Written by gotalotof

28 Jan 2010

A true story of sex with my first girlfriend.

Rosemary was a year older than me, 5 feet 3 tall, long hair, big tits 36 DD and a very accomodating twat. She likes rough sex and to be forced to do things.

At 18 I had an almost in-satiable apetite for sex. I would call in to her aunts house on the way home from college to meet up with her. Her aunt was usually out.

She had pissed me off the previous evening. Something silly - an arguement and harsh words. I was intent on letting her discover who was the boss. I'd ride teh ass of her in a different way to usual.

So I got to her aunts in teh late afternoon. As i hoped, her aunt was out, she was there still moaning on about the arguement. You know how girls can be. I told her I was not standing for it today. I told her to get down to the basement as tehre was something I wanted to show her. She was curious enough to go tere with me.

Now the basement has a loos stone chipping floor, a small table and lots of storage boxes in it. She asked what was it I wanted to show her. I picked up a couple of porn mags that her younger brother hid there. I showed them to he, girls with buig tits and their legs wide apart. I pointed out how nice they were. She was getting more pissed by the second. I said get your tits out so I can compare. She told me to piss off. I told her I was serious, get them out, I'm compare them, then your going to suck my cock and then i'm going to ride your brains out you slut.

She was a little taken aback at this but started to open her blouse. Too slow slut, I reached out and pulled teh blouse open, buttons flying everywhere. I pulled the bra down to let her tits out, held teh magazine up and compared. Hmmm the girls in the mag were better I said. Lets see if you look better sucking my cock. I pushed her down on her knees and impailed her head on my dick. Deep in the first thrust. Her nose buried in my pubes. I had onne handful of her hairm holding her deep on my throbing member. the other holding the mag as I looked at one of the models blowing a large cock in the mag. Suck harder you bitch I said. You are not trying hard enough. I pulled her head off my dick, dropped the mag and slapped her tits hard to let her know I was seriuos. She squeeled but I muffled that with my cock back down her throat. She is rather a good sucker, with virtually no gag reflex. Probably as a result of a number of earlier sessions where I would ride her mouth for over an hour at a time. I can control my dick when its down a womans throat.

Pulling her head off again I set about her tits once more. Slaps on both and then the nipples. I pinched both of them hard making her wince. Back to the face fucking for a while. I was stroking long and deep now. Enjoying every moment and feeling better all the time.

I hope this will teach you a lesson bitch. Don't ever behave that way with me again. She cold not answer as I was shafting her throat and enjoying the mess I was making of her makup. Her mascara was running as a result of her eyes watering. She looked a right slag and I told her so.

Her knees were getting very sore onteh stones on the floor, her tights had ripped at both knees. I pulled her off me by the hair and dragged her over to the small table. i pushed her face down onto the table. Tits exposed and squeezed onto teh cold table top. I lifted up her skirt, pushed her knickers to the side and pushed four fingers into her quite wet twat. I fingered her roughly for some time to get her well lubed up and ready for my next onslaught. I spanked her a couple of times to put her in her place and then rammed my cock up her twat in one violent thrust. She squeeled. I took a handful of hair in my left hand, reached round for a big tit with my right hand squeezed hard on her tit, pulled hard on her hair and pounded her twat for all I was worth. I went at her for about five minutes, not letting up in the intensity and force of the ride. from the grunts and noises coming from her I could tell she was feeling the full pressure of each thrust. Her neck was arched back her hed facing straight up and soon I heard the tell tale sounds of her growing orgasm. I pounded away as she rose to the climax and exploded with a stream of expleatives. You fucking bastard she cried Oh God that was good she said.

It's not finished yet you bitch. I have one last surprise for you. On saying that I dipped two fingers into her dripping twat and then lubed up her virgin ass. Before she could say anything my cock was out of her twt and pushing hard on her ring. I kept the pressure up and it yielded. She screamed at me, You Bastard, but i was in and riding hard oin he ass. Still pulling hard on her hair and telling her to enjoy it. I certainly was.

Her ass was so tight, I was not going to last very long. I felt my cum rising and pulled out, pulled her off the table by the hair and planted my cock in her mouth just as I exploded. Normally she does not like to take the cum in her mouth, but she had no choice this time. I came in spurt after spurt, holding her head on my cock until she had to swallow it.

When I had finished and she had finally licked my cock clean, I let go of her hair and lifted her up off teh floor. She had a hugh smile on her face and said that it had been worth having the fight the day before, just to be ridden like that to make up.

Strange the silly things we do in our youth. My wife now just asks to be ridden hard, we don't need to make excuses.