Written by Antonia

3 Jun 2008

Worked very hard at work today, got in early and left late, wore a two piece dark blue suit and some very lacy white knicks, i had to be smart as i was second interviewing.

on the way home and starting to relax i drove past the gym, and they were advertising two months free if you joined, (or rejoined in my case.)

I really fancied a work out and sauna but hadn\'t got any gym kit with me when i remembered i had an old hockey skirt and white swimsuit in a clothes bag in the boot and some old sports bras and old t shirts. no trianers though.heading to the clothes bank if truth be told.

Anyway they re opened my file and with my 50% work discount. I started streching out in front of the mirror and had to say i looked a bit scruffy and odd but then moved onto the rowing machine, and stairs and treadmill etc. A couple of guys had had a discreet look up my little gym skirt but nothing too obvious.

I then went for a quick dip in the pool to cool off and walking back through the gym to the sauna and had quite a shock, passing the mirrors, my swimsuit left nothing to the imagination, the boobs were clearly visable as was my bum and as for my pride and joy, well it was plain rude,the gusset has lost all its cotton lining and the material was disappearing up my puffy slot,i may as well have been naked.

Taking a quick look in the sauna it was empty so in i went and relaxed and put some more water on and got very warm steamy and relaxed.unbelieveably Two guys from work then came into the sauna in their shorts with towels. I was then stuck i couldn\'t leave and hadn\'t got a towel.Sat there with my arms folded and my legs crossed i must have looked like miss frosty, but the truth of the matter the more i thought about it the randier i got.One of them acknowledged me whilst the other tried to engage me in conversation. As i was sat next to the steamer he suggested i spash some more water on it.I said in a minute, so they both gave me a funny look, so very quickly i jumped up and squatted down and put the water on.When Paul joined me at the steamer and said now put lots on and hot things up a little.His breath was in my ear and his arms just about touching my boobs.i was trapped and horny.Then he sat down and so did I.With all the steam i was out of view, so i stayed for a few mins before making my escape.Wish i\'d stayed and seen when the evening took me!!

but the night is yet young,..

just home and eating my chinese in a hockey skirt!! ni nite Toni.xx