Written by Sweeto

27 Mar 2017

So I had been unhappily married for years playing away whenever I got the chance.

One night I was on my Facebook and noticed I had an unread message I opened the box and it was from a man I had been seeing when I was 16 and as much as the relationship was not a great one we were kids and that was forgotten and I always fancied him.

So I replied and he sent me his number. I had lost a family member so the first few messages was wishing me well and sending condolences.

I woke up the next day with in a great mood and was feeling a little cheeky so I messaged him and asked him if he still had a bent dick like he did when he was younger and that was it the messages got naughtier and naughtier.

After a few days of sharing really naughty pics and talking we arranged to meet up.

I told my husband I was going to my sisters as knew she would cover for me.

He picked me up from my sisters and I had made a real effort with a little dress on and sexy underwear on hoping he would see it later.

So we set of in the car but couldn't decide what to do as was to late to do much so he suggested going to a hotel. I agreed as that was my plan anyway. We drove to a hotel and they only had one room left so we took it and hurried of upstairs. We walked into the room and there was a big four poster bed. As I went to look at it he pushed me from behind so I landed on the bed and before I knew it he was on top of me....pushing his hard dick against my bum. He rushed to take my clothes leaving me in my underwear which he moaned when he saw it and started kissing my body paying a lot of attention to my boobs and nipples which I absolutely loved. He layed back on the bed and I pulled his jeans down revealing his dick which like before was still bent so I took his whole length in my mouth choking on his dick while sucking it hard. He stopped me mid blow job and told me to stop or we wouldn't get much further as he was going to cum. So I stopped climed up his body and sat on his dick and he moaned as it went in my wet pussy.

He fucked me hard and fast grabbing my bum hard like he used to.

He flipped me over on the bed so he was on top of me and held me down with his hand on my throat. It was so sexy and we was making so much noise. We fucked for ages as I had been used to quick ones in the car with my fuck buddy. Only after we had finished we realised the window was open and there were loads of people under the window who had just heard everything we done.

I think the whole night we had hands on each other. Sleeping and waking up to be naughty again.

We woke up in the morning after not getting much sleep and only then did he tell me that the night before had been his 30th birthday! I wished him a happy birthday and hoped I had given him a night to remember ;-)