Written by Look me in the eyes

9 Sep 2019

It's been a while since I've been to London fields years ago it used to be a great place for cruising and the park toilets were good for glory hole fun but that has all changed , but I was in Hackney I went for a walk around the park but nothing happening so I decided to have a pint in the Pub on the park.

The weather was a little chilly so I sat outside any way 2 pints later I went to the gents as I entered there was a middle aged man there I had my piss and there was that awkward silence but a look down and he was slowly wanking a impressive cock.

I thought this guy is just fucking crazy of fuckin horny anyway I was washing my hands he looked back at me and I thought I've got to say something I asked him if he knew any where safer than here he said he did .

I dried my hands and said I will be outside , I finished my pint and sat down on one of the park benches a few minutes later he came over getting a better look at him he was in his early 40s , stocky and he had paint on his boots.

He said he was working in the area and the owners were away for a few days and if I wanted some fun we could go back with him.

I was horny I said ok will anyone come back he said he was by himself and when he got back he was cleaning up ready for the next day , I followed him , we walked through the park to the house he told me he was married but there was no sex in the relationship and he had dabbled a few times with men and loved it .

Anyway he let me in and he led me into the kitchen where he closed the blinds he came over and kissed me full on then he made a grab for my cock I didn't put up a struggle , my cock was growing and he undid my jeans and got my cock out , I was a little restricted with my jeans around my knees so I kicked off my trainers and pulled off my jeans I moved closer and he knelt down in front of me , he kissed my bellend and shaft and started sucking my balls , all this time I was rock hard he then took me in his warm mouth and he was going to town on me sucking me slow and deep I was loving it .

I wanted to get in on the act I got him to stand up and I told him to take his trackie bottoms off but leave his working boots on , he unzipped his ankle zips and pulled off his track suit bottoms - I've got a thing about labourers , manual workers ......anyway here in front of me was nice 7inch piece of man meat , I dropped to my knees and my new friend gently pushed my head down , I was so horny I just took him straight in my mouth , I was slurping as I was sucking him he had his hands on my head controlling me as I was sucking him off.

He told me to look up at him as I was sucking , he was loving it a few deep suck and he said he was ready to blow , I said I want it in my mouth and on my face .

I opened my mouth and he was wanking quickly , he grunted and then the first spurt hit my nose the second in my mouth and the last my chin / neck , I then cleaned up his cock and he helped me with the spunk splashes on my face.

I got up and I said it's my turn , he knelt down and took my cock in his mouth I asked him did he like sucking my cock he nodded and was moaning as he was sucking me , it had been a week since I last had any action so I knew this was going to be a good cum spurt

I was getting close so I grabbed my shaft and wanked it while it was in his mouth , then I told him I was going to shoot and I spurted it all into his mouth , when I took my cock out of his mouth some of the spunk dribbled out , but he' swallowed it all.

In then moved in for a spunky wet kiss

He got up and cleaned himself up and we both got dressed.

What a unexpected blow job but I wasn't complaining , with a gentle slap on my arse he let me out of the house.