Written by Nigel

16 Oct 2009

Part Four

The Polish man smiled at me. Then he said: ‘You know she get good fucking by all of us soon, yes?’ Yes’ I said. ‘You are hard in your pants, yes? ‘ ‘Yes’ I said sheepishly. My wife was moaning so loudly and there were so many crude comments being made about Victoria, that I was not sure he heard me. ‘You get your dick out an you show me, yes?’ I felt humiliated, but I wanted him to see my embarrassment. I unzipped my jeans and pulled my penis over the top of my briefs.

‘Iz little dick, yes, very little. Let me feel.’ The touch of his cold hand on my warm three and half inch erection was like electricity. I am circumcised and the head of my penis felt very vulnerable, but excited as he squeezed it between big fat fingers. ‘Ow. Ow, stop you are hurting me’ I squealed. The other men turned to look at me briefly. The Pole went for the button that held my trousers tight around my waist. Pulled it open and dragged my jeans down, revealing me in my tight white briefs, my penis straining over the top. His hand thrust between my legs, grabbing my scrotum through my briefs and squeezing it painfully hard.

Luckily he was distracted by a shout from the fat Old Irish man: ‘it's coming, she is milking like a cow. Get your fist out of her fanny and play with her clit. The big black man was crouched down, to the side of the Irishman who was milking my wife. Victoria let out a cry of pain as the big fist was pulled out of her vagina. The Irishman, like the rest of the crowd from the sleazy tower block estate, was very excited. He kept go of Victoria’s bulging breast for just a moment, admiring his handiwork. The milk was dribbling from her enlarged nipples Her head was back, but her eyes were closed, showing off her blue eye shadow. Backed up against the grim tower block wall, Victoria looked very erotic. The satin front panel of her corsolet shimmered in the dim light. The big black man had one hand stroking her black silk stockinged legs and the other teasing her clit. She was moaning now, her head shaking as climax approached and the men roared with laugher and mocked. ‘You filthy little slut’ said the Irishman, ‘You are enjoying this’ He looked angry, as if he didn’t want her to. He raised both of his large hands and slapped my wife’s milk laden breasts simultaneously as she started her orgasm. She cried out and he slapped them again. Fuckin filthy slut, come round here in your f---ing underwear. We are gonna f—k you so f---ing hard bitch. The black man was really working her clit as the Irishman started working on her nipples and breasts again. Then I saw an amazing sight. Victoria’s little size 8 body started to buck as a powerful orgasm gripped her. The milk started to jet from both breasts. The black man was working frantically on her clit as Victoria’s orgasm subsided. ‘Stop, stop’ she cried, but he did not, until she squirted onto the pavement. All the men were roaring with laughter as the Irishman made way for the big young Rasta, who was stroking his long thick penis and approaching my wife’s vulnerable vagina. My wife’s legs seemed to have gone weak. She sank down to a squat, her black silk coat gaping open, the white open bottom corsolete making virginal contrast in colour, her slim legs looking exquisite in black stockings and high heels. The sexy white satin vee of her panties looking very exciting, still pulled to one side and exposing her bald sex slit to all seven dirty looking men.

The Pole had moved behind me, but he was still gripping my sex. It hurt, but I was excited. The young Rasta had a look of absolute contempt as he went up to my wife put one hand on an exposed milky breast and another on her crotch. In this grip he pulled her to her feet and began kissing and sucking the milk from her nipples. One of his big black hands was between her thin thighs, groping her vagina. His grunts indicated his rising excitement. He drew back, squeezing more milk from Victoria’s now flowing bosoms and aimed his huge penis at her little slit. Victoria looked up helplessly; a look of amazement on her well made up face. He raised her up against the wall, and stooping slightly, rammed his huge penis straight into my little pregnant wife’s sex slit.

She cried out like a wounded animal as he began to pound her without mercy, all the time his hands pulling on her bulging and milk laden breasts. Repeatedly he pulled back almost his entire length and then rammed it back into her, harder and faster. The other six men watched and made obscene comments. The Pole’s excitement caused him to tighten his grip on my sex. He was saying that my wife was a filthy little whore. I just couldn’t help it; I came, jetting my young seed into the dirty city night. I hung my head in shame and tried to pull away. My penis quickly went limp, but the Pole was so excited, he would not let it go. He was really hurting me and now my eyes were closed in pain, as I heard the sound of the men cheering the approach of Victoria’s second orgasm