Written by Jimmy

1 May 2009

Harley Magic

I returned to motorcycling last year after a lay off of 20 years, and being 49, I decided that my days of getting down over the tank and scraping my knee on corners were done.

I decided on a Harley Sportster, and even though I was a bit put off because of Harley’s noted vibration, I went ahead because of finding one at a very low price because of the persons new financial commitments, got his GF pregnant.

I went to see the bike and the first thing that caught my eye, looking for falut, was the rather small sculptured seat, thinking that if you have a pillion, the distance from the small backrest to the rider, would put the pillion’s crotch, squarely into the small of the rider’s back. Well I could always change the seat, so I bought the bike.

About 2 weeks later, I got a call from Paula, the wife of a recent drinking acquaintance, a lonny lass for her age, and a nice pair of legs and good tits, who wanted to know if I was able at very short notice to drive her to pick up a van that her husband had bought. To cut a long story short, she had driven him to pick it up about 250 miles away and on the way back, he had became ill and couldn’t drive so they had parked it up at a factory outlet place on the way home about an hour and a half’s drive from here, and after asking a couple of others who could do so asked me.

I told her yes but as my new bike, hadn’t had a decent run out since I bought it, I told her as it was a nice day, I’d rather take the bike and would provide her with a spare helmet. She was a bit reluctant and told me at the age of 41, she’d not ever ridden on a bike and was a bit scared, but as she needed to pick up the van before the retail outlet closed, she would give it a go.

I picked Paula up, and when she climbed on, the seat as I suspected, wedged her crotch firmly into the small of my back. The feet first riding position and the back rest she leaned on, made me lean back into her open thighs.

We had been on the road about 20 minutes when she gripped my sides very tightly indeed, and I thought, even over the sound of Harley’s exhaust note, a groan. I thought she must have been a bit frightened, so I drove a little more sedately, but she repeated this gripping and groaning about another three times.

We pulled into the carpark and she guided me over to where the van was parked, quite some way from the actual complex, I shouted why they had parked all this way over and she shouted back that the park was all but full when they arrived. The park was one of those with shrubs dividing the bays up.

When I stopped and she got off the bike, she was a bit wobbly on her legs and her face seemed flustered. I asked if she was ok and she said “Oh yes very ok”

I propped the bike up and told her I was going for a jimmy riddle and popped off to the toilet. On my way back, I got a bit lost and came back from the rear of the van and when I was along side it, I saw Paula’s reflection in the driver mirror and her right arm seemed to be moving back and forth in an up and down movement. I moved a bit nearer and yes, Paula was actually wanking herself, her jean waistband was undone and her hand was inside going like a fiddler’s elbow.

Not wanting to embarrass her, H pretended to stumble against the van, and giving her time to adjust herself, I opened the driver door to tell her I was ready.

If she looked flustered before, she certainly was now. I asked her if she was ok and she said, “No I’m bloody not. Your bloody bike started this, the bloody vibes on the back, and your back crammed into my crotch, and every time you moved about, I nearly orgasmed, in fact, I nearly came 4 times but never quite got there, so you can get in the back of this van and finish it off”


“You heard, get in the back and fuck me, finish off what you inadvertently started, there are a couple of brand new tarps in the back they will do to lay on, but you will fuck me before we go”

We got in the back, and before I could think, Paula was on the traps, her jeans and knicks removed and lying with her knees up and her legs splayed open.

I dropped my pants, and kneeled between her legs and put the tip of my cock into her hot black hairy hole. Oh man, that lovely hot wet cunt, it was like my first fuck all over again. I pushed in my full length, I wanted to saver that lovely feeling, but paula had other ideas, she thrust her hips up and after only 2 thrusts in and out, I felt her cum on my cock. Her body shook and I felt her fanny muscles tighten on my cock. I lasted all of 30 seconds before I unloaded my spunk up her.

I lay in her for a short while and got off her. I started to pull up my pants and she told me that If I thought that was that, I had another think coming. She pushed me on to my back and proceeded to suck my cock, sucking and swallowing the mixture of my spunk and her fanny juices. When she brought my cock to the desired hardness again, she lay back down and with her open legs looking more obscene with my spunk running out of her, commanded me, “fuck me again now” I was of course, only too happy to oblige. In fact I fucked Paula another three times before we left, with her, cumming over and over. I have never met a woman who’s fanny muscles grip your dick like hers.

Since then, I’ve fucked Paula in fields, bus shelters, up against walls, in Premier Inns, F1 hotels, Travel lodges, her own marital bed (when her hubby was away), but always after a clit tickling ride on Harley.

No I haven’t changed the seat yet and I don’t think I will.