Written by Bob

4 May 2012

We are a happily married couple, in our late thirties, who recently tasted their first swinging episode, enjoying it immensely, swapping with a couple who live five minutes from us. It helped that we enjoy our sex, fancied our friends (I will call them Jack and Jill) and they fancied us. We are Bob and Sue, married for twelve years, enjoy sex two or three times a week, Sue having an outstanding figure, ample boobs, shapely legs and ankles. I have often wondered how many men at her office had made a play for her or, of course, whether she had sneaked a quick screw with a colleague while away on business or at a conference.

Whenever she returned from a business trip or conference I own up to surreptitiously checking the laundry basket to see if I could find traces of spunk on her panties or tights, conceding that the most I could ever see were minute dried streaks of what could as easily been either male cum or Sue’s own vaginal juices.

Maybe just my fantasy but the thought that another man had fucked my wife excited me immensely, a fantasy that was well used during our lovemaking, often ensuring I had a big, hard erection, a fantasy that heightened both our sexual responses, me leaving Sue ‘well fucked’, exhausted but satisfied.

In time I developed the fantasy so that, at the height of our intense sex, there was a young man, good looking and well-endowed, joining us for a threesome, him fucking Sue while she sucked me off, me and our imaginary guest male then switching positions - once he had filled Sue’s womb with his hot urgent sperm - so that I now fucked Sue while she lovingly sucked and savoured his cock, greedily swallowing every last drop of our imaginary young horny male’s thick, hot, creamy cum.

Trying to convert our fantasy to reality failed as I tried unsuccessfully to get Sue to look at the selection of young, well-hung men on offer for threesome sex on a dozen or more websites, men from all colours and creeds, black, Asian, oriental, Anglo. All good looking, great slim physiques, all with cocks the length and thickness of a wine bottle. But to no avail, Sue dismissing it as my fantasy and, she chided, ‘even if we did have a threesome, I couldn’t trust you not to get jealous, all out of shape, with you watching another guy bonking me’.

So, to Jack and Jill. I didn’t pay much attention when Sue said she’d met Jill among the mothers dropping children off at school. Jill had a five year-old son, we had a five year-old daughter. I only began to log Jill when Sue reported back on the bohemian lifestyle Jill and Jack, her husband, led, just a few streets away.

They were both commercial artists, in partnership, working in a nearby rented office-cum-studio. Every morning Jill would drop her boy off at school and every afternoon she would collect him. Every morning she would chat with Sue and again in the afternoon, all of them going off to a nearby MacDonald’s, the children feasting on hamburgers, the ladies gossiping over coffee.

Feedback from Sue told me that Jill was slim, blonde, very pretty, tanned, wore mini-skirts, invariably a Levi jacket, cowboy boots. Sue then told me about the one occasion she had met Jack. She had gone back with Jill to her house for an end of afternoon chat. Sitting in the large basement living room-cum-kitchen of the house Jack came in from work, and ambled down the stairs. Wearing a white linen suit, he was extremely tall, very handsome, tanned, open neck shirt, a chunky gold choker chain.

He was, reported Sue, amazingly friendly, relaxed, and his larger than life personality took over. He poured a long whiskey in a tall glass, lit a cigar and sat between the two of them. With a hand on Jill’s thigh, he ran the conversation, mainly targeted Sue, Jill leaning forward to remain involved.

On that day, a warm sunny day in late May, Sue aped Jill’s dress style and wore a flowery, girly mini-skirt, bare-legged, a low-cut top, revealing her boobs. It didn’t surprise Sue when Jack began to flirt with her, playing with her crucifix as it fell across her chest, nestling between her breasts.

Initially, Sue said she felt slightly uncomfortable at Jack’s attention, worried Jill might complain about her husband’s activities, or worse, but became increasingly relaxed as she saw Jill apparently very happy for her husband to flirt.

So, thought Sue, what was the nature of Jack and Jill’s relationship and marriage, now enjoying the company and flirting of this handsome, erudite, courteous man, she making no attempt to be exceptionally modest as she sat on the Chesterfield in her mini-skirt, well aware that Jack was appreciating her thighs and ankles, Sue half expecting him to stroke a thigh and slide a hand inside her skirt.

When, predictably, the hand did fall onto her thigh, Sue says she didn’t miss a beat, smiled, enjoying the soft warmth of his palm, becoming sexually aroused, parting her legs slightly, inviting him to go further, welcoming Jill’s silent encouragement, Jill hand stroking her husband’s neck chain as his hand moved along Sue’s thigh.

What would have been a very interesting episode was interrupted by the children, now bored playing with each other. Jack didn’t immediately remove his hand and as Sue leant forward to welcome our daughter Jack moved his hand and Sue felt two fingers at her quimm, locked behind her knickers. Sue reluctantly got up from the Chesterfield and she and daughter made their way home.

Well, I said, had the children not interrupted then Sue would have found herself in a threesome with Jack and Jill Would she have willingly participated? Sue laughed, shrugged her shoulders, then agreed, ‘...yes, I felt so horny at that moment I’d have done almost anything! I really wanted it!’

A few days after that meeting with Jack, Sue bumped into Jill at the school. Would the two of us like to join them for dinner on Saturday? Of course, replied Sue and as we discussed it later we both agreed - for the first time we seriously knew that a partner swap was on the menu, and we both agreed we wanted it, agreed it could be ‘fun’.

I hadn’t met either of them when we fetched up on their doorstep. So, when Jill opened the door I did a massive double-take. She looked breathtakingly stunning. She was diminutive, slim, lovely little boobs, crimped waist, long legs.

Her hair was a massive Afro shape of blonde curls that eventually fell down the nape of her neck. Around that neck was a purple velvet choker. Then an expanse of tanned chest falling to beautifully proportioned young girl boobs, revealed by the half-cup black bustier edged in red lace, beneath a purple jacket covered by millions of glistening, reflecting, scintillating sequins.

Then a bare tanned midriff, a jewel in the naval, then hot pants, purple to match the jacket, also covered in millions of sequins, across pert, tight buttocks. Legs encased in dark brown fishnet tights, feet in white lace ankle socks and red pearlised Dorothy ankle strap stilettos.

Jack was extremely tall, towering over his wife and a good foot taller than me or Sue. He wore a lose Hawaiian shirt, the gold chain tight around his neck, tanned hair chest, white chinos, a glass in his hand, fat cigar between fingers. He lent forward to kiss Sue on the cheek and we were ushered in.

I felt over-dressed in a blue button down Oxford and grey flannels, penny loafers. With an eye on our assumption that a partner swap might be offered at some stage during the evening, Sue looked a million dollars in her shortest mini, a tartan number, a low-scooped top in gold lame, sheer black tights, blue suede stilettos.

We were taken downstairs to the large open kitchen-diner area. We sat on the Chesterfield while Jack sat opposite, Jill ran around in the background readying the meal for the oven, topping up her husband’s whiskey, pouring large slugs of red wine into our glasses.

The room was all exposed redbrick walls, decorated in a showroomy way with repro 1930’s metal advertising signs pinned to walls, interspersed with some bland frameless modern art, some of it erotic, and a grouping of black and white photographs of Jill. In silver frames, each had Jill in a black lace basque, panties, elbow length opera gloves, stockings, accompanied by a young swarthy male. Completely naked, he was positioned around Jill, hands either embracing her, cupping her breasts, or inside her panties. In one shot he was facing the camera with an impressive erection, Jill’s gloved hand wrapped around the thick circumcised shaft.

I learnt that they met at art school, got married soon after, eventually set up their own business a few years ago after working in various design studios and architectural firms. They both played piano and upstairs in the lounge was a baby grand and an invitation to hear Jack play. Sue was keen, I asked for a rain check and as Jack took Sue’s hand up the stairs, Jill joined me on the Chesterfield.

As Jack ran through a series of piano pieces upstairs, doubtless impressing Sue, Jill bubbled into life. She was so diminutive, so sexy in her top and hot pants, her frame enveloped in a heady, heavy perfume. Her eyes were so bright, she was so full of life, laughter, exuding sex appeal, so open, inviting, signalling, I felt sure, that she and Jack were in an open marriage and that she wanted to fuck me.

As she spoke my cock grew in length and hardness. I leant forward and kissed her lightly on the neck, over her choker. She seemed genuinely pleased, gave me a big smile and we then kissed very passionately, very physically, our tongues deep inside each other’s mouth, her hand stroking my hardness, locked away inside my flannels.

She unzipped me and I blurted out a ‘What about the others?’

Jill smiled, ‘I somehow don’t think the others will worry us down here...’ And with that she eased my cock out and dropped her head, pulled my foreskin back, and closed her mouth around my cockhead. The warmth of her mouth, the salivia on her tongue, all combined to send tingling jets of excitement up my spine.

It took a few minutes but Jill slowly took all of my cock into her mouth, easing it all the way in, down her throat. She then eased it out until just the head was in her mouth and her teeth, tongue, bit and licked. Jill then eased my balls out and began to gently massage them in the palm of one hand as she sucked my head. She gave out little noises of appreciation as she sucked and I began to slip into a very pleasurable ecstasy, Jill occasionally taking all of my cock deep into her mouth before bringing it back to once again suck on my cockhead.

She broke off at one point, ‘You enjoying yourself?’ I smiled at her, very broadly, ‘Sure thing – you know your way round a man’s cock...hope you’re enjoying it too...’ Jill ran her tongue from my balls to my cockhead, ‘You bet...you have a great cock!’

With that she once again wrapped her lips around my cock and neither of us spoke again, except me, head back, eyes closed, as I began to voice my ecstasy with increasingly louder moans of pure pleasure, ‘....yes, yes...God, Jill, you’re so good, really fantastic, amazing...you really know how to suck a guy...’

It was another four or so minutes before I finally gave out a loud ‘Oh my God, yes...that’s so good...Jill, darling, enjoy!’ as I arched my hips and my balls exploded, Jill squeezing hard on my shaft as four jets of spunk shot from my cock into her mouth, Jill giving out a long ‘...mmmmmm...’ as my cum filled her mouth, slipped down her throat.

I eventually opened my eyes, Jill licking my cock. ‘That was soooo good...’ I said, my hand stroking her hair. She gave me a broad smile, ‘Yes, it was fabulous, very enjoyable...your cum was so nice tasting, sweet like apples...’

‘Really?’ I’d never heard it described like that.

‘Yes...I was surprised...thought it might be spicy...’

With that she got up and disappeared into the little loo, ‘Must fix my make-up...’

I zipped up myself and wondered how Sue was getting on when I heard her and Jack at the top of the stairs. As she came down she gave me a broad smile, shoes in hand, legs now bare. ‘Enjoy yourself?’ I asked. ‘You bet! And you?’

‘Yes, Jill and I had a lovely time...

With that we all took our seats at the dining table and Jill served us our first and second courses and the conversation was almost exclusively about sex. Sue and I discovered how sexually liberated Jack and Jill were, the freedom they enjoyed, swap parties with other married couples, threesomes with athletic males who fucked Jill all night long, and to our surprise and fascination, Jack’s bi-sexuality.

We enjoyed how relaxed they were and how unshocked we were, how they made us relaxed, how they made us sexually excited, Sue and I wanting to experience the same sexual liberation and freedom they so naturally enjoyed.

There was no pudding, just coffee, all of us sitting at the dining table, Jack lighting a cigar, Jill going round, unzipping her husband, freeing his cock. His member was already erect, looked long and hard as Jill dropped her head and took her husband’s cock in her mouth. Sue sat alongside and for a few moments was mesmerised. Then she slowly unbuttoned Jack’s shirt, dropping her head to lick his nipples, fingering his neck chain, until Jill brought her head up, lifting her body so that she and Jack went into a passionate kiss, Sue now dropping her head to take over sucking Jack’s cock.

Jill broke off and walked round the table to me, looking me straight in the eye, saying nothing, her tongue licking my lips, as she unzipped my grey flannels, easing my hardness out of my boxers, then dropping her head until I felt once again the sexually charged warmth of her mouth around my cock head. A minute later she came up, unbuttoned her hot pants, slid them down, pulled down her fishnet tights and lacy black thong until she was able to lift both legs across my lap. Holding my cock she slowly lowered her body until I felt my cockhead part her labia, effortlessly sliding deep inside her vagina, Jill giving out a little ‘wow!’

She then rode up, then down, very slowly, laughing, hands opening my shirt, lips kissing my nipples, then biting each one hard, then head up, the two of us kissing very passionately, me unbuttoning her bustier until it fell open revealing Jill’s small but taut boobs, she lifting her body to meet my dropping head to enable me to kiss, lick, bite her nipples as well as the little butterfly tattoo that sat just above her belly button.

Behind Jill, on the other side of the table, I saw Sue end her sucking Jack’s cock, raise her head, kiss Jack, then climb across his lap and bring her pussy down on his startling rock hard length, moving her body slowly up and down on his shaft.

It didn’t take Jill long before she was moving on my cock in increasingly faster thrusts, her moans of ecstasy, ‘...oh my god, this is so fucking good...this is fantastic...fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...yes, this is so fucking good...’ eventually joined by my moans of increasing joy as I also grew to a climax. When it happened I let out a loud, ‘jeez, yes!’ and exploded, multiple spurts of cum going deep inside Jill, filling up her womb. ‘Ohhh, yes, Bob...that is so fucking good...your stuff is so hot inside me...fantastic!’ both of us kissing very torridly, tongues everywhere. She broke away, lifted herself off my cock, pulled up her tights, thong, hot pants, and fell to her knees, vigorously sucking my still hard cock as if she was trying to conjure up more cum shots for her mouth and throat.

A few feet away I watched my wife’s slim form, her head back, body now a steam hammer on Jack’s cock, rocketing up and down at speed, she moaning her ecstasy loudly, just as Jill had done on my cock a few seconds earlier, Jack looking like he was busy eating Sue’s nipples, his hands on her hips.

I watched mesmerized as my sexy wife fucked this good looking, long-cocked guy and as Jill came up to kiss me I recognised the noise Jack made as his cock exploded inside Sue, she slowing, sinking on his whiplashing shaft, ensuring no drop of his spunk was wasted, all of it shot deep inside her womb, she and Jack kissing very passionately.

As Jill and I broke off, Sue climbed off Jack, picked up her panties and walked to the loo. Jack got up, his cock waving in the air, me feeling very jealous of his length. He picked up a bottle of red wine, two glasses and moved towards the stairs, ‘We’ll be in one of the spare bedrooms.’ When Sue came out of the loo, she collected her other clothes, looked at me straight, ‘I’m staying the night with Jack...you’ll have to get back to let the babysitter go...’

‘Really?’ I was a little shocked then Jill cut in, ‘...I’ll come back with you, keep you company...’

And so it was that I got back just after midnight to a babysitter who looked at me with a sly smile as Jill swept past, walked up the stairs to the main bedroom. Jill and I fucked and sucked for another two hours before we fell asleep. She slipped out early and Sue got back at 10, in a very good mood, remarking on what an amazingly enjoyable evening we’d had, giggling at Jack fucking her that morning while she was still half asleep, Sue then leaving him to return home and to her hubby!

She went off for a shower, me following, the two of us having some of the best, mindblowing sex of our marriage, both of us agreeing we couldn’t wait ‘til we were back with Jack and Jill, joining them in their sexual freedom, the wives swapping us husbands, all of us enjoying some great sex!