Written by toothygit

6 Apr 2012

I've told you about my fuck buddy and our first adventure with another guy, here is a tale of a very unusual dogging experience up at Wisley.

We arrived quite late one night and parked up in the cafe car park, both of us climbed into the back and started to kiss and cuddle as you do, I'm quiet keen to start removing her clothes as well as mine!

I'm down to my underpants and she is now just in her basque and stockings I've loosen her shoulder straps and sucking on her firm tits and tonguing her hard nipples, she has such wonderful tits and I can't leave them alone, I take a peek outside and not surprisingly we have company I can see about half dozen guys all trying to peer through the glass! (Windows are still closed at this point) I whip off my pants and tell her to suck on my cock which by now is sticking out like a miniature flag pole (well a medium size flagpole!) I love her gobbling away on my cock, she such a good cock sucker and she knows exactly how I like it, I'm telling her how much I love her sucking me as I reach down between her legs and start to stroke and finger her damp hot pussy, as I pick up the pace she starts to moan louder and louder being only young she is very wet and I can feel her juices running down my hand nice and creamy I pull out and lick my fingers mmmmmmm, taste fantastic and I now can't wait to get my tongue between her legs, we shift positions and now she's face down in the kneeling position with her lovely arse sticking up in the air, I know the guys outside are struggling to see what's going on so I ask her if we can turn on the light to help them out. "Is there many out there?" she asked, "about six" I reply "OK" she says.

I flick the light on and can hear the gasp from the crowd outside! I dive straight in licking and sucking on her pussy lips and occasionally licking at her tight little butt hole. She is wriggling around moaning and murming with each lick and probe I have started to finger fuck her and she cums on my hand, and I drink in the lovely sweet juices as the trickle down her inner thighs.

She wants to have a break and let her pussy calm down so we stop for a fag break! We both spin round and sit in the seats light fags and crack the window so we don't choke to death, this encourages the guys outside now to start chatting and she opens her window , they are very complimentary about her of course but also telling me what a great car I've got! (BMW X5)" it's great for the space in back" and "did she come with the car?"  We had quite a shock when we realised how many guys there was there at least 15 maybe more all crowding round trying to get a look in and hoping to be invited in! As we all chatted I revealed that I would murder for a cup of tea to much laughing and giggling from her and the guys! "Aren't you satisfied" they enquired? " Well can't beat a nice cup of tea can you" I retorted, At this one of the guys said "well if you really want one I've got my camper van here and will make one for you!" "OK" so we placed our orders and off he trotted -- returning five minutes or so later with a couple of mugs of hot steaming tea and half a pack of biscuits! Chocolate ones at that too! more chat and tea drunk we got back to the sex (hurray I hear you all say) again she starts off with sucking on my cock and getting me hard she is in the kneeling stance again with her arse in the air and as before wiggling about with the attentions of being fingered but this time by the guys from her side as we have left the window open, she tells me "I've got fingers up me" and wants to know if it's OK to let them do it?

"It's your pussy" I whisper and so she pushes back onto the strangers hand and lets out a little whimper as she cums again on his fingers, I want your cock in me she tells me and spins round now facing the window and I plunge straight in to her soppy fanny I can feel how wet she is and just pump as fast as I can at her, balls deep holding onto her hips and pounding away. One of the guys has got his head in the car and is kissing her on the mouth and fondling her tits, she is responding to his advances and cums on my cock at which point I run out of steam and withdraw leaving her cunt exposed and gaping for all to see what a picture as the guys are all making all the right sounds of appreciation of such a horny slut!

Again we stop and take a break at which point she tells me that guy that had been kissing her was a great kisser and she want him to fuck her now too! It means a lot to be able to kiss right; it gets you a long way! lol

I ask him if he would like to join us and quick as a flash he's in the car there's an audible sigh of disappointment from the crowd as they realise it's not their night! It turns out the new fuck buddy is Scottish and after kissing full on the mouth again and making her wet he gets his thick Jock cock out and is at her from behind just as she likes it, with her mouth full of my cock again he pumps away for five minutes before exploding his spunk up her pussy and filling her up to the brim , she has been gagging on my cock and as soon as he pulls out she releases me from her mouth and I wank my cock off over her tits 2 large spurts of hot cum land on her and the rest is for me to clean up later before I go home ! She rubs my cum into her skin and reaches down and scoops spunk out from her pussy to join mine on her tits! Not a drop is wasted!

The guys outside are all trying to reach in and a few asking if they can have a go next but we are done and now are off to bask in the glory of my ability to have such a hot fuck buddy and a great car !!!