Written by gosguy67

1 Oct 2014

During the early eighties, I worked as a barman at weekends in my local pub in Cheam called the Harrow, it is still there but a little more upmarket. I was in my early twenties and had a great time working there. The landlord Arthur was a bit if a Pratt and drunk by mid evening, his wife Marion was lovely petit, sexy, attractive early forties, never worked out why they were together. He used to give her a lot of hassle.

Marion and I used to flirt all the time when Arthur was drunk or not around. One weekend Arthur was going to e away at a reunion, he was an ex copper. We had a quiet Friday and it was before midnight when we had cleared up. I suggested that we went to Cluseaus a night club in the town. After a bit of persuading she went upstairs to change and tell the two kids that she would be across the road, they were 12 and 14 so old enough to be left. Marion can down in a very sexy dress, looking really sexy. We went to the club, had a few to drink, she got quite giggly and we had some slow dances, during which I held her very firm arse, pulling her against me, she had made me very hard, and as you can see from my profile I am quite a well hung lad. She made some comment about me feeling huge and I told her I had wanted to fuck her since I started working at the pub. I started to grope her tits, and when we sat in out booth, we kissed and my hand got inside her knickers she was well trimmed and very juicy. We went back to the pub soon after and as soon as we got into the bar, I had her clothes off, and had her on her back licking her cunt and she tasted very sweet, I then took my trousers off and entered her she let out a loud moan and her legs were round my arse as I pumped her hard, and quite rough I just wanted to fuck her brain out, we lasted about fifteen minutes before we both came, and then we lay next to each other, she then went down on me to suck me hard and the blow job was wonderful, I was soon hard and she got on top of me and rode me like a whore, I was groping her tits pinching her large nipples hard, after a while I took her doggy and held her hair as we fucked until I came inside her.

We dressed and had a drink cuddling as we did, she told me that she had not had sex for over two years because Arthur was always too drunk. She said she would try to arrange the kids to be out tomorrow evening. When Saturday came I worked the lunchtime and evening shift. Marion had arranged for both the kids to spend the afternoon and night with friends. So when the pub closed and we cleared up we when to their bedroom, Marion dressed in very sexy lingerie and we spent the afternoon fucking, and most of the night after closing time too. We ended up saving a very secret affair for nine months until Arthur was sacked and the moved on.

Marion was such a lovely lady, as well as sexy and a very good shag. I often wondered if any other locals had her. Let me know we could compare notes!