Written by Wendy H

31 Mar 2018

This is a story that happened a while back.

My name is Wendy and I’m 47 and (according to others) I’m good looking and have a great body, and I have known Alan since we were both 14 and been married for 27 years, we one grown up daughter, Mel she’s 26 and is married to John who’s 25 and they don’t live very far away.

Last summer we had a BBQ and Mel and John came around. We all had, had quite a bit to drink and Mel and John retired for the evening. Alan decided it would be exciting to make love on the patio table, as we were at it I glanced up at the spare bedroom window and John was stood there watching us, from what I could see I’m sure he was naked the sight of him watching us fucking excited the hell out of me he had a very muscular body and I kept my eyes on John and he on me, I could see him rubbing his cock I soon climaxed, Alan had no idea John was watching, I wasn’t going to tell him.

The next morning I was up early and had a shower I just put on a dressing gown, and went downstairs I didn’t expect anybody up at that time of the morning, John was already up and was stood looking out of the patio doors, he was only wearing his boxers, he turned around as I entered, he seemed surprised to see me, we made small talk then he said he really enjoyed last night, it was a great night and gave me a knowing smile, I smiled back at him.

I’d never thought of John in any sexual way before, after all he’s married to my daughter and I’m old enough to be HIS mother, but him watching him wanking while Alan was fucking me last night, this vision I couldn’t get out of my head.

I didn’t know if John wanted to fuck me or just liked watching, but I was desperate to find out, so I thought the best policy was to ask him out right after all he was hardly going to tell Alan or Mel what went on last night.

So I began “John I’m intrigued to know was it just the watching you enjoyed”

He moved over to me and slipped his hand inside my gown and started to fondle my tits, I repaid the act by putting my hand down his boxers, he had a hard on and I could feel he had a big thick cock.

We started kissing by now his hand was rubbing my clit I was very wet and I couldn’t wait to feel his big cock inside of me. John lifted me up onto the kitchen table and entered me, it felt so wrong yet so good, he started to fuck me really slowly then built up the rhythm, I wanted to scream with delight as John fucked me harder and harder, but knew I would wake up Alan and Mel. After ten minutes I could feel John shoot his spunk inside of me.

I had to go and re-shower but neither Alan nor Mel was aware of what had happened. I do feel guilty about what had gone on and swore it would never happen again.