Written by anon

4 Jul 2008

....is what i'd wanted to tell my barber every time he's cut my hair for the last few months. Finally I plucked up the courage, not so bluntly as in the title, to delve a little further and was pleasently surprised.

I'd been going to this barber for a while and had got the impression he liked me, looking at em in the mirror just a bit too long, pushing himself into me a little more than necessary etc etc. The trouble is the shop, small as it is gets a steady flow of custom so finding us in a one-to-one was virtually impossible.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago I decide to pop in for a trim, trying to make mine the last cut of the day. I got there just as he was about to start packing away but as I was a regular he offered to stay behind a while.

"Tell you what, i'll just shut the blinds and put the closed sign on the door so we don't get disturbed" he said. I was a bit confused at this point, "don't get disturbed?" I asked.

"Oh sorry, slip of the tongue" he replied, "what I meant was I don't want any more customers after you". At this point my mind is racing...shall I ask him, drop a hint or what...?

"Oh right" I said, "I thought when you said disturb that you had something in mind other than cutting my hair". There, that was it, i'd done it. The split second it took him to reply seemed an age but luckily for me I had been right all along.

"Well actually I did have something in mind, just like I have every time I cut your hair" he said, "I'm just surprised it took you so long to realise".

I explained to him that when i'm in the chair and he brushes up against me I start to get hard imagining him cutting my hair naked so that I could slide my hand out from under the gown and feel his cock. With this he did no more than put his scissors down and strip off, standing there absolutely naked with a very impressive cock hanging between his muscular thighs.

He picked up the scissors and moved in close, I put my hand down and took his by now, very hard cock in my hand and started to slowly wank him as he continued to cut. He had lovely smooth balls that felt heavy and full of cum....not for long I thought.

He very quickly finished my cut, me all the time playing with his cock and balls. He really did have a lovely cock and as I wanked it I coudl feel him getter wetter and wetter.

"That looks really good" I said as he put the mirror behind me, "but not as good as that" I added squeezing his cock. "I think I should pay you now" I said getting up from the chair. I followed him as he moved over to the cash register and as he turned around to take my cash I knelt down in front of him and took his hard cock in my hand once more.

This time I wanked it for a coupld of seconds, gave it a squeeze to make some precum come out and then licked the thick, shiny purple head of his cock before taking it in my mouth. His cock is 8" and thick so a nice mouthful. I was really into this now, slurping away on his cock like a hungry little whore, stopping every now and then to lick and suck his balls. He had his hand behind my head pulling my eager mouth onto his cock. As I sucked him faster and harder I could feel his body tighten. He started to moan a little louder and his body tightened even more.

"Oh fuck, i'm coming" he gasped. I took the full 8" of his cock in my mouth as he exploded and shot his hot juice down my throat. He shot loads of juicy spunk, more than I could swallow and some ended up dripping out of my mouth onto my chin.

"Jesus, that was good" he said, breathlessly. I didn't think I was going to get anything in return but he put a hand on each shoulder and moved me towards the chair. Before I sat down he stripped me, the final act removing my boxers to release my throbbing wet cock. He sat me in the chair then went to work on me for the second time that afternoon, this time though no instructions were needed.

I couldn't sit still in the chair as he proved to be something of an expert cocksucker, his mouth sliding up and down the shaft while his tongue swirled around the tip of my cock. "Lift your arse of the seat and put your legs over the arms of the chair" he said. Not one to argue I did as I was told. As I was doing this he popped into the backroom and cam out holding a butt-plug and some lube. I've seen these in the on-line stores but never used one.

"Fancy some of this?" he asked. By now inhibitions were out of the window, "I'd rather have the real thing" I replied. With a smile he squirted some lube on his finger and rubbed it into my hole. He put the plug on the chair and I lowered myself down onto it, very slowly. As I sat there supported by this lump of rubber he started to suck and wank me again. He reached up and put his hands on my shoulders and gently eased me further down onto the plug, stretching my hole wider and wider.

This was fucking awesome, i'm sat in this barbers getting a fantastic blowjob, my usually tight arse is getting well and truly stretched and all i'm thinking of is him sliding his lovely cock inside me.

As you can imagine, before too long I was ready to shoot...."i'm gonna cum" I warned him. He didn't move, just kept his mouth over the end of my cock and as I shot my hot cum he continued to twist the end of my cock with his tongue. "Wow" was all I could say as he rose in front off me. He moved towards me without saying a word. Then he moved his face closer to mine, lips moving to me then kissed me, his mouth full of my sweet, sticky cum. As he kissed me and our tongues shared my juices he pushed down a bit harder making me take even more of the plug into my arse. By now my sphincter mussles were totally relaxed and ready for some action, so, as I noticed was his cock.

This time he made me kneel up in chair as he moved in behind me. My hole was still lubed up and by now the plug had done it's trick. His cock went inside me like a hot knife through butter. I could feel it filling me inch by inch as it slid it up me all the way, until I could feel his balls against my ass.

He started to fuck me slowly but I urged him to fuck me hard and fast. Over the next few minutes my ass took a real pounding from his long hard cock. I could feel his balls constantly slapping against my ass and I moaned and groaned with each hard thrust. Eventually I felt his muscles tighten and his whole body stiffen, then he shot his hot spunk deep inside my hole. I felt his body shudder as he came in three long spurts before he stepped back and I could feel his still semi-hard cock slip from me.

I dressed and left without saying too much. To be honest i was well and truly shagged by then. Anyway, a couple of weeks have passed and i'm due a haircut. I'm thinking of trying a late Saturday afternoon visit.....what do you think I should do?