Written by Nawty

5 Nov 2016

The GF and I had half-term in Madrid again courtesy of our wonderful SH friend.

All we have to do is pay our flights and have a bit of spending money.

We had planned to stay in the UK and meet some other guys from this site but we love getting away and there is something about going back there that feeds my GF's slut personality. She does things there she just can not do at home.

We have been going out there for over two years now so we have built a good relationship with our host.

He picked us up from the airport and as agreed my GF was his for the week. (This is our agreement with him)

On arriving at his apartment our host fucked her with his bedroom door left open for me to join in but I always let him have her to himself when we arrive there. I always busy myself with a beer on the balcony while they fuck. Even in October it was reasonably warm.

In Madrid amongst a certain circle of people, my GF has a reputation for being a slut which we have developed on purpose with the help of our host.

In one hotel the terrace bar manager thinks she is a tart and we have never corrected his opinion and gone along with the fantasy.

When our host takes us there as he did again during half term, she dressed to show her 34B tits, braless and only wearing a skimpy dress with skimpy panties .

The door staff flirted with her the same as last time we went and felt her up, The bar manager had a fondle of her tits and this time had his hand up her thigh and all without any protest from her and gentlemen guests danced with her and bought her drinks. Some really believing she is a real tart.

The bar manager even took us out during his day off to spend time with her. They kissed and he had a grope around the park but they never fucked.

Next year I suspect he will want to have a ride on her but it will depend on our host and if he wants to offer her to him. He is a mate of his.

Our host works during the week but he fucked her every evening. We had 3 sums and they also had one on one sessions. On occasions I went out and left them to fuck and they met me for drinks and dinner after they finished their sex session.

When we are there he had friends visit and my GF wore dresses, braless with her front open for them .

The whole experience is amazing for both of us as I watched her show her body to these guys with our host willing her on.

I love her for being a slut for them. Roll on next Spring when we go back.