Written by Nikki & Mark

26 Mar 2011

I’m Mark and I’ve been reading these stories for some time but I’ve only just plucked up the nerve to tell you how I dealt with my jealous reaction to my wife’s dirty phone chats with from a guy at work.


I was Nikki’s first and only lover. We’d been married for nearly 20 years and been through the early “fuck everywhere” stage and we’d settled down to a good, regular sex life with some inventive play to spice things up. Nikki’s 8 years younger than me, 6 foot tall, blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, 38DD tits and legs up to her arm pits! She’s also highly sexed and comfortable with men. For all those reasons I’m a jealous man.

My greatest worry was Frank, a guy she works with. He was always emailing her with smutty suggestions of things he’d like to do to her at lunchtime and I know they often texted each other in the evenings. One day, she told me that he sometimes phones her after texting to talk dirty to her while he wanks off. She said, “I enjoy it but he's just a friend. He’s attractive but I don't fancy him!"

After hearing about the dirty phone talk, I decided I had to confront my jealousy or risk losing her.

Nikki and I often talked about having a third party to join us for sex, so one day after making love, I said to her, "I bet Frank would have enjoyed that". She had reacted oddly, "I don’t think so. He’s always goes on about fucking me up the arse!" I said, "Well, why don’t we let him one day? You'd enjoy shagging two guys at once. I bet you’d love me licking your pussy while he fucks you up the arse! You say he’s attractive, and he’s gagging to fuck you, he’d be an ideal starter!"

Nikki looked thoughtful, "I’m not comfortable with the idea. He’d probably talk about it in the office afterwards.” I smiled, "Not a problem, I’ll explain to him that if he talked about you in work, he wouldn’t get a second crack at you!" "We’ll see", she said with some reservation.

Over the following weeks we discussed it quite a lot and, after some hesitation, Nikki agreed to try out a threesome with Frank but she said, “If the atmosphere isn’t right, I want to be able to call it off.” I said, “Of course, you’d be totally in control.” She sent him a text later that night and arranged for us all to meet up for a drink Friday lunchtime.

Friday at the Pub

I’d seen Frank before; he was about 5’ 11” and looked like he’d played some rugby in the past. Nikki said he had sex appeal and I could see what she meant. He had smiling eyes and was obviously easy with people. I shook his hand and said, “So you want to fuck my wife up the arse?” He smiled, “You don’t waste any time do you. I’d rather say, I’ve always fancied her and hoped to show her how much one day”. We drank and chatted, getting to know each other and as Frank stood to leave, he leaned across me and kissed Nikki gently on the mouth. He looked straight at me and said quietly, “I hope you didn’t mind, but if I am going to fuck her up the arse, I thought I’d better get the foreplay out of the way!” We all laughed!

The Ice was well and truly broken and Nikki had decided. When we got home she asked me if she could text Frank and ask him to meet us at the pub again the following Wednesday. She said she intended to invite him back to the flat and, if she didn’t lose her nerve, she would fuck us both.

Wednesday Meeting

Nikki had the day off work. She took a long bath with a glass of wine, shaved her legs and pussy and I gave her a massage. She spent time on her hair and make up, wanting to look her best for Frank. She wore a sheer black, very short cocktail dress, teamed with just a small black thong and 4” black patent stilettos. Her long, slim legs shone in glossy black hold ups.

We met in the pub, had a beer and chatted. "I hope you've had your vitamins this morning", I joked, "You're going to need all your stamina". Nikki joined us at the bar, kissed Frank on the cheek and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze. When we moved to a sofa and Frank could clearly feel the pressure of Nikki's thigh against his. I saw him open his legs a little to press more firmly against hers.

She reached out and laid her hand along his thigh. Her head was turned to me, listening to the conversation but she said later her senses were totally focused on Frank. How would he respond? Would he get embarrassed? Would he get hard? As we chatted, my fingers brushed Nikki’s stocking. I got another round of drinks and, when I came back, her hand was stroking the top of his inner thigh. Frank’s arm round her shoulders and I thought we should get started. I leaned across to Frank and said, "I'll leave you to chat for a bit and I’ll meet you back at the flat - Nikki will show you the way." So I left them in the pub.

The drive back to the flat and the wait for them to arrive was the worst part of the whole experience. My jealousy was rampant! I could imagine them talking, laughing, touching each other! Later that night, Nikki told me what happened when I left them:

She said Frank looked a little uneasy so she said, "We’re about to have sex and we haven’t even kissed yet!" She said, “I leaned towards him, covered his lips and I slipped my tongue into his mouth”. As he kissed her back, he lifted her hand off his thigh and placed it on his crotch.

She told me that, as they drove off, she started squeezing his thigh then moved to his groin and felt the huge bulge in his trousers. She said, “He reached up to stroke my breast and my nipples stuck right out through my dress. Then he dropped his hand to my leg and slipped it under my dress. I leaned back in the seat and stretched my thighs apart to encourage him. He slipped a finger into my panties and I felt his cock move in his trousers”. She said, “Feeling another man’s penis was familiar but different. I didn't know any of those intimate things about him that I take for granted with you. I wondered how big was he and I looked forward to seeing it for the first time.”

So my wife and her work colleague made the journey back to our flat with his fingers in her pussy and her hand on his cock.

Wednesday at the Flat

I’d done some preparation laying out some toys, some lube and some hand towels and when they arrived, I handed them a glass of wine. Nikki disappeared into the bathroom to touch up her lipstick and I took Frank to the sitting room. He sat on the sofa drinking his wine and Nikki joined us. I said to Frank, "Isn’t she lovely?" and he said, "Yes, she's gorgeous!" I told him, "She's even lovelier under that dress, you should take a look?" Frank needed no encouragement; he ran his fingers along the edge of her neckline and reached inside to feel her breasts. Nikki put her finger tips into his mouth and he bit down on them gently. She stroked his saliva across one nipple. Frank fondled her wet, pink nipple as it stiffened.

I knelt beside Nikki on the sofa and pulled the thin straps down from her shoulders. Her breasts fell free and Frank lifted them, feeling their weight. I leaned over her shoulder and kissed her left nipple. He took the hint and kissed the right one. Nikki was watching us sucking at her tits and I saw her left hand wander down to her crotch. Her right hand wandered back to the bulge in Frank's trousers.

Frank raised her hips and slid her dress off under her. He stroked back up her thighs to where nylon met skin. I started stroking her belly, ran my fingers along the edge of her thong and I lifted it up. "Try some of this", I said to Frank and he happily pushed his hand inside the little tent of black lace. Her mound was smooth; her lips were soft and moist. His fingers must have hit her clitoris immediately because I felt her belly tremble.

She turned her face to him again and kissed him roughly. Frank responded by rubbing firmly at her clitoris with two fingers but her thighs locked around his hand. "Slow down cowboy! We've got plenty of time for rough stuff", her was voice gentle but edged with reproach. “Sorry, I was carried away. I’ve been waiting a long time!" he apologised. She said, "Well, this can be your special day. We’ll try to make up for all the waiting!" He resumed his exploration, sliding his fingers softly around her lips and opening, teasing her and building her excitement. I slipped her thong down her thighs, tracing the outline of her legs.

She lay back on the sofa in just stockings and heels. She clasped her hands behind her head, stretched out her long legs and said, "Well Frank Boy was it worth waiting for?" "I'll tell you in a minute", he said mischievously. "I don't think you'll be disappointed!" she replied with confidence.

He went back to kissing her and squeezing her tits so I sank between her thighs and pushed her legs apart. I ran my tongue up her thigh, over her mound, between her lips and down to her arse. Holding her cheeks apart I pushed my tongue against her tight, little, pink arsehole. I could smell the mixture of fragrance and sex odour from her cunt and I rimmed her arse while Frank sucked at her nipples.

I parted her pussy lips, pushed my tongue into her, pulled at her clitoris with my lips and pushed two fingers into her waiting hole. She was wet and slippery. I took the fingers covered in her juice and put them in her mouth. She kissed her fanny juice onto Frank’s lips then reached down, pressed her own fingers into her wet gash and stroked her cunt-mucus across her nipples. She moved away from Frank and said, "Suck me really hard!" Frank obliged. I went back to her love hole and began to lick at her clitoris. She began to grind her hips as waves of lust built inside her.

She stopped me suddenly and said, "Get up here you two!" We got up and sat alongside her to see what was wrong. "Let's see who's been enjoying themselves most", she said and grabbed the bulges in our trousers. "I'd say it was a close thing but Frank gets it by a head! Right guys, knobs out for the gals!" she said in a mock building site voice.

We unzipped and sat back, waiting to be taken in hand. She reached to her left, slid her hand inside my trousers and pulled out my 6 inch penis. She held it momentarily, pink and erect with its bell-end shining. Then she turned to Frank, reached down and pulled 9 inches of pink meat from his boxers. His prick was long but I was most impressed by its girth. I looked down and saw that she couldn’t even close her hand around his shaft! She told me later she felt her cunt contract as she felt the size of it.

She lay on the sofa holding both pricks and started to wank us in unison. I covered her hand with mine and said, "Don't be so rude, you know guests cum first". Nikki turned to Frank and smiled, "I'm so sorry, this is your special day after all". She slid from the sofa, knelt in front of him and pulled off his shoes, trousers and boxers. Frank pulled his shirt over his head and sat back naked with his penis proudly erect and glowing. Nikki knew what he wanted. She spread his thighs, licked up a glistening spot of pre-cum with her tongue then took his member between her lips. Frank shuddered as Nikki's tongue flicked over his bell-end, pushing into his eyehole and running down the length of his shaft. She seemed to be enjoying his thickness but she still took a good 5 inches of his length into her throat.

I watched Frank's face alight with pleasure as Nikki sucked him off. With one hand she worked his shaft with the other she caressed and squeezed his balls. Her lips pulled and sucked at his bell-end filling and emptying her mouth with his manhood. I slid off the sofa and knelt beside her, massaging her tits and to fingering her cunt. She was dribbling and I needed to taste her. I lay down on my back and slid beneath her squatting buttocks and found a position where I could lick at her wet hole.

Frank was soon close to cumming and Nikki, sensing his pending orgasm, stopped sucking him. He looked bewildered and we both sat up again. She turned to face me and said to Frank over her shoulder, "Get inside me! I want you to cum inside me!" She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. Arching her back, she thrust her hips into the air, inviting Frank to fill her from behind. He was only too willing.

He knelt behind her, took some KY from the table, coated his helmet and fingered some round her tight little arsehole. Then taking his rock-hard prick in his left hand he started to slowly finger Nikki's glistening hole with his right. She responded, moaning and rotating her hips. She spread her knees on the carpet and reached between her legs to rub at her clitoris. Her juices soaked her fingers and I could see she was desperate to have Frank's huge cock inside her. He pressed his bell-end to her pouting arsehole and pushed against her muscle resistance. She was getting hotter and hotter, frantically sucking me and rubbing her bulging clit with two stiff fingers.

Just when I thought he would never fuck her, Frank pushed his cock slowly into her and her mouth left my erection. Now, Nikki’s usually really good with pain but as he entered her I heard her sob and her face was contorted with pain. Frank heard it too, stopped and said, “Sorry, am I hurting you?” Nikki said, “Yes, but just fuck me it’s what you’ve always wanted.” Frank slowly pumped his length in and out of her arsehole as Nikki bit her lip and whimpered. It was clear Frank didn’t want to keep hurting her because after a few gentle thrusts he withdrew and pushed his cock against her cunt lips. “You might enjoy this more”, he said softly.

She gasped as he pushed into her. He must have stretched her pussy so much more than it’d ever been stretched by me. She said later, “I thought he’d never stop entering me. He pulled back very slightly before banging really hard into me again. I felt my guts move with the strength of that thrust!”

Frank gave her two or three more hard thrusts then withdrew almost his whole length from her. Then, he pushed slowly into her again, repeating the process several times. She went back to rubbing her clit and each time Frank pulled out she let her fingers trace the length of his cock. She said she’d enjoyed feeling her own vaginal fluid lubricating him. She rocked forward with her face almost on the floor, holding her hips as high as possible to let him have as much entry as she could. I knelt next to her, lifting her tits and squeezing her nipples.

Frank suddenly began thrusting into her more quickly. She moaned and screamed. He was shouting, "Yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck!" His eyes were bright and his teeth clenched tight as he banged her like a cheap whore. Then, with a final shuddering gasp, he shot jets of cum deep into her squelching hole. He came and came into her, pulling hard on her hips to force every last drop of his spunk into her body.

He fell forward, kissing her back. Nikki's cunt was still pulsating and gripping his cock with each pulse. Frank reached under her and started to stroke her clitoris. With his huge cock deep in her cunt and his fingers rubbing her clit she came immediately with a shrill scream. She pulled away from him and dropped to the floor. As the spunk dripped from his softening prick she ran her thumb and forefinger up its shaft and scraped off his cum. She reached between her thighs and took a handful of their mixed juices dripping from her cunt, raised her hand to her mouth and greedily licked it off.

Nikki turned to me and said, "Do you wanna fuck me now Frank has?!" I pulled her to her feet and said, "Go lean against the wall." She faced the wall, leaned her head forward against her folded arms, spread her legs wide and bent her knees. I pushed my cock into her already reddened, stretched arsehole, turned her round and sat on the edge of the storage unit. She sat on my cock and rocked in time with my thrusting. Frank started to lick at her dripping cunt and he started getting hard again.

I rammed my cock into her arsehole again and again. Frank stood up and pushed us both back onto the unit. Standing between my thighs, he pulled her lips apart and pushed his prick deep into her again. I could feel his thick member pressing against the thin wall that separated her holes. Our pricks filled her body and the thin separation between arse and cunt was stretched and bruised by us. With the added stimulus of Frank’s movement, I quickly came in Nikki’s arsehole, shuddering and a gasping but staying inside her. I could still feel Frank pumping into her through the wall of her cunt.

I asked Frank to stop and lie across the foot-stool. He lay down across the stool and I positioned Nikki to straddle him but facing me. As she slid onto his impressive shaft I got the best ever view of my super-slut wife with her work colleague’s long, thick, shiny cock sliding in and out of her coral pink cunt lips.

I told her to lie back and take her weight on her arms. Although her movement was restricted, she continued to rock and grind on his erection. I knelt between Frank’s thighs and started to lick at Nikki’s swollen lips and clitoris. Every time she rose on Frank’s cock, my tongue ran along his shaft. It was covered with a mixture of her cunt juice and his cum and I loved the taste.

Nikki was panting and moaning and her movements got faster as her orgasm built inside her. She came gasping and swearing as she slamming her arse against Frank’s belly. She fell back against him and he slipped out of her pulsing gash. So I put my mouth over his wet, shiny bell-end! I’d never sucked cock before but I’ve watched Nikki sucking mine so I had an idea what to do. I thought I made quite a good job of it and Frank didn’t seem to mind who was sucking him off.

He started moaning and I knew that very soon I’d get my first mouthful of man juice. His spunk hit the back of my throat in a surge followed by several smaller squirts that fell, salty and dry tasting, onto my tongue. I held his cum in my mouth, crawled round to where Nikki was resting and kissed Frank’s hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed it and laughed, “You dirty bastard; that was going to be mine!”

I stood up and walked to the kitchen to get more wine. Nikki climbed off Frank, turned round and straddled his hips. When I came back I saw her grinding her pubis against his semi-stiff dick, her eyes were closed and his hands were squeezing her beautiful tits and stroking her stiff nipples. I stood beside her and wiped my wet cock across her cheek. “I’ve got some left if you still want to eat some spunk!” She turned her head and took my slippery knob into her mouth again. So we finished the afternoon, with Nikki riding Frank to their third shared orgasm and sucking another, smaller, splash of cum out of my willing cock.

Frank left about 7.00 pm. We showered, went out to dinner and talked about the afternoon. Nikki said it was the best decision she’d ever made and she’d really enjoyed herself. When we got home she pushed me down onto the bed, pulled her clothes off and threw her legs astride me! As she rode my six inch cock, she was only too eager to tell me how much she’d enjoyed having his thick, nine inch erection inside her and how it had stretched her cunt in a way she’d never felt before! She asked if we could do it again soon.

Am I still jealous? You bet your arse!

Now she fucked him and eaten his spunk, I think her days at work will get a whole lot more exciting!! In an odd way I’m quite looking forward to her coming home and telling me all about it!

If this is well received, I might tell you how we developed our sex life and how I made Nikki jealous by fucking her best friend – while she watched!