Written by Clair B

14 Jun 2016

Hello. I just want to share this with you becouse I have never done anything like this before and as the title suggests, my head is in a spin.

I'm 31, married to a loving husband who I love very much. I have two children both under 6 who are my world. My husband and I have a great sex life and we both keep in shape and to be honest there wasn't really anything missing which is why this is all very confusing.

We recently went on holiday to Spain, and we stayed in a lovely hotel, our balcony over looked the sea. The balcony next to us was the only one that could see ours so it was quite private. On the Tuesday morning of the second week I stood on the balcony topless but didn't think anyone would see. I didn't realise that the man next door was sitting reading. I must have been out there for 15 min or more before I realised but as soon as I did I went inside but I was surprised how exciting it was that a stranger had seen me.

I don't think I have a bad body, I'm quite slim, in good shape. My breasts aren't very big (34A) but they are still firm and it was exciting to think he had seen me.

The next day I looked out and he was there again. My husband had taken the kids to the pool and it took me quite a while to build up the courage but I took my top off and stood there pretending not to notice him. As I turned to go in I looked over and we smiled. He was older than me, grey hair, very tanned and quite good looking.

That evening my husband and I had sex but all I could think of was my stranger. I imagined him inside me and I had the most amazing orgasm.

On Thursday we went out so I missed my chance but on Friday the kids wanted to go down to the beach so I made an excuse and said I would meet them later. As usual he was there but this time I wanted to go a bit further. I stood there topless but I didn't pretend not to see him. I wanted him to watch me, and he did. He took his cock put and rubbed himself.

This was so naughty but I didn't care. After a minute I realised how bad this was and went inside but I think I was hooked.

I took all my clothes off and went back. We both masturbated, my fingers doing more than any man had. I watched him looking at me, his large thick cock in his hands until we both came. His cum splashing onto the floor, my knees buckling.

He motioned for me to come round to his room but I felt so guilty I ran inside, got dressed an joined my family.

That night I had guilt sex with my husband, letting him do things to me he always wanted but I never allowed. Letting him cum in my mouth and then let him have anal sex with me which was his fantasy.

The next day we were leaving and the guilt had gone. My husband had had his extra pleasures with me so I had to see my remote 'lover' once more. I had packed most of our things the day before so we had plenty of time and as usual my husband hadn't noticed and he jumped at the chance of taking the kids to the park whilst I did the rest of the packing.

As soon they left I changed into a very thin dress and no underwear so that it left nothing to the imagination and went to the balcony.

After a few seconds he came out dressed only in a hotel dressing gown which he let if fall to floor and my knees nearly went. He had the most amazing body, muscular and toned and his cock was long and thick. I started to drop my dress but he said something in a language I didn't recognise and beckoned me over. I hesitated thinking of my husband but if he never found out surely it was ok.

I was terrified but I went next door to his room, it was as though I had no choice.

Neither of us said anything, he pulled my dress over my head and I was naked in front of this gorgeous man whose fingers where already inside me.

His tong was deep inside my mouth when he pulled away took my arm and threw me onto the bed. I have had a few boyfriends in the past but I have never in all my life been fucked that I was that morning. His fingers opened my pussy and his tong and mouth explored me until I came. Then his tong flicked my seriously hard nipples before he but I small breasts in his mouth and sucked me so hard. Then it came, he slid forward and he entered me.

I have no real idea how long we fucked for but he fucked me on the bed, against the wall and he even carried me around the room with me impaled in his solid cock before he threw me on my stomach and on bed lifted my backside up and fucked me doggy style his body slamming against me. My husband would only ever cum in me once or sometimes twice but this man kept cuming again and again and I kept having a deeper and stronger orgasm.

In the end I I was on my back gazing at this man who continued to fuck me and I almost passed out, I lay on my back soaking wet and he put his cock to my mouth and I gladly cleaned it with my tongue, his salty cum in my mouth and driping down my chin.

I lay there in his arms for ages and I felt such a deep love for this man who I hadn't even spoken to, I didn't know his name or where he was from but I needed him. After half an hour or so I told him I had to shower and go becouse my family would be back, I didn't even know if he knew what I was saying. I went to the shower and he followed me.

This time he was gentle. We showered and his hands explored my body again before he lifted me up and slid inside me. The water running down our bodies off my nipples and his toned body. This time we made love, both of us cuming in sinc.

Then I dressed and left without even saying goodbye. Within a few minutes my family was back with my husband wondering why my hair was wet. I nearly told him I had been fucking a stranger but thought better of it. We left for the coach and I cried, my husband telling me not to be silly and that we would come back next year but I thought how fucking stupid he was. I could still feel my lover inside me, his cum still seeping into my underwear and the taste of his cum in my mouth.

All the way home I thought of what a sheltered life I have been living, what a good wife I have been but now all I want is a strangers cock.