Written by Angie

3 Jun 2011

Driving to our house took about 30 minutes and I explained to Baz and Ed about what Andy and I had originally planned, that he'd virtually told one of his mates he could fuck me and that I intended teaching him a lesson. We reached the house, and I fetched them beers, and a mineral water for myself. We went upstairs and undressed, as I removed my panties, another large blob of spunk dripped from my pussy.

I'd intended to shower but Ed pulled me on the bed, spread my legs and buried his face in my pussy licking and sucking, using his fingers, to get all the cum from my hole drinking it down. Baz concentrated on my tits, squeezing them together, sucking my nipples while I played with his prick glad to feel him getting stiff again so soon after fucking me in the car park. Ed's tongue was working wonders on my pussy, nibbling my clit, sucking it while sliding his fingers in my cunt. My nipples were poking out rock hard, almost painfully as Baz sucked them, taking them in his teeth and tugging them by the piercings, biting my tits leaving red marks. Two guys pleasuring me, lovely sensations spreading from my pussy and tits. Much as I was enjoying what they were doing, moving my cunt, pressing it against Ed's mouth, what I wanted even more was to feel a cock in my pussy fucking me. Ed came up for air, it was about 3 hours since I'd sucked him off and he was good and ready, kneeling on the bed holding his erect prick. I hoped it would be as good as Baz's and told him to fuck me. He asked if I fancied being spit roasted. I turned over, and he rubbed his cock along my gash, then held my cunt open as he eased his cock inside me. Baz stood in front and offered his cock to my mouth, rubbing it against my face, spreading clear pre cum on my skin before I grabbed it and pulled him to my open mouth. My lips were stretched tight around his cock as I took more in, my mouth filled with his thick black cock. Each time Ed thrust into my cunt more of Baz's prick was forced in to my mouth. I took as much as I could, almost gagging, holding his cock when I felt it touching the back of my throat. Ed was fucking me hard, shafting me good and deep when I heard the front door slam and Andy running up the stairs, he'd got a taxi more quickly than I expected. The bedroom door opened and he stood by the bed, mouth hanging open, just in time to see Baz pull his prick from my mouth and shoot spunk all over my face. That must have spurred Ed on, I was close to cumming and couldn't speak, panting as I felt Ed's fat cock fucking my fully stretched hole faster. With each hard thrust my heavy tits swung, I moved a hand to one caressing the erect nipple with my fingertips. I found my voice, telling him to fuck me harder, panting and moaning as I felt his slippery prick slam in and out of my cunt. With each thrust he grunted, muttering he was going to cum. I felt my cunt spasm, as I orgasmed, screaming I was cumming, demanding his spunk, his cock felt as if it was pulsating in my cunt as with a final couple of thrusts he shot his sperm deep inside me. I kept still, using my cunt muscles to milk his prick as he emptied his cream in me. I didn't move, just savouring the feel of his cock slowly softening in my pussy until it slipped out, a good dollop of spunk running out, dripping on the bed before I had a chance to cover my pussy. I rolled onto my back next to Baz, resting my head on his chest, playing with his soft prick, Ed, behind me kissing my neck and fondling my tits.

Andy had undressed and was standing stroking his erection and climbed on the bed. “What are you doing?” I snapped at him. He looked taken aback. Looking down between my open legs, spunk dribbling from my gaping hole. “I thought it was my turn now” he said uncertainly, looking at the three of us. “Well you thought wrong. As soon as they're hard again they're going to fuck me not you. You can sit in the chair and watch if you want.” He started to protest, Ed whispered in my ear. “On second thoughts you can lick me out first. Suck all their spunk from my cunt. Do that and maybe I'll let you fuck me later” He laughed, thinking I was joking. “How many times have I done things you wanted? Lick my cunt or sit over there out the way” Baz and Ed moved over, letting me spread my legs wide, my cunt gaping open. I could feel spunk, dribbling out, running down towards my bum. “Come on then. Baz and Ed's spunk is going to waste.” He got down between my legs and gave my pussy a tentative lick, taking his first taste of another mans spunk. I put my hand on the back of his head pressing him firmly to my pussy. “Do it properly or don't bother and while your down there lick my arse hole clean too.” As he lapped my cunt and arse I stroked and caressed Baz and Ed's pricks hoping to get them stiff enough for another fuck, while they kissed and fondled a tit each.

I hadn't realised how late it was and started dozing enjoying having three mouths giving the different parts of my body pleasure. Andy said he'd finished and wanted to fuck me. I closed my legs and told him to go and sleep in the spare room or if he preferred to get in bed and snuggle up to one of the guys. “You said I could fuck you” he tried again. “I've changed my mind. Go and have a wank” He chose the other room. “I'll give you a call when they're ready to fuck me. You'll enjoy watching their lovely big cocks, stretching my cunt again. You can have another wank. There won't be much point in you trying to fuck me after. I doubt if I’d even notice your prick in my cunt after they've shagged me” I called after him. He turned and said, “I didn't mean this,” “Tough. You wanted me to be a Slut and that's what you've got. You've got your wish, it's to late to change your mind now. I'm doing what I want now and what I want are big cocks.” I lifted Baz's cock, leaning down, running my tongue around the glans, kissing the tip, then turned and doing the same with Ed's lovely cock before continuing. “Guess what, they're is going to introduce me to some of they're mates and they're going to fuck me too. Imagine it, my tight white cunt, fucked by BIG BLACK COCKS, AND A BIG WHITE COCK IN MY ARSE” I shouted as he left the room, making it up as I spoke.

I fell asleep holding a cock in each hand. I woke during the night, when Baz pulled me on top and fucked me, and again when, laid on my side, Ed fucked me from behind. The noise of Andy crashing about downstairs woke me in the morning, I peeped under the quilt, both of them were rock hard. I wriggled down the bed, wanking Ed's cock, pressing it flat against his stomach, sucking his balls, licking his shaft, kneeling to take it in my mouth, sucking him slowly as he awoke. The movement and noise of me slurping on Ed's cock woke Baz. His hand touched my thigh, forcing my legs apart as he slide his fingers in to my pussy. He finger fucked me for a couple of minutes then knelt behind, sliding his cock between my legs, moving it along my slit, teasing my clit. I wanted it inside me so reached and took hold of it and guided it in to my hole, moaning around Ed's cock as I felt Baz's hard cock penetrating my cunt. It was just as good as I remembered, I'd woken thinking I had only imagined just how wonderful his thick cock had felt. His girth stretched my cunt once again, as he slid his cock deep inside, fucking me slowly at first. I heard Ed grunt he was going to cum, sucked his cock harder taking his spunk in my mouth. I released his cock, hearing him tell me not to swallow as he slid down the bed and pulled my mouth to his. He stuck his tongue in my mouth, tasting his spunk, kissing me as Baz started fucking me harder. The bedroom door opened behind me, Andy watching from the landing. Baz spoke to him telling him I was now his cock slut, I was close to cumming, Baz had his hands on my tits, tugging the rings through my erect nipples. His cock slamming in and out of my soaking cunt. Fingers on my clit, Ed rubbing my button as I started panting and puffing nearly there. Baz removed his hands from my tits, spreading my bum cheeks, he spat on my bum. I felt a finger touch my anus, moving in circles around, then being pushed in my arse. I arched my back, moaning loudly as he pushed a second finger up my arse, finger fucking my bum hole as he fucked my cunt. It seemed like only seconds and I started to cum, a wave of pleasure centred on my cunt and arse, spreading through my body. “Give to me. Give me your spunk. Cum in my cunt. PLEEEEESE” He started to jerk as he came shooting three or four heavy loads of spunk in my cunt. He pulled his fingers from my arse, “Next time it'll be my cock. What do you think Andy. Have you arse fucked her? D'you reckon Angie can take my cock in her arse” He didn't reply and I heard him going back downstairs.

After a shower I drove them back to town and dropped them off, did a bit of shopping, called in to see my best friend for a chat returning home in the early evening. Andy was pissed, empty cans on the floor. He made a rambling apology, how sorry he was, he hadn't meant to tell Sam he could fuck me. “You should have thought of that before” I told him, “You won't do it again will you?” he slurred. “See, you're doing it again. Trying to tell me what I should do. Just go to bed, the spare bed and we'll talk when you're sober” It gave me a chance to think, my best friend had advised me to stop, suggesting Andy had probably learnt his lesson. I decided she was right, that I shouldn't do it again. During the night I heard Andy showering, then the door opening, him asking if I was awake and could he join me in bed. We fucked and afterwards I told him I'd decided that I wouldn't see them again.

At the time I meant it, but I kept finding myself daydreaming about their cocks, wondering what it would be like to be arse fucked, DP'd and probably gang banged. I'd had a few texts from them and had put them off. I resisted as long as I could, until Andy came home from the pub with Sam. The idiot pulled me onto his lap and pushed his hand up my skirt, trying to finger my pussy, making it obvious he wanted to watch Sam fuck me. I pushed his hand away, got up and as I left the room hissed at him, “I thought you'd learned your lesson. If anyone's going to fuck me it's Baz and Ed” I went upstairs and phoned Baz, telling him I wanted him to fuck me again, suggesting he might like to invite a few friends. He told me where to meet him on the Saturday night. What a night it was, I was DP'd then with everyone watching I had anal sex for the first time. Baz arse fucked me, though taking his cock, even with plenty of lube was painful, once he was in, fucking my arse I loved it. The next time I took his cock in my arse and one in my cunt, at the same time. I thought I wouldn't stop cumming. Even now as I prepare myself for another weekend fuckfest I’m not sure how many times I was fucked or how many different guys fucked me that first time. Andy now accepts what I'm doing and I allow him to come and watch. It took a bit of time but now he does as he's told. He wanted to see me sucking and fucking. He has to do the same if he wants to fuck me. Ed made the arrangements and Andy's been sucking cock for a few weeks now. This weekend he's going to be arse fucked, and as a reward I may let him fuck me if I think he has finally learned his lesson.