Written by John

31 Jan 2019

I received a text from Matt asking how my encountered with Andy had been the night before. I replied saying that I’d thoroughly enjoyed it and thanked him for organising it. I then had another text asking if I realised that the room was booked for 2 nights and suggesting that I should go along at 7-00pm for another session..I said no I hadn’t realised it, but would be happy to come along as hubby was still In Belgium and would be until late the following day. .

I had a long shower and shaved my pubes again, before getting dressed for the occasion. I thought to myself that I should maybe dress a bit like a hooker, since I was meeting a man in a hotel bedroom. I put on an excessive amount of makeup and chose my brightest red lipstick to look the part. I took out my shortest skirt, which was above the knee, decided it wasn’t short enough and took up the hem by 3 inches. No underwear and out on my flimsiest of tops, which was almost see through. Then I put my skirt back on and looked at myself in the mirror. It was too short and if I bent the wrong way my hold up tops could be seen. I didn’t have time to do anything with it as my taxi was due in minutes.

I arrived at the hotel, got in the lift and went up to the bedroom. It felt quite strange this time as I was totally sober. Needless to say I didn’t have a key and had to knock. Matt opened the door just in his boxers, said I looked like a hooker and let me in. He took me in his arms and we kissed, while his hands unzipped my skirt letting it fall. His hands were then on my bare bottom and his cock was growing. At that moment there was another voice. It was Andy. Also dressed in just boxers. I was a little shocked and pulled away to face Andy. I looked at him and then back at Matt. Matt then pulled down his boxers and I looked at his erection, which he was now holding in his hand. I glanced over at Andy and he too had removed his boxers and had hold of his cock.

Matt was the first to break the silence. Are you going to strip so we get our moneys worth or what he said. Here I was, hubby away and no timing problems, 2 cocks in front of me that I’d already had inside me. What to do? He’d I been drunk it would have been a quick undress, but being sober was a little different. I took a minute to think it through and then decided what the hell. Took off my blouse, hold ups and shoes and I was ready for anything.

Matt was the first to move. He led me to the bed, laid me down and the he and Andy lay down beside me. Matts hands were straight onto my boobs, twisting my nipples until they ached. Andy made a beeline for my pussy, which was pretty dry, despite the turn on. Andy was prepared, as he’d bought a new director lube product which was supposed to give a great orgasm. He rubbed it in and his fingers were now rubbing in far more than was needed both into my pussy and into my bum. I rolled onto my side facing Matt and we kissed. Matt then rolled me on top of him and fed his cock into my well lubricated pussy. I was moving up,and down on his rock hard cock, when I felt Andy pushing a finger into me bum. Because it was well lubricated it felt ok. He started opening my hole wider and within a couple of minutes felt him climbing on top of me a sliding his cock inside me. I was painful initially, but as we all seemed to get into a rhythm I started to enjoy having two cocks in me at the same time.

The evening was great and we all fell asleep around 3am totally exhausted. I lost count of the number of cocks I’d had or the number of orgasms. I was the first awake and headed for the shower. Two or three minutes later Matt was in beside me. I don’t think I’ve ever had sex in a shower before, but was really good. I dried off and noticed Andy was still asleep, so decided to repeat what I’d done the morning before.

It was a brilliant 2 days while hubby was away. Here’s to the next trip when I can spend a full night with my lovers.