Written by Lornaaaa

17 Nov 2014

I dip in and out of the stories on here but the "more than a handyman" one caught my eye as I think I may have fucked the same guy.

Early 2014 and we had some terrible storms...not the usual winter weather but proper storms. they were so bad that there was some kind of national fence panel shortage. Two weeks later and next doors dog is now regularly shitting on our back lawn and all my useless fucking husband does is say there are no fence panels to replace our two that have been blown to pieces.

I work as a hairdresser part time and go to college part time My husband is a pen pusher for the council. Getting knocked up by him on a drunken night out was the best thing I've ever done on one hand, but being tied to the useless cunt is maybe not my smartest decision. However his folks are pretty loaded, and they take care of us a fair bit. Plus they have accepted me well, even though they probably didn't expect their daughter in law to be the kinda girl who goes out wearing no knickers with the sole intention of getting a few cocks in the evening....their beloved private school shit for brains son being one of them. I'm 25, size 12, a tiny baby belly and my nipples have been clewed to bits breastfeeding. Few stretch marks on m tits and arse but I'm toned and my arse is peachy.

Anyway his mum looks after my toddler two days a week...so when I'm pickin him up one day I mention the fence and the fence panel shortage. She gives me a flyer for the local handyman. "He will sort you out" she says.

So I call the guy and it was the usual chat, and he said he had a stash of fence panels. I arrange for him to come by the next day whilst we're all out, and would see him to pay him the following day when I get time to run home for lunch.

End of the next day the fence looks great, with two sturdy new panels in place and he's chopped the others up and I notice them stacked neatly next to our wood pile. I'm happy and text him thanks.

Few texts change hands and somehow I;m putting an x at the end, so is he. All harmless flirting I;m thinking.

The following day I get home just after 1, and he's waiting. Nice looking fella...40ish, 6ft2 pr 3, clean shaven, nicely built, and smells nice. A real charmer too, well spoken.

Anyway I pay the man and make a cuppa. My mind is wandering. Why can't my hubby be more like him, tall, strong, nice chap, and practical? The more we do the idle chit chat my inner slut, hidden away for a few years is trying to escape. However I don't know him, and he knows my in laws; he must do.

Tea is drunk, and he asks me, "Anything else I can look at whilst I'm here". Jesus that was a corny line but what I wanted. "There might be, what did you have in mind"

Sadly I was dressed for cold weather, no easy access summer dress. "Well you'll have to help me out of these boots and leggings" was my come back.

Instantly he was helping me take my boots off, and peeling my leggings down, together with my knickers. I think his tongue was inside me even before they were fully off whilst i got the top layers off. I had to sit down and the nearest place was the stairs. I leaned back against them whilst his tongue reached deep inside me. Those old feelings came flooding back although I'd not had oral for this long before and I lost count of the number of times I came. Then something new, even for a slut like me. he had me kneel on the stairs and his tongue literally went an inch up my arsehole...it felt amazing.

Before long he stood behind me, pulled my hair pretty hard and slid into my cunt. His strokes were strong and long and after lord knows how long, he withdrew and started pushing against my ring piece. This was new territory for me and I relaxed just a bit and felt the head of his cock slide in, quickly followed bu the rest of his cock and I was in heaven. Never realised anal was so horny. he actually came deep in my arse, and when he withdrew he was still pulling my hair, moving my head towards his cock. I resisted a little "suck it" he said forcefully and I obeyed, enjoying the new sensation of my cunt, his cum, his cock and my arse.

I was late back to college, by 2 hours. Time had flown by

I had him 3 more times after that, and I;m pretty sure he was doing my mother-in-law. He gave nothing away but twice she brought him up and said "I hope he's taking care of your needs" or something along those lines.

My husband is working his nuts off to buy us a new kitchen and the handyman will fit it, If he does, I'm sure I will persuade him to drag the job out a little and fuck me as much and as often as possible, If he does....I will post an update