Written by Caroline

12 Apr 2011

I am sharing this with you because, in some warped way by telling someone, it made me feel better.

About three months ago I discovered my Husband had had an affair, heartbroken and enraged I thought, two can play at your game, you Bastard, so I bided my time and when he was out of town I decided I would go out, stupidly I went alone, I had chosen a short red dress, with a tiny uplift bra, stockings and heels.

I am 40, 36D, slim 5’9”.

I thought I looked pretty good, so a couple of glasses of wine and into the taxi into town.

The way the driver kept looking at me, should have rang some bells, any way I paid the driver off, and chose a town Pub, one we would never use, once inside I felt vulnerable, I realised that out of the comfort of my own home, my dress showed far too much cleavage, and was way too short, I collected my drink and the barman gave me a knowing wink, I sat down and immediately my dress rode up, I tried to pull it down and hunched shoulders so my breasts weren’t too obvious, I promised I would finish my drink and get out of there, however before I could a young lad approached,

Without asking he sat next to me, then asked me “how much” excuse me was my feeble reply “how much” he asked again, I am not….i began to say, “sure you are” he said “why else are you in here dressed like that”? £50 do you, I nodded!!! What! Did I do that for? “come on then” he said pulling me to my feet.

We drove the short distance to his house in silence, my heart pounding my mind screaming at me to run, but run I didn’t, inside the house he led me to the kitchen,

“come on then love we don’t have much time” he turned me round, unzipped my dress and pushed it off my shoulders, and let it fall to the floor, he undid my bra and that too fell away, he put his arms around me and grabbed my breasts, his rough hands hardening my nipples, which he pulled and tweaked, he turned me round and ordered me to take my panties off, “no” my mind screamed but I found myself slowly slipping them off, “sit on the table “he said, as I did so he dropped his trousers and shorts, to reveal a hard cock not big average I would say.

“Spread your legs love” he said pushing my legs apart, he felt my bald pussy, inserting a couple of fingers, “got any condoms then” he asked, I just shook my head

“bareback? You are a game bird, and with that he inserted himself into me, thrusting slowly at first then building the tempo, until he was fair pounding into me, I don’t remember cumming but he did, he flooded me, and then pulled out, 2you better get dressed love” and when I bent down to retrieve my panties he slapped my bum and said “hurry up Wife will be back soon, once I was dressed he thrust some notes at me and led me to the door, closing it behind as I left.

I made my way home, showered and changed, but still felt grubby.

I have since found out that my Husband didn’t in fact have an affair, so now I feel awful, “What have I done”