Written by pinapro

12 Jul 2009

We are just back from a fortnight in Greece and had a great holiday,especially in the 2nd week.Di was laughing when we were on the beach, a guy in his lates 30's was returning to his lounger, I asked what she was laughing at, she told me the guy was hung like a donkey and had a tight swimming costume.I looked and my eyes nearly fell out...he was a big boy alright, bigger than Dean with whom Di had lived out some fanatises with.She had been commenting about a woman who she tought was staring at her, Di wasn't happy about it, I couldn't really tell, but women seem to have this 6th sense,I told her she was imagining it.

It turned out to be the fella with the big cock's missus.They were Dutch.

One night we were getting into the lift when the dutch couple came in, we discovered they were on the 4th floor as were we.

The usual polite hello's and holiday stuff and chatted on the landing when we got out, went to the room, to discover they were in the next room. We had heard them shagging a couple of nights ago and no doubt the same as they had heard us,we hadn,t realised they were in the next room, but they obviously had known we were next to them, maybe that was why she was looking, and no wonder Jan the woman, was making so much noise with that cock pounding her,keeping us up awake, sniggering.

We went into the room when about 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door and James the dutch guy was standing there, he asked if we fancied a drink, we said ok and went next door.

Well you know what was going to happen, Jan made a play for Di, who wasn't keen, typical european straight in, they were younger than us by some 12 years,I to be honest wanted to tell Di to get on with it, then James made a move on Di as well, she still wasn't keen, and I said that we should go, no offence or anything , it just wasn,t our scene.They were disappointed, but thats the way it was.

Next morning, we saw them at breakfast, said hello, and assured them there was no problem about their approach.

We went onto the beach, sunbathed then after dinner Di decided to have a lie down out of the sun, she disappeared,

About an hour later I went to wake Di up as I approached the room I heard the obvious sounds of a woman moaning, thinking it was from the dutch lot next door I went into the room to be greeted with the site of Jan licking out my wife and james getting his cock sucked by Di, and it was big.I stared for a second not startled but aroused, Jan looked at me and told me to join in, I stood watching with a hard on,I eventually sat down with my cock sticking up in my trunks, and decided to wank myself watching the three of them.I thought that they had given up to quickly and I was right.

Jan came over to me ,sat down and began to wank me, while James mounted Di and slowly slid his cock into her, Di's legs entwined around his back and she pulled his arse in hard against her, his cock had to be close to 12 inches, he began pumping her, while Jan went down on me and started to give me a blow job.

I said that I wanted to get close and watch my wife's face, we went onto the bed, James was slow fucking her, and Jan had now started to kiss her full on, I just lay next to them wanking myself slowly.Eventually James began speeding up, grinding into Di, who was moaning away when not muffled by Jan's tongue, suddenly he pulled his cock and finished off over Di's stomach, there was a load of spunk came out, when he was finished, Jan licked his cum off Di's belly.To say she had been prodded was an understatement.

Then it was my turn, I bent Jan over the bed and went straight for her arsehole, thinking that there was no way she would let him stick that thing up her. I slid into her backside, Di was watching closely as I began pumping away, it didn,t take me long to come, her arse was tight and I was soo turned on by James fucking my wife,I shot up her backend, so Di finally got to see me fucking another woman.

We met another 3 times, had some good shagging, Di and Jan licking each other out, and the good old kissing each other while Jmaes and I shagged each others wife doggy style.They are coming over to the UK, and we are already e-mailing each other.

All in all a pretty good holiday