Written by sarah

1 Nov 2009

hi readers.

my names sarah and i love reading all the stories on this site wishing i was one of those wives.

Last night my partner and i went to a friends house for a halloween party as soon as we got there my partner john went straight to the kitchen with his mates and start drinking leaving me on my own.After an hour i got a bit bored so i went into the kitchen and said to john i was ready to leave and was he coming.

He asked me if i could give him half an hour till because his brother and wife was going to meet us there 'ok i said and went outside for a cigerette.After ten minutes steve "johns brother" turned up with two friend all really drunk i asked if lucy was coming and he just shook his head and said we have split up so iam on the pull with these two.

Then one of his friends "chris" said jokely do you fancy having the three of us.

I laught looked at steve and said "i dont think steve brother would be to happy.

Steve replied only if he found out and smiled.

I just blush and said shall we go in and have a drink johns in the kitcken with his mates.

so steve and his mate went to say hi to john leaving me with chris, After a few drinks i asked chris why lucy and steve had split and he told me that she and steve had not had sex for two months and he thinks shes cheating on him so we have come out looking for an easy shag.

While he was telling me this i couldnt stop thinking about the comment steve had made earlier and i was getting really fidgity and turned on.

so have you got anyone in mind then i asked.

first one to open her legs for us he replied.

shame iam with steve brother.

Would you open you legs for us he asked.

The idea sound nice but i know steve would go through with it.

Chris then told me how steve was always talking about me and how he would love to get in my knickers and so would he.

That was enought me so i asked chris to meet me at the bottom of the garden with steve and of he went.

As i walked to the bottom of the garden i was thinking if i should go though with it but i was so turn on common sense was replace by an overwhelming desire to let two men have me.

Chris and steve came down the garden where i was sitting on a BBQ bench and steve blurted out are you sure.i nodded and steve stood right in front of me undid his jeans and got his dick out he put his hand around the back of my head and gently pulled me close to him. i put my fingers around his dick and slowly and gently sucked.I could feel it getting bigger with every pump then chris stood at steve side and pulled his nob out it was already stiff so i grabed it with my other hand and started to wank him of.After a few minute steve stop and he pulled his dick away from my mouth and said iam gonna cum.Thats ok i want you to i said.He sat next to me and placed his hand on my leg and quick slid his hand up me skirt and said i want to cum in here and started rubbing my clit though my knicking. I could feel how wet i had become i still had chrises dick in my hand so i slowly sank my lips around his nob and started to wank him in my mouth.

Steve pulled my knickers to the side and started fingering me and said lie back and let me fuck you so i stopped sucking chrises cock and laid back on the bench and open my legs for steve.

He pulled my knickers of and lifted my legs on to his shoulders grab his cock and entered me he pumped me about ten times before he cum he then got of me and said your turn chris.

Chris got straight on top of my and started to fuck me with every pump i could feel steve's cum oozing out then chris said iam gonna cum and he made a loud grunting noise then emptied his self in me.Chris climbed of me and said see you in the house and him and steve left.

I laid there for a few seconds tring to take it all in i reacted down and started to finger myself i was soaking wet and came in no time.I put my knicker's back on got john from the house"who had not even notice i had been gone" Went home were me and john had sex on the sofa.

P.S i did wash when i got straight home