was enjoying this for a while and I was getting a little interested in round two.

She then sent him off to get some cold drinks, whilst I mounted her again and proceeded to fuck her, until he came back in and as he did so. I let rip with the next load. He tcame back down to the bed but she sent him off to sit on the sofa and look at both of us.

After we laid together, She said that she needed to remake the room for her son and his friends to stya there the night and it needed airing. I asked when the next session was going to be with the boys, but frankly i really enjoyed my own private party !