Written by Opportunist Naturist

17 Oct 2008

This is a true story of events on a well known Naturist Beach in Southern Crete.It has taken two years to confess to it.

In Sept 2006 whilst walking between the sun loungers,that my wife and I were sunbathing on, and the beach bar ,I sort of nodded and smiled at an german lady,call her Dorothea.

She was on her own and always greeted me with a smile.After a few days ,as I speak some deutsch I struck up a bit of broken conversation with her a few times and sometime later I was sat just looking into rockpools when she appeared, to just chat in the sun.A common pastime on Nude beaches.

She was around 50ish and very depressed as her partner had left her after a long marriage.We talked, but moreover we sat and she said she wanted to \' sleep with me\' ...I suggested she adjust her position and she did.She sat closer, but discreetly opposite , and without a thought I fingered her pussy .. although it was late afternoon this was dangerous especially with my wife and friends opposite. But everyone was sleepy and it wasn\'t noticed.

Well she suggested we swim around the rock headland , for obvious reasons.I told my wife and friends I was to swim with this new found friend and gestured to the headland( some 150 m away).We set off for this \'harmless\' swim ,when round the headland and out of sight,we clambered onto the rocks and because of the salty seawater I licked and licked her til she was ready for penetration .My,by now, rock hard cock disappeared into her for a frenzied fuck.She loved it .I must have come in about 3 minutes flat and we quickly got back into the sea for the return swim.As she got up I could see the come oozing from her still glistening pussy.

On return the panic had set in as we had \' disappeared\' ..much cursing was to carry on for a few days and I vowed to never go out of sight again.

I\'ve not seen her ever again and it was an opportunist event , that I knew I would share on this site....