Written by Lucky Janet

8 Jul 2008

A month ago I was called up for Jury service at my local crown court. Having never done it before I was quite excited at the prospect, and also pleased that I was to get two weeks paid leave from my dull work in an all girls office. On day one we had to register and sat in a big waiting room, some 80 people waiting to be assigned to a case. I had dressed a bit smartly (as you do) with an above the knee skirt and a clingy top which showed off my cleavage without being too tarty. It was a grey day, so I had a jacket with me over my arm.

After about 10 mins people were starting to chat with each other when in walked the most gorgeous black guy. You could see all the women turned their heads just as the men would have done for a leggy blonde. There was an empty seat next to me “Please come over here” I wished to myself as I deliberately made the space seem more available. To my delight after a quick scan of the room he came over & asked me if the seat was free.

Soon we were chatting away and I didn’t have a care for everything else that was going on. His name was Mark, 6’2, slim, cropped hair and smartly dressed. I am a married 5’6 brunette with decent legs and a nice 34D bust. We quickly hit it off and it seems he lives only 5 miles away from me. Soon it was time for the juries to be assigned and as luck would have it we got the same case. “looks like we may be spending some time together” he said flashing a big smile. “how’s a girl to refuse such an offer?” I replied. We headed off into court. The case was dull but at least I was sitting next to Mark and could feel my pussy getting wet. I put my jacket over my skirt and slipped my hand under to check my panties weren’t too soaking.

Soon we were all off to the canteen for lunch. Naturally Mark & I sat together – and everyone else left us alone, presumably so as not to get in the way! We chatted about everything & anything and I discovered that he was single as his long term girlfriend had recently moved back to the US. In the afternoon I found my mind drifting again and again put my jacket over my lap so that I could get access to my pussy. A few moments later I felt Mark’s hand under there too. We were at the back corner of the court, so I think no one else knew. My skirt rode up a bit and his big hand reached my gusset. I bit my lip trying not to gasp. After a discrete stroke he pulled away and wrote something on his note pad before folding it and slipping it into my hand. I dare not look at it and tried to concentrate on the (relatively minor) robbery case we were supposed to be considering.

By 3pm our day was over – some technicality the judge needed to consider – back tomorrow 9am. As we left court I looked at the piece of paper he had given me. It simply said ‘take me away from this tedium’. As we headed down the stairs toward the exit I spotted a disabled loo. As the rest of the jury were ahead of us I nipped in and beckoned Mark in quickly. Once inside I locked the door and we were all over each other. As we kissed he soon had me over the sink with my knickers down and I had his belt undone and tugged at his boxers. Soon his cock was free – a nice size, probably 7 or 8 inches and within moments he was up my unprotected hole. After some frantic pumping he emptied his balls into me and a felt myself gripping his cock as I came, trying to muffle my sounds into his shoulder.

“oh god I needed that” he said. “we both needed that” I admitted. We both laughed, tidied ourselves up and made our exit. Within minutes I was in his car heading to his place.

The next two weeks ‘public service’ has changed my life. I will tell you about that soon...