Written by cortina11

13 Aug 2011

i always wanted to watch my wife suck another mans cock. we spoke about this for while and eventually but reluctantly agreed. she got dressed up , tight black dress black thong and no bra. we headed into town had a few drinks and went to a local club.

she spotted a guy she knew from school , who she had liked years before. she got chatting to him while i watched from the end of the bar.she told him she wanted to take him home while i watched her being fucked, she then started to feel his bulging cock. after a few more drinks , we haeded for the taxi, i sat in the front and they sat in the back. she immediately started to kiss him and spread her legs while he started to play with her damp cunt.

when we arrived home , i started to pour a few drinks and they started to kiss again. she undid his shirt and licked his chest and undid his jeans and took his big black cock in her mouth (his cock was massive )the first black cock i have seen and it was impressive.

she then led him upstairs and he lay on the bed for while as she sucked his cock and balls (shed never sucked my balls). he then got her on her hands knees and started to fuck her- she was groaning and squueezing his balls with her hands. he then took his cock and teased it into her arse hole and slowly started to fuck her arse (something id always wanted to do but she hadnt).

after he came up her arse she got me to lick his cock clean and lick the cum from her arse. i then fucked her but was a second best to this big black cock. she has met him several toimes since and tells me all about his huge cock.