Written by dildodo

8 Apr 2011

This is a short tale of how I felt so guilty over pushing my wife into sex. I have always like so many men wanted to see their wife fucked by another guy. I kept on and on at my wife to try it as she may like it. Well after agreeing to it we set about the task of choosing a couple of guys from the gym where we both go and set up the evening in question. After the guys arrived and a few nibbles and drinks of courage were taken they started with Deb lying on the floor and each of them taking turns to kiss and suck her breasts until she was so aroused that she was begging to be fucked. G got between her legs and started to pump into her and S pushed his cock into her mouth. Now I thought that they were being a little rough but decided not to say anything and just continued to watch. Well knowing Deb as I do once she has orgasmed she is ready to stop but these guys just kept pumping into her and G was getting up a good hard rythm and S was squeezing her breasts and still fucking her mouth. At that G fucked her really hard and shot his cum into her pussy to that much extent that when he pulled out his cock it still spurted out her cunt. They quickly changed places and S pushed his large cock into her ad began to fuck her. Deb was looking at me and just taking it and I felt so guilty that these guys were treating her like this. S continued to fuck her and he shot his cum into her and pulled out. They both dressed and left and just left Deb on the floor with cum dripping out of her swollen cunt.

Once the guys had left I went across to Deb who was still lying on the floor with cum dribbling from her pussy. I asked her if she was ok and she replied that she was a little sore but the strange thing was she found it all quite erotic to be treated this way. She said that she enjoyed looking across and seeing me looking at her while 2 guys were fucking her. This made her feel used and dirty but she enjoyed playing the slut and this turned her on even more.

We are going to look for other guys as she wants to repeat the performance but this time she wants at least 5 guys but she wants to be in control of the situation and take them one at a time at first before going into a full blown gang bang. She wants me to join in at the end with the guys to make an even 6 guys having their way with her.

Hope thats answered your questions from the last story.