Written by andysig

28 Oct 2009

My friend invited his flat mate and I to a works function 20 miles North of Aberdeen at a nice country hotel.Nothing unusual there but his flat mate is a bit of a lady when she gets drunk cute as fuck with a sexy smile so I couldn't wait.I arrived at the flat shot up stairs to be met with Sammy wondering around in a short skirt tight top make up half on but lookin horny.I pulled Allan to one side and told him Id love to shag her.For ever the shuttle gent he told her she just shook her head and laughed scoofing away at her wine.The argument the started about how would drive as neither of us wanted to stay sober nor pay £60 for a taxi.Sammy said toss a coin Allan told her to mind her on businees or she would have to drive.Allan to my amazement said to her tell you what Sammy you toss us off first one to cum drives.You save £60 what do I get out of it she laughed.You get to see Andys cock he replied.She looked over with a devilish smile and said cum on then get them out.It took less than a second for us both to get over to her cocks out and starting to rise.Sammy Started to giggle as she started stroking our cocks to full attention.I just looked on in amazement as she gave the best hand job ever.I was struggling to control my self wanting to bend her over and fuck her properly.Allan started touching her up and it was obvious they were more than just flat mates.He whispered something in her ear she laughed dropped to her knees and sucked my cock like a pro.She looked up at me and smiled pushed me back on to the chair and proceeded to lick my cock and balls sliding a finger up my arse I realised I would be driving as I came all over her face.Lost the bet but couldn't wait till later.Part two will follow latter.Sammy if you are reading this Im sure your nervous.To all the spelling experts get a life and to all you horny swingers keep it up.