Written by LuckyBoy

8 Jan 2009

I should first give you the background. My wife has become good friends with another mum at the children’s school. Her friend is blonde, size 12ish and pert C-cup breasts. I have often admired her from afar and she has always looked sensational at barbeques and other community gatherings, rarely wearing a bra and looking a little sluttish.

I have also heard that she has slept with a couple of the other dads, but this could have been just local pub ‘lads’ gossip.

Anyway, to the events. She does some massaging on the side and, to help her out a little, I agreed to be massaged and pay her the going rate.

This had been going on for some months with no hint of anything untoward. She was entirely professional and, although I often hoped something would happen, nothing ever did. Very often her children were in the house. Upstairs but, nevertheless, keeping everything in check.

Until one day, the children were staying with their dad. I was lying on my back and my thighs were being given a workout. I still had my boxers on and she asked me to remove them. I’m not a big boy, an average 6 and a half inches or so, and I found nothing erotic about the situation at all. Then she began to stroke my balls, again maintaining a façade of professionalism, and telling me that I was tense. She began to masturbate me to thickness and wanked me until I came over her hand. That was that, no sex, just hand relief.

This situation carried on for many sessions; I would have a full massage and then get wanked off. On no more than two occasions she briefly sucked on me, then smiling at me and teasing me, telling me that I was married and that it was against the rules.

Then, a couple of weeks before Christmas, things moved up a gear. I was barely through half of the massage when she began to wank and suck me off. I just lay there on my back, glancing down at her pretty face and mouth around my cock, looking straight in my eyes. She began to give the most fantastic blow job, and I recall her ex husband telling me how good she was at them. She was wanking me hard and I could tell that she was fingering herself below the table on which I lay.

Then she stopped, stood up, and pulled her top over her head. Her tits were beautiful, not big, but large brown nipples and, for a 34 year old, looked like a twenty somethings.

She then wriggled out of a denim skirt and revealed a clean shaved pussy. It was clear what was coming next, and I began to get excited but nervous.

‘Not a word’ she said as she climbed up onto the table and crouched over my dick. She wanked it back to hardness and slid it into her pussy, moaning as it went it. No words were exchanged as she slid up and down for two or three minutes. My hands were all over her tits as she fucked me and kissed me.

She let my dick slip out of her and she swivelled around, facing away. The sight of my cock entering her was fantastic, nothing my wife ever does. ‘Our secret’ she said. ‘I’m fucking you, not you fucking me so don’t worry’ and with that she fucked me hard until she began to buck and cum on my cock.

Once she’d finished, she climbed off and made her way over to her sofa, when she just lay on her back with her legs wide open and her feet on the floor. ‘Your turn’ she said.

I eagerly got up and went over, kneeling down in front of her and, after a brief lick of her very wet fanny, shoved my cock into her and began to thrust as hard as I could. I realised it would be a one-off and wanted it to last forever. I tried to be like a pornstar and varied my strokes between long and slow to very short and fast fucking. I remember pinning her legs right back by her head and watching my cock disappear into her. She was making a hell of a noise and it occurred to me what the neighbours must be thinking.

She loved me in control and having her arms pinned above her head, and this just accentuated the perfection of her tits. When I was ready, I asked her where I should cum. ‘Where you like’ she said, and this new found dirty bastard in me was going to enjoy himself.

I slid out of her and stood up, with her eagerly sitting up and waiting for it. I grabbed the back of her hair and wanked my cum into her face, and she was loving it, taking my cum soaked cock in her mouth and sucking it dry.

I immediately felt guilty, but it was the best fuck I’d ever had. The blokes at the pub were right, and I’d been her latest screw.

As I showered she joined me in the cubicle and we continued to kiss and touch each other, and I ended up fucking her once again from behind against the glass door.

We then got dressed and she made a cup of tea. We agreed that nobody else would ever know and that she just needed a good fucking that night and had planned to do me. She said that she had been chatting with my wife when out with the girls and that my wife said I was good in bed, and that she had decided to find out for herself. She sat there in her dressing gown and, knowing she was naked underneath, I knew I would be wanking over her for months to come

It was getting late and I gathered my keys and phone and made my way to the front door. We kissed some more and, again, she rubbed my dick through my jeans getting me hard again. I couldn’t hep but finger her and play with her tits and she was eagerly freeing my cock through my zip.

I didn’t even take my jeans down and fucked her again on the sofa before I left.

I’ve seen her several times over Christmas and, whilst she has smiled at me, I don’t seem very important to her at all. I love my wife and family very much but, if I get the chance again, I will fuck this girl as often as I can. Every man should be given the opportunity to have sex like that, and the lust I still feel makes men do silly things.