Written by June

31 Oct 2010

I had sleep with Kay twice, and the last time she used a strap-on, over the rest of the week,I sleep with her every nigh, and she interdicted me to other sex toys she had, with out doubt, she was the alpha one in our relationship, and wanted the male roll, and thats how she got off, she was quite rough with me some times, that happened when she got really aroused,most of the time she was very loving and gentle

My sex life, if you could call it that had changed, from being, stale and predictable, ones a month hump with my husband, to this lust filled nightly sex seasons I was having with Kay, she seemed to make me want it, I needed it, some times she catch me in the day, and play with me so I nearly, climax, work me up, and stop before I cum, to tease me, that pleased her a lot, I would be gagging for it by night time

She knew how to use me, she had lit a fire inside me, that couldn't be put out, in my wildest dreams I never though of sex with another woman, or of doing the things we did together, I am now sure I have falling in love with Kay

It was into the following week, I had sleep with Kay each night, only going home to get fresh closes,it was about then I noticed some of the other staff giving me funny looks, they must of been saying things behind my back,it started to worry me, I told Kay about it, she was not that worried, and said its nothing,its okay for her she is a all out lesbian,but I am still a married woman,it did seem I had two husbands, one who was abroad and Kay who I sleep with, and was far better in bed

Some time other women would come into the bar and talk to Kay and have a drink with her,I had started to feel jealous about that, I did ask who they where and she freely told me they where gay,we got to know each other well now and about our past life's

It was one of my days off, we where both slouching about upstairs, after getting up late, and Kay said

lets go out, you can meet some of my friends, it about time they got to know you, late afternoon we started to get ready, Kay was looking at what I was going to wear, she looked at me, saying no,here put this on, she had been buying me things, mostly for me to dress up for her, in our bedroom, she pick the tings she wanted me to wear, then took me in bathroom, run a bath we got in together and washed each other, which got quite horny, she then shaved me, and did my make-up, and helped me dress

I ended up with a sorties skirt with splits up the side, a white blouse that was cut to fit tightly no bra, five of the buttons undone, and stockings no pants,and quite high heels, when we went out I had a coat over it, she told me I want to see there faces when they see you on my arm

I was quite away to a club, Kay was driving, I was thankful it was out the area, when we got in it was dimly lit,there was some gay men, most where women I could see, it seem Kay is well known, it was like I was getting shown off, we sat at the bar on stools, women came up I was interdicted to them

Then a large tall woman came in, I recognized her from the pub, she popped in a few times to talk to Kay, only now she was wearing very tight leather trousers and top which was about open,she be in her fifties I would say, she kissed Kay full on the lips,we sat talking her on one side and Kay on the other, she payed me a lot attention, she knew my name, she put her hand on my leg I jumped, they both

laughed and said to Key she not that well trained yet, she when off and sat at a table with some other women, I had a few dances with Kay which was very nice, later on the woman in leather, Sue her name, was talking to Kay, then Kay took me by the hand and we sat with the Sue and the other women

I was mostly talking to a girl that look more like a school girl,it was getting late, when Sue said it time to go, the girl looked at me, was we got up to go, as she knew some thing or wanted to say some thing, it ended up with Sue and the girl in Kay's car with us, we ended up what is Sues apartment

There was another car full as well, music was put on lot of drink, people where dancing, all having a good time, it seemed my glass never got empty, it did start to thin out people left, it was left with Kay and me and two other couples,the music got slower and lights where turned down, Sue got me up to dance, she held me really close, I looked past her Kay was with the girl, I watched as they kissed,I felt Sues tongue on my neck and then she kissed me, we ended up sitting down to be joined by Kay and the girl, the other couple where getting in to surcease petting on a chair, I found out the older one of the two had pulled the other one in the club, they went off into a bedroom, I sat with the girl and Sue beside me and Kay on the side of the girl, they both had there arms round us, Kay had slipped her hand under the girls top Sue turned my head and kissed me, I felt her other hand lift my left breast out, and play with the nipple,it then moved down to my leg, it ran up the inside of my thig, I parted my legs,a long finger probed my pussy, then I felt the girls leg going over mine, Kay had lifted it over mine, so she could finger her, we sat there with our legs apart and two women fingering us with our tits out

We all ended up in Sues bedroom, with me, Lyn the girl on the bed, being told to get to know each other, I wisped is Sue your girlfriend she nodded, she didn't seem that experienced,I made the running

I found it very erotic and a turn on, I got a finger in her she seemed tight but very wet, we ended up naked with me going down on her I make her cum, it made my face wet when she did, I looked round and both Kay and Sue where naked, Sue was holding a very long double ended dildo,they move Lyn and me so we faced each other, my leg was put over one of Lyn's and one of hers over my other leg,Sue pushed one end of the dildo in me, then the other end into Lyn, she had a little first, it seemed

a little big for her, Kay helped which made Lyn cry out, I gasped as a lot of it went up me a long way

then I felt it move out as they pushed more in Lyn, she cried out a few times as it left me to go in her, we where moved in closer to each other, I watch as Kay pushed Lyn flat on her back and lifted one leg over her head,Kay's clit was sticking out she was really aroused, she wanked it as she came down, I was pressed down as Sue mounted my face, her cunt was different, it was not long, but rounder

like a fleshy flour with its lips rolled back, she lowered it over my face, and rocked to get it over my mouth, I got my arms round her and pulled her arse cheeks apart, one or both of them started to move the dildo, it went really deep into me making me jump, it move out, I heard Lyn squeal, then Kay say she not taken much, Sue said she will in a minuet, I went to work on the cunt that was covering my face, the movement inside me was getting faster and more forceful, I stated to climax, that made Sue cum, there was all sorts of nieces coming from Lyn, then Sue shouted look I told you she squats

some thing wet land on my crouch and thighs, here she gos look, I felt Lyn push down on my leg and a jerk and more hot wet landed on me the dildo was moving really fast that got me off again, I pushed a finger right up Sue bum, she let out a YES, it made her climax, on my face

What a night it was planed I know, I found out Lyn is only seventeen, was not made with Kay for shearing me, in faked I enjoyed it