Written by Naughtystaffs

10 Aug 2013

Mrs N is always grumbling that our sex fun is getting a bit stale and not very spontaneous. Well I gave her the ultimate spontaneous experience last week. Here is the tale

The guy arrived. The deception was that he was coming to visit me on business as I work from home. We maintained the deception when he arrived and told Mrs N that he'd come to see me on business, so I showed him upstairs. It was a bit awkward so within a few minutes I went downstairs and said Stuart would like to show you something. She looked at me quizzically and said Oh yeah. Ho hum. I went up ahead and said to Stuart. “Can you go in the bedroom and be prepared to show her your cock".

She came in the room. "You’d better shut the blinds if you are going to show me something".

Stuart was breathing heavily. Must have been nerves. I said “it’s now or never" show Mrs N what you've got. He dropped his trousers and pants and showed off his cock. It was a good size, Maybe a little longer and thicker than mine and obviously in a state of excitement.

Mrs N reached forward and started to fondle him. I dropped my trousers too and pushed my cock forward to rub with Stuart’s. She kindly obliged and rubbed our bell ends and cocks together. Stuart wanted to kiss her. She wasn’t desperately keen but Stuart was very passionate and insistent so she did a little. The she did thing we both hoped for. She dropped to her knees and started to suck and lick his cock. I dropped to my knees too and she held out his length for me to suck too. Stuart whispered. Go on both of you suck me off.

Then of all things to happen the window cleaner bumming well arrived. He’s one of those ones with a long brush so couldn’t see in, but it broke the moment a little and I had to get my clothes back on to go and pay him. Of all the frigging luck I though. Got to have our little moment of pleasure with him banging on the windows with his ruddy brush. It was like something out of a confessions film if anyone can remember that genre.

Anyway I went downstairs to pay the window cleaner hoping that when I came back they would be fucking. Not quite, when I returned Stuart was between her legs licking her out. He stood up after a bit and asked her if she needed cock. “mmmmm yes please” I asked if she wanted a condom on and of course she said yes. Stuart put the rubber on and slowly eased in. He’s quite stocky but was soon giving her a good few steady bangs. I bet he had to hold back as the scenario for him must have been very hot. In the mean time I stood near her face and offered her my balls for licking. In between ooos and arrghs she gobbled hungrily away.

Stuart continued to slowly fuck her with long slow strokes. I had an urgent need to get in there too. When I first entered her pussy had that unmistakable hardness caused by muscle contractions from orgasming. Mmmmmm felt so nice. I could feel my cum rising. Stuart was by now passionately kissing her again. It was no good I had to unload. I knew it would probably be the end of the meet once I’d cum but I couldn’t help myself. Once I’d spunked I asked Mrs N what she’d like next. Would she like cum all over her tits. Stuart has more than happy to dump his bull’s milk all over her boobs.

Quite a few jets have to say and Mrs N cooed and mmmmmed as the warm stickiness oozed down her milky boobs.

After a meet like that it returns slightly to the awkwardness of having sex with someone you don’t know but it was good while it lasted. Mrs N says she enjoyed it too but do not make a habit of it. She says as long as I am happy she is happy too.

What a great Girl she is. I am so lucky to have her aren’t I?