Written by Hubby

16 Nov 2008

Jeannie is like a big kid, loves all the calendar highlights and Halloween is not different.

She bought a kid's Dracula costume just to get the cape with the high collar and wore that over a shiny black bustier that didn't cover her boobs but pushed them up high and pretty.

The attached garters were hooked to black fishnet stocking and shiny black high heeled boots made her legs look really long. Her little gold cock necklace really set things off and she had on red, red lipstick and nail polish, went heavy on the eye makeup and had her hair pulled back on the sides.

She had the sexy vampire look going on big time and she was really tickled with herself strutting around and showing off for me, sometimes holding the cape up over her face and suddenly pulling it away and growling sexily.

Out of the blue, the door bell rang and Jeannie asked me to answer it. I open the door and Doug one of her black work mates was stood there smiling, he said Jeannie had invited him around for a few drinks and bites!

I was stunned, and said something stupid like, 'oh ok, she's in the lounge.' Then I came back to reality and realised that he can't see Jannie dressed the way she is, what the fuck's going-on! It was too late, Doug breezed past me and thrust a 12 pack of larger in my hands and made his way into the lounge.

Jeannie growled/hissed and strutted over to him and planted a big kiss on his mouth, I thought - what hells all this about but was getting very turned with a mixture of jealousy and horny thoughts. She grab Doug by the hand and led him over to the sofa and instructed me to make some drinks.

So there we we're, all sat on the sofa and drinking. Jeannie kept rubbed herself against Doug, then spinning away, twirling with her vampire cape and doing her best at an evil laugh.

After a couple of beers with Jeannie teasing and flirting with Doug I could see he was aroused by the very large bulge in his trousers. Then, out of nowhere Jeannie began to hump his leg and feel his crotch. She slid on to the floor between his legs, bent over and pulled Doug's massive cock out of his pants and with her hands on her knees rocked back and forth taking his plumb like end down her throat several times making that "glunk, glunk, glunk" noise for a couple of minutes. She stopped every few minutes to bend over and swallow his cock and constantly smiling at him.

Jeannie led Doug by both hands to in front of the fireplace and dropped to her knees, growled at him then she stuck his cock in her mouth and took him cock down her throat an inch at a time until his balls were mashed up against her chin.

She would hold him deep in her throat for close to 30 seconds then pull back and breathe raggedly around the head of his dick before sliding her red lips all the way down his cock again.

This slow motion blow job must have gone on for at least 10 minutes before Jeannie started bobbing her head faster occasionally letting his cock slip out of her mouth with a wet plop then she would growl and start sliding her lips up and down his stiff meat hard and fast slobbering and slurping around his cock and just driving me crazy.

Jeannie suddenly stopped and sat back on her haunches, licked her lips and hissed "I am a creature of the night and every night I arise from my rest to search for CUM"

Jeannie opened her mouth wide and growled the with a loud "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhmm" she fell forward onto his cock and took him deep in her throat again.

Doug looked at me and smiled and said "I think she wants it." And I responded with "I think she needs it, you'd better give it to her!!"

Doug put a hand on each side of Jeannie's head and began to fuck her in the mouth steadily. Jeannie was moaning softly around Doug's cock and a little slobber was running from the corners of her cock stretched mouth. Her eyelids were fluttering and her eyes were getting that far away look while Doug ran his cock down her throat over and over.

This went on for a long time then Doug started fucking Jeannie's hot mouth a little faster, then a little faster again. Jeannie was playing with his balls with one hand and had her other hand on his ass urging him to fuck her in the mouth even harder.

Doug put both his hands on the back and laced his fingers together and looked down at Jeannie and said "OK Here we go." And I was getting into it and yelled "Yeah! Fuck that slut in the mouth, Give her what she wants."

Doug started fucking Jeannie's hot mouth like a pussy, ramming it deep on each stroke. Jeannie's eyes were rolled back and slobber was flying from her lips and she was making that "glunk. Glunk, glunk, glunk" sound while Doug fucked her mouth hard and fast. Jeannie was starting to sweat and the light from the fireplace made her skin glisten. Her nipples were standing up like pencils and she had goose bumps all over.

"Glunk, glunk, glunk, glunk, glunk" went Jeannie as I got up close and down on my knees so I could watch Doug drill her mouth relentlessly. Jeannie had both of her hands on his ass pulling him to her like she wanted it even harder.

Finally after I don't know how long Doug groaned real loud and started slamming his cock balls deep down her throat hard enough that there was a noticeable slap every time he went down her throat. Doug groaned again and began to pump a fucking huge load of cum in her mouth.

Doug was breathing hard and clearly tired as he emptied his cock into Jeannie's mouth. When he pulled his cock out Jeannie was panting for breath and cum was running down her chin when Doug rammed his cock in her mouth one more time making cum squirt out of her mouth and splatter on her boobs.

Doug then pulled his cock out and stepped back and I told him "Good job" and we both took a moment to enjoy how Jeannie looked in front of the fireplace, sweaty, panting for breath and cum shining on her chin and her boobs. Jeannie tipped her head back and swallowed what she had left in hr mouth with a loud gulp then opened her mouth and looked at us, stuck out her tongue and said "Ahhhhhhhhh"

Doug pulled his pants back up and suggested we grab a beer and we walked over to sofa chatting about how sexy Jeannie is.

Jeannie joined us after she caught her breath but made no attempt to clean the cum off her face or boobs. Her lipstick was smeared and mostly worn off and some of her eye makeup was running down from the corners of her eyes making her look even more like a vampire.

Doug and I downed our beers quickly and I got us two more plus another for Jeannie and while we all made some small talk Jeannie wiggled up to me sexily and pulled out my cock and began stroking it, slowly at first then faster and faster. I was so turned on from watching her get mouth fucked royally that I only lasted a couple of minutes before I shot my cum all over her hands and of course Jeannie being Jeannie made a big show of licking up every drop she could find.

After a nice little break Jeannie was pawing at Doug again, growling and hissing like a vampire as she pushed his cock up against his stomach and began to lick and kiss his balls. Pretty soon Doug's cock was rock hard again and Jeannie got him to lay down on a blanket in front of the fireplace and straddled him reaching between her legs and jamming his big cock into her pussy. She threw her head back and shook it from side to side and growled as she began to bounce up and down on his cock wiggling her hips and groaning.

Jeannie rode his cock fast then slow then fast again, a huge smile on her face and her eyes twinkling in the firelight. Doug put his hands behind his head and let Jeannie do all the work. She came at least twice panting and moaning and bucking hard. After a good 20 minutes of this action Jeannie was wearing out, sweating and breathing hard. Doug smiled big and pushed her off of him and rolled her over onto her hands and knees then rammed his cock into her from behind. Jeannie came again immediately wiggling her hips and growling deep in her throat.

Doug knew he had her then and reached up and grabbed a handful of Jeannie's blond hair causing her to arch her back and he began to fuck her very, very hard. The "slap, slap. Slap. Slap" of the crotches slamming together was like erotic music and Jeannie was panting and going "oooooh, OOoooooohhh, OOOOOOOHHHHHH, YES, YES YESSSSSSSSSSS"

I couldn't help it but to start chanting "fuck, fuck fuck fuck that slut, Get her Doug." Over and over. After about 5 minutes of frantic fucking Doug roared as he shot another amazing load deep into Jeannie's wet pussy. He let go of his hand hold on her hair and she fell forward flat on her face sweating and gasping for breath.

Doug was exhausted almost staggering as he started getting dressed, he asked for a glass of water that he chugged down before thanking me and shaking my hand then he bent over and patted Jeannie on the ass while she still lay on the blanket on the floor recovering. Then he wearily said goodnight and left for home.

After Doug left I cleaned up and helped Jeannie get to her feet and led her to the bedroom on shaky legs. She was sound asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.