Written by cuckold

6 Jan 2011

i have been happily married for tweny six years, to my wife sue, our sex life has always good, up until about a year ago , i dont know if its just my age im 57 but i just cant maintain a erection and my sex drive has wained but sue,s sex drive seems to have increased since the menopause , it had become a issue between us , sue was feeling un loved and i was feeling like a let down but it came to a head about six months ago, on saturday evening we were both in the living room , enjoying a glass of wine when sue dissapeared up stairs then returned dressed in a low cut dress high heels obviously up for a shag, she sat on my lap ,started to kiss me with her lovely full lips, and started to stroke my dick but i couldnt get a hard on, i find sue really attractive and

still have the desire to fuck her but i had to apologise , and say im sorry sue i just cant manage it, she was furious , she said your fuckin useless and if you cant do it for me ill find a real man who can she stormed off upstairs and went to bed , i felt awful , any how the next morning i came down stairs and over breakfast apologised, she said forget it . that night i suggested that we go for a curry , there is a restaraunt about 15 minute drive from us , i had a soft drink as i was driving sue was on the wine, part way through the meal about 6 lads walked in three of whom i new , one of them geoff who i had known for quite a few years through playing rugby, came over shook my hand and asked how i was, i introduced him to sue, he bent down to peck her on the cheek , whilst at the same time taking a long hard look at her lovely tits, he was impressed i could tell, well he went back to the bar and i explained to sue how i knew him and that he had been divorced for about two years , but since then ,he had been putting it around, sue commented on how polite he was and quite attractive, then she added well im glad at least someones getting some dick because im not, i could feel the erection rising in my trousers, just because i could sense that sue fancied geoff and that she was thinking about him fucking other women, or maybe imagining him fucking her, now for years i had been trying to get sue to cuckold me, and fuck around and although before my problem , we would talk about it whilst we were fucking and fantasise about it she never would actually carry it through, at that i went to the gents. and whilst i was washing my hands geoff came in , i said are you still puttin about , he then to my suprise said he hadnt had a shag for about six weeks, and that he must be losing his touch i jokingly replied dont woryy i will get sue to give you a wank round the back , he smiled and said oh yes please that woul;d be really nice, i laughed and went back to the table, sue had another glass of wine and was a little tipsy, i told her what i had said to geoff , she then said look if he takes me round the back he do what the fuck he wants to me , im dying f once again i was hard as rock , the thought of sue giving a hand job outside to some other guy just for me or the thought of her up against a wall being fucked stupid, with her knickers in her hand and her tits out just makes me want to cum i had also noticed sues nipples were rock hard wich is always a good sighn that she is wet and wants fucking. we finished our meal i went over to say goodbye to geoff he got up walked over to us he went to peck sue on the cheek , but she planted a lovely wet kiss on his mouth with her juicy lips, and then whispered dont forget if you want some hand releif im very good at it ask dave , he smiled looking slightly shocked , then came to shake my hand , then i just blurted out , listen she wants you to fuck her are you up for it , he said well who wouldnt be , dont you mind , i replied ive got a problem down stairs and she not been getting any , and i know your a decent lad , he said yes ok , i said i will ring you to morrow then i left with sue , when we got home i asked sue what she thought of geoff she replied he ,s quite tasty,i then told her that i had asked him to fuck her, if she was up for it still a bit suiffy she said ring him now and tell him to come round to morrow evening, my heart was in my mouth and my dick was harder than it had been for a long time,. i phoned geoff he was still in the restaraunt with his friends, i asked if he could come round to morrow he said yes of course, then once again asked if i was ok with it i replied yes its not a problem , then i arranged to pick him up at 7.30 the next day, at the break fast table next day i looked up at sue and asked do you remember what we talked about last night , she said yes of course i wasnt that drunk , i asked are you still up for it, she answered well can you cope with the thought of geoffs dick going were youve not been for a long time i said yes , sue said well im up for it and remenber this was all your doing , all that day sue was wondering what to wear , and i could feel the anticipation in her , i was rock hard all day , and even managed a wank thinking about what my lovely wife would be doing later,

about seven o clock sue came down stairs, dressed in a alter neck dress no bra, no nickers, very high heels, susspenders, and those stockings with the seam up the backl of them she looked fucking fantastic, everything about her just screamed fuck me now hard and long. she asked how do i look i replied you look stunning, i was rock hard and asked if i could have a quick shag , she looked at and said no way im not being let down by you again noe go and get geoff , i picked geoff up he still couldnt understand why i was letting him fuck my lovely wife but he couldnt wait, to do , although he said he would prefer it if i wsnt there when he was shaggin sue, i said ok i will go to the restaraunt till your both done, i took him into the front room , his jaw dropped when he saw sue het nipples were like marbles she must have been wet through, just at that moment when i could see how keen she was for him to fuck her i had a massive pang of regret and jealousy, but it had gone to far , sue walked over to him and placed a wet kiss on his lips, she looked at me and said make yourself scarce i will ring you when we are done at that i got in the car and went to the restaraunt, i was sat in the corner with a drink when ilooked up and could see geoffs mates laughing and giggling with the girls behind the bar it was clear to see that they new goeff was in my house banging the srse off my wife , i knew about it and was sat in the pub whilst it was going on , i felt so humiliated , but i was still rock hard so much so that i had to go to the toilet to have a wank the thought of what sue could be doing was such a turn on , about 11 o clock , one of geoffs mates came over and said er hi dave sues just rang my mobile , yours isnt turned on, and asked if you could pick geoff up and bring him back here , hes ready now , my humiliation was complete i walked to my car with the sound of his mates laughing at the fact that i was about to be a taxi for the man who has been emptying his load into my wife all night , i picked geoff up sue was in a nighti and kissed him at the front door , he got in the car and just said fuckin hell mate what a lovely dirty fuck your wife is, i didnt know how to reply , i dropped him off , he bounced into the restaraunt, i went home , sue was sat on the settee, , she told me to come over to her , she kissed me and said thanks for being so understanding, there were stains all over the settee were he had shagged her, i was still hard, i asked if she would please wank me , she told me to drop my pants, and slowly started to wank me telling what a geat lover he was and that , he was biggger thickker longer, could last longer, and that he had made her cum several times that night , i was in heaven the sight of sue looking so satified and sexy and the thought that another mans cock had been up her all night was a dream, i asked her if she had had a shower she replied no , geoff said you might want to lick me clean , was he right , i nearly fainted but had to confess that yes i would , she spread her legs and told me to get on with it , she then ranf geoff and arrangesd to meet him the next week whilst i was doing my duty since that evening sue , has fucked regularly and the other week geoff and one of his mates both fucked her allnight while i stayed in the spare room , but at least i can get a hard on now and get a wank of sue when she has been serviced by her lovers i adore my wife