Written by pantilover

9 Jan 2013

Being a married guy trapped in a sexless marridge, very often i would visit mildenhall woods under the pretex of going airplane spotting.once there i would roam around looking for contacts, on this particular day no one was around so i decided to do a little sunbathing,finding a small clearing i laid out the small car rug which i carried and layed down wearing just my pink panties and proceeded to fondle myself, quite unexpectedly a walker entered the clearing and on seeing me apologised and left,the damage was done so i saw no point in leaving. in the space of five the stranger returned and asked could he join me, i agreed as it was obvious what his inclination were.we were soon both naked and fondling each other, on becoming highly aroused i decided to turn over so he could gain access to stroke my back, whilst i was on all fours his mood changed alarmingly, he was straight on my back jabbing his cock between my cheecks,I said "wait" thinking of the condoms and lube in my tracksuit bottoms folded nearby, but there was no stopping him, when his cock finally found it's mark he forced at my entrance,realising there was no stopping him now i thought it best to relax my muscles and take what was coming, once inside he continued with urgent thrusts,beginning to enjoy the experience i started to push back to meet him,on feeling me do this he became more excited, reaching to my shoulders and pulling me back onto his cock,after what seemed forever,with one final thrust he held me hard onto him as i felt the throbbing followed by the warm glow of his seed as entered my love tube.He finally withdrew saying "that was awesome" to which i replied "after that, the least i can do is clean your cock" which i proceeded to do. He got up dressed and left. no names. no arrangements made for further meets, just left. i lay awhile, gathering my thoughts, hardly believing what had taken place. now all i'm left with is the happy memory.