Written by Hannah

15 Jul 2014

Thanks for your comments. I won't recap, I'll assume you've read the first part, on the 8th July, and just get on with the story.

It was a little after 6pm when I burst into the lounge and told Will the good news. There was a look of shock on his face momentarily. I thought he was going to back out, but he said that he'd thought that we wouldn't hear from Dan again and asked what he'd said. I explained what he'd told us to do. He gave me a filthy grin, his excitement obvious, as I told him what Dan had selected for me to wear to go out in.

Since the first contact we'd talked about what might happen. We'd discussed things we hoped might occur, sex acts we would like to try or experience, pretty much anything in my case, but it was only guessing. We talked about what to do if there was something one of us was unhappy with the other doing and decided on a warning word.

I poured myself a glass of wine, sipping it while Will went to shower. He took a bit longer than usual and I shouted to remind him we had to be out of the house by 8pm. While I waited I finished my wine and poured another. He eventually came into the bedroom, dropping his towel to show me that he'd shaved his cock and balls, something I'd suggested previously, after noticing guys in porn films. I think it looks sexy and made his cock appear larger than his fairly average 6 inches. Like many guys prefer to go down on a shaven pussy, I thought sucking a shaved cock might be a pleasant change.

I went to shower, spread shaving foam between my legs, quickly ran the razor over my pussy, carefully shaved around my anus and bum crack ensuring I was hairless. Happy I was completely smooth, I washed my hair, poured shower gel on to my hand and washed my body, soaping my tits, tweaking my nipples, rubbing between my legs, slipping a couple of fingers into my cunt. I was dreamily masturbating, getting nicely aroused imagining I was being fucked by Dan, when Will knocked on the door to remind me of the time. I must have been playing with myself longer than I'd realised. Although close to cumming I stopped, quickly washed the soapy gel off, spraying between my legs to sluice the sex juices from my cunt. I quickly dried and went through to the bedroom where Will was already dressed.

I finished the second glass of wine. Feeling quite relaxed and mellow I sat in front of the mirror naked, dried and straightened my hair, then applied my make up, Will telling me to hurry. Eventually I was ready to dress. He watched as I stepped into the short, red leather pleated hip skirt and fastened the poppers. I adjusted it tugging it down. The hem covered my bum and and pussy. The effect of tugging it down was that the skirt sat low on my hips, my lower abdomen and the top of the “V” above my pussy were visible. Had I not been shaved I'd have been showing my pubes. I picked up the strapless black leather basque. I got the back in the correct position, pulled the two sides around me, and fastened it with the hooks and eyes up the front. It was a bit low, my nipples uncovered. With Wills help I eased and twisted it up until the cups were supporting and lifting my tits.

I sat on the bed, put on the shoes. I stood, felt a tremor of excitement, as I looked in the mirror and saw myself ready to go out dressed like a whore. The skirt just about decent if I stood, the towering heels making my legs look long and sleek as I knew they would. My tits swelling out of the cups. The dark surrounding areola were partly visible, my nipples too if I bent forward, that's if my tits didn't just spill out of the cups which seemed highly likely.

I could hardly believe I was going to go out dressed like that, looked towards Will, apprehensively almost hoping he'd tell me we should call a halt. Instead he'd fetched a tape measure from my drawer, wanting to know exactly how short the skirt was. 6 ¾ inches he told me, “You'd better not bend over” he warned. I tried tugging it down a bit further and only succeeded in uncovering the top of my slit. I pulled it back to it's original position and told Will I was ready.

“Haven't you forgotten something?” he asked holding up the matching set of collar and cuffs I'd been told to wear. In my excitement and eagerness to get on with things before I changed my mind it had slipped my mind. That would almost certainly have got us off to a bad start with Dan. Will buckled the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, then the padded, studded collar, about 2 inches wide with 10 rings attached. I could hardly wait, wondering where we'd be told to go, expecting that it would probably Dan's house.

I was ready with 5 minutes to spare. The sun was setting, I couldn't risk the neighbours seeing me dressed like that and put on a short mac, hoping if anyone saw me they wouldn't notice the ankle cuffs.. The car was only a few yards from the front door, Will unlocked it, I hurried out, no one about, and got in the passenger seat. Will got in the drivers side, started the engine, waiting for a few seconds while bluetooth connected to my phone.

It was about a minute to eight as he reversed off the drive and headed out of the estate. 8 pm clicked up on the car clock, we waited for the phone to ring. A minute past, then two, the phone didn't ring. We drove around aimlessly, not sure what to do or which direction to take. Neither of us wanted to be the first to suggest we give up and go home, suspecting it was a test of some sort. It was frustrating and if it was intended to make us more anxious and compliant it succeeded. It was with a sense of relief and an eagerness to please, that I answered his call when he eventually rang at just before half past eight.

No introduction or greeting, just “Tell me your location slut” I glanced at the Sat Nav and told him. “Wait one” he told me. Over the car loudspeakers we could hear him tapping on a keyboard as we awaited his instructions. After he minute he asked what type of car we had, the colour and number, I told him. He instructed us to drive to a multi storey car park in the city centre and park on a specific floor. “You've got thirty five minutes. Tell Wanker not to be late. I or someone will be watching” he warned us, then rang off. We rarely visit the city centre and if we do we usually take the train. Will had heard and was entering the location into the Sat Nav. It calculated the quickest route, thirty three minutes. We should just make it.

We actually arrived at the car park with three minutes to spare, drove up to the level, parked in a space, near the outer wall and railings after checking we still had a mobile signal. Just after 9pm,Will hadn't even turned off the engine before the phone rang. He asked if we had arrived, and parked where we'd been told. I said we'd just parked. “Good. Stay in the car until I call and tell you what do do next”

It was dark and forty, frustrating minutes of wondering if it was a wind up, or he'd decided to abandon us, before he phoned again. No preamble “Both get out of the car. Now!” I picked up the phone, put it onto loudspeaker as I climbed out and shut the door. I'd only taken a couple of paces before I heard Dan's voice. “Stop. Did I tell you to wear a fucking coat?” he said, sounding angry “No, I'm sorry” I said, realising my mistake and that he must be close, looking around to try and see where he was. There were other cars, areas of deep shadow, bins, I couldn't see him, but knew he could see me. He told me to stop looking for him. “My instructions of what you were to wear were fucking simple, yet you couldn't fucking follow them. I'm tempted to knock this on the fucking head, you useless pair of Cunts”

I couldn't believe having got this far he was going to walk away. “I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Please give us another chance” I begged, hurriedly taking off my coat and throwing it to Will to put in the car. My gesture was met by silence, Will started to speak, I gestured to him to shut up. I heard a sound, a shoe scrapping, then footsteps, moving away, but I couldn't be sure in what direction. A door slammed shut by the lift and stairs but I didn't dare look. I listened to the phone, could hear the sound of him walking, going down the stairs? Leaving?

Two or three minutes passed. It seemed much longer. I could hear his breathing, a car passing in the background. Finally he spoke. “I want to check you haven't fucking disobeyed me again. Lift your skirt. Show me your cunt” he ordered. I didn't dare hesitate, even though I could hear the car getting closer. I raised the front of the skirt above my waist and stood displaying my cunt, proving to him I'd obeyed his instruction and wasn't wearing panties. The car was on the level below us. I noticed it's headlights shining on the ceiling as the car turned, driving slowly up the ramp to our level. “Open the boot, bend over and lean in, with your legs apart” he urgently ordered.

I immediately complied, putting the phone on the boot floor. The back of the skirt rode up uncovering my bum. I moved my legs as far apart as I comfortably could on the heels, exposing my pussy. I could hear the car getting closer, slowing when they saw me. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest, realised I was holding my breath and exhaled. My mind was telling me to straighten and get out of sight. Using all my willpower I remained bent over. The car stopped, 6 feet behind me, two guys Will told me after. I didn't dare turn, but knew they were looking at my cunt. My wet cunt I realised as I felt juices trickle down my thigh.

I kept still, wondering if they were friends of Dan's, a set-up to test my nerve and willingness to obey. Dan's voice from the phone, “Hold your cunt open” he instructed. I reached between my legs, slipped a couple of fingers into my hole, splaying them, parting my labia, holding open my wet hole. Dan spoke again, just one word “Masturbate” I began moving my fingers in and out, wanking in front of the two guys. The car window was open I heard them talking, discussing if I was a prostitute, laughing as one suggested I would probably only charge a tenner, the other suggesting that my cunt must have been fucked by hundreds of men – I wish. Will stepped out from behind a pillar, they called to him “To give her one for us mate” then drove off. I hadn't been told to stop and continued to masturbate, rubbing my clit, becoming increasingly aroused, wondering if he was going to let me climax.

I looked at the phone, listening to be told what to do. A short wait this time before he spoke.

“Stop wanking Slut. Stand up. You don't deserve it, but I've decided to give you and Wanker another fucking chance. Don't let me down” he said sternly. “Thank you. We'll do what ever you tell us” I replied eagerly, relieved he hadn't abandoned us. “Now listen carefully Slut and don't fuck up” I knew roughly where we were in the city centre and his intention became clearer as he gave us our first instructions.

We walked to the other side of the car park to the stairway landing. He had told us to take the footbridge across one of the main streets. Basically a glass tube with a metal framework. Both excited and nervous, I stepped out onto the bridge, the glass curved under the bridges solid walkway. Following his instructions, I kept close to the right side, stopping when I was over the pavement. People passing underneath could see my pussy, a surprising number didn't appear to notice, others, mostly men, noticed, slowed or stopped and stared up at me wantonly displaying my sex, some holding up phones taking pictures. I looked down, pretending to be unaware of what I was doing, trying to see Dan. From the corner of my eye I could see Will glancing at his watch, shuffling from foot to foot. Several people walked passed me going to or from the car park. All they could see was a woman in an indecently short skirt wearing bondage cuffs and a collar.

I waited for Dan to tell me I could continue across the bridge, a couple of minutes I suppose, but it seemed longer. Suddenly he spoke telling me to cross the bridge and wait at the top of the steps until he told me to descend. He must have seen the group of lads approaching. As they started to climb the steps he told me to raise the front of my skirt and walk down the steps. I couldn't be seen from the street and I dutifully lifted the skirt. I could see them nudging each other, looking at my exposed cunt as they passed. I reached the bottom, and lowered the skirt, before walking out onto the street. Dan asked if I'd done it, obviously he'd lost sight of me for a moment. I told him I had, he sounded satisfied and told me I was being a good Slut which pleased me.

I noticed the basque had slipped down a little and my tits were starting spill out. I started to tug it up, intending to ease my boobs back into the cups. He told me to stop, telling me that if my tits became uncovered I was to leave them. He told me Will could now rejoin me and I waved him down from the bridge. While I waited for Will to catch up I dared to ask Dan when he was going to fuck me. “Don't be such an impatient whore. You'll have to earn it. You get fucked when I decide. It may not be me and might not even be tonight” he told me.

He was still watching from somewhere and didn't speak again until Will was next to me. There were people close so I switched off the phone loudspeaker and held it to my ear, listening for our next instructions. I was feeling much less nervous now, had enjoyed casually exposing my cunt to the group of guys and was eager to get on and earn the right to be fucked, hopefully by Dan. He told us to turn right onto the street where shops and most of the bars, clubs and restaurants were located. It was already busy. Lots of groups, some mixed, others just girls or lads. I noticed that many of the girls were dressed almost as revealingly as me, very short skirts, mesh or transparent tops, one or two braless, the shape of their tits visible. One girl was lifting her top, flashing her tits. It made me a bit less conspicuous, though my collar and cuffs drew plenty of looks. I bet I was the only one not wearing panties.

We went up one side of the street. Dan told me to stop several times to look in shop windows. Each time telling me to either bend over, exposing my bum, or crouch down, with my legs apart, my cunt visible in the window reflection. All the crouching and bending had an inevitable consequence. My tits became more exposed and I was forbidden from doing anything about it. By the time we crossed the road, my tits had slipped almost completely out of the cups, the soft leather supporting the underside of my exposed breasts, my nipples erect and peeping out.

I was getting plenty of looks, comments, mostly along the lines of “Nice pair of tits” We were returning down the other side of the street. I kept catching glimpses of myself in shop windows, my tits almost uncovered, pleased at how good my legs looked, noticing how the back of the skirt flicked up flashing the curve of my buttocks. Secretly enjoying exposing my body and the attention I was getting. I relaxed wondering what he'd get me to do next.

I didn't have to wait long to find out. Dan told me to tell Will to sit on a bench outside a bar and ordered me to go in, buy a drink and sit on a stool next to the floor to ceiling window, facing out on to the street. I went into the bar, quickly got served by a barman, who talked to my chest, unable to drag his eyes from my tits. I got my drink, looked for a stool, saw a guy watching me approach. I was close when he got up to leave, offering me the stool. Had he been saving it for me, part of the plan, I wondered as I took the stool near the door, putting my drink on the shelf that ran along the inside of the window. I had no doubt that's why Dan had chosen that particular bar. It was impossible to lift myself up and perch on the stool without exposing my pussy and I made little effort to do so. I looked through the window, could see Will watching through the throng of people passing. I lifted the phone back up to my ear. Dan had to be watching, he spoke immediately, telling me to slowly part my legs and sit with them open until I was told I could close them.

I picked up my drink, downed half of it, whilst slowly opening my legs, revealing my pussy. I don't think anyone noticed at first, but as I opened my legs wider, people started doing double takes, a group of guys stopped, looking between my legs. I ignored them, trying to appear as if I was unaware that they could see my cunt, even when one held his phone low and began videoing my pussy. I glanced at the time, only a minute had passed, looked for and found Will, standing talking to a guy, dressed all in black, wearing mirror shades. It took me a few moments to recognise that it was Dan. I swivelled my bum on the stool so he could clearly see that I was complying with his orders and obediently exposing my cunt.

I was oblivious to what was going on around me, picked up my drink and knocked it back. I don't know how long the guy had been standing behind me. The first I knew of his presence was when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I could see his reflection, dressed similarly to Dan. I sat still, heard the click and slight tug of a clip being attached to one of the collar rings and the feel of a leather leash against my back. I could see Dan and Will watching as they walked towards an alley that ran alongside the bar. The guy bent closer, took my phone from my hand, his mouth next to my ear, speaking so I only I could hear “You can close your legs now. Everyone's seen what a Slut you are” I closed my legs, started to turn. “Don't look at me. Stand up. You're to come with me you fucking whore” he hissed in my ear, giving the leash a tug to encourage my obedience. I stood, he led me to a side exit and out into the alley. There waiting for me was Dan, standing next to him Will my husband, looking surprisingly relaxed, as I was handed over to my new Master.

I'll continue soon if anyone's interested in hearing more.