Written by Kat

19 Aug 2019

We have been friends, then sexual friends with this couple for a couple of years. It was soft swing only but we did just about everything but full penetration of each other’s partner. The problem in their marriage had nothing to do with their lifestyle. We tried to help them through it but to no avail. They finally temporarily split for a few months.

I will call our friend Jim. He was terribly depressed and my husband and I talked about how we could bring him out of it. One three-day weekend we invited him to our house just to get away for a while. The first night after going out for dinner we turned in early. I admit lying awake that night wondering if anything would happen between the three of us. We had always had play around sex when the two of them visited before full se with our respective partners. I couldn't relax. I could feel myself getting tingly in my belly. I reached over and felt my husband, Mark. He was hard, we made love. I am a bit of a screamer anyway but I was extra loud that night. I wanted Jim to hear us.

The next night after dinner and wine there seemed to be many sexual feelings in the air. When Mark asked Jim if he wanted to join us in the hot tub I was sure something would happen if Jim was comfortable with it. It's funny.

It was a real turn on wondering what it would be like to have two men to myself. I striped and brought out the wine. Mark and Jim were already in the tub. Jim mentioned something about how good I looked when I poured the wine. I stood in front of them as we drank the first glass. I glowed when they looked at me and told me how sexy I looked. This was fun. By the time the bottle was finished, I was sitting between the two of them with my hands on their legs and Mark's arm was around my shoulder.

Every once in a while he would tweak my nipple. It was almost like Mark was teasing Jim. It was a little awkward for a few minutes. What do we do now? I looked at Jim and told him we had missed him very much. As I told him this, I moved my hand up to the base of his cock. I slid my fingers up the shaft. It was very hard. He leaned over and kissed me. I found Mark's cock with my other hand and stroked the two of them. Jim's fingers found my pussy.

I spread my legs for him. Mark and Jim both sucked my nipples. I remember moaning "take me to bed." I was shaking when they dried me off. The minute we hit the bed I went for Jim's uncut cock. I was on all fours sucking him as Mark crawled under me and began licking my clit. Now I have to stop and explain something. Mark and I up to this point had limits to how far we would go. We had long ago agreed not do a full swap with anyone. I do truly love giving oral but I had never let anyone other than Mark cum in my mouth. That night I had not given any thought as to how Jim would get off. Mark was going crazy on my pussy and I almost stopped everything with an intense orgasm.

After I settled down a little I felt Mark's hands on my hips and his cock slide into me. He was pounding me to another orgasm. Jim sounds like a wild animal when he cums. He has the most enthusiastic orgasms I have ever seen in a man. When I heard him moaning I knew he was close. I knew there was no turning back and I wondered how long it had been for him. I worked the head as best I could and watched him as I gave him pleasure. There is something else that really, really turns me on. It's when Mark talks dirty to me during sex. He started telling me how he loved watching me suck Jim's cock. Jim joined in.

God, I felt like such a slut.

I started having multiple orgasms that wouldn't stop. As soon as Jim started yelling he was cumming, Mark did the same. The power I felt as I heard these two big guys cumming at once was incredible. I was seeing stars when Jim filled my mouth. He tasted a lot different than my husband but still nice. I gently licked his cock and balls, and then rolled over on my back. I lay there with a big smile on my face.

I fell asleep sandwiched between them. Sometime early in the morning I felt a cock between my legs. Then it pushed into the entrance of my pussy. It started to push in then out. It probably did it about 10 times. I was half asleep and did not think anything about it at first as it slipped in and out. When I realized it was Jim, I looked at him. He saw me and pulled out. I did not have to say anything to him. I guess he just wanted to try and I secretly wanted him to.

I pulled the covers back and laid my head on his stomach. I watched the skin stretch back over his cock head as I stroked him. Mark watched us in the morning light. I soon had Jim moaning again. He was loud when he came, just like the previous night. I licked him till he softened and when we were through, Mark and I fucked next to him. Jim then spent another weekend with us and I sucked him and made him cum as much as he wanted. Then things got better at home and our friends became a couple again.

Thing is, I had such a great time and never felt so in control. More than ever now I want Jim to fuck me.