Written by Chasser

6 Jan 2018

This is a true story.

My wife Sally and myself belong to a VW car club also we are members of a naturist club, which we don't attend very often we keep in touch with other members via email.

One member we email a lot is a guy called Derek he is 60 around the same age as us. His wife died about a year ago .

We decided to invite him down for a long weekend last summer which he accepted.

He arrived on the Friday and we had a long chat and he told us he was lonely and apart from work never went out.

The following day we all went to the local naturist beach, we all felt comfortable being naked with each other and had a really nice day. One thing I did notice was Derek was semi erect almost all day. I spoke to him and asked when was the last time you had sex, he told me he hadn't had sex for over 2 years and seeing Sally naked had aroused him, hope you are not offended me looking at Sally, of course not I replied.

I really need to cum he told me and I said there maybe someone at the beach tomorrow who could help him out,theatre would be nice he replied. That evening I asked Sally if she knew anyone who would help derek cum, handjob, blowjob or full sex it didn't matter.

When Sally found out he hadn't had sex for 2 years she said if I am alright with it she would give Derek a wank on the beach tomorrow but nothing else, I said I'm fine with it but it's a one off .

Next day we all got ready and went to the be beach, Sally began rubbing sun cream on her tits and played with her nipples, Derek couldn't keep his eyes off her and his cock was fully hard, his cock was about 7.5 inches and quite thick slightly bigger than mine. Sally positioned herself so Derek could get a good view of her shaven pussy. Derek got up and walked down to the Sea luckily no one around to see his stiff cock. I walked to him and asked if he was ok , he said Sally is so horny I want to fuck her. I told him her pussy was still quite tight , you are lucky to have her he replied. We walked back to Sally, she looked up and said to Derek you should put some sun cream on your cock before it gets burnt and handed him a bottle of sun cream, can be you do my back for me please she asked, she turned over and Derek squirted some cream on her back and began to rub it in gently,you feel nice he said, can I do your front ok she said and turned over, he played with her nipples and slowly moved his hand to her pussy, Sally moaned as he rubbed her pussy ,he then slid 2fingers into wet pussy, make me cum Sally gasped with that he got on top of Sally rubbed his cock up and down her pussy then gently slid his cock into her,. He was really banging his cock into her, don't stop she moaned I'm cumming, with that Derek said I'm Cumming too. After a minute Derek took his cock out of her cum filled pussy, I didn't waste a second and pushed my cock deep into Sally's pussy the feel of another ther mans cum inside her was lovely. I took my cock out it was covered in thick cum and I put it to Sally's mouth she sucked and licked the cum from it when she had licked it clean I fucked her really hard which made her cum, Derek slid his cock into her again fucking her until he withdrew his cock and come over Sally's belly, what a great day