Written by Sing-and-swing

16 Nov 2008

You can take this as just a story if you choose, but I will tell you that it is not, I have not even changed the names of those of us involved.

My wife and I were just sitting at home on our couch, my wife, Sue 49, is about 5’3” with blondish hair and hazel eyes, with 36-B cup titties, dark nipples that stiffen about ½” when she’s horny or cold. I, Andy 49, am 5’8”, dark hair, blue eyes. Things had just started to get intimate when my best friend called and said he was going to drop by. He, Neil 39, is shorter and stalkier at about 5’6”. Brown hair and eyes. So my wife put on my silk robe and I through on a pair of black pyjama pants. We fooled around a little bit until Neil got there, keeping each other very aroused, so when he arrived we subsided our sexual desires and started to watch a movie. It was dark with the lights out and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, and I had been teasing her to just let me do it anyway, even if Neil was at the other end of the couch. But she was shy and embarrassed and in a way wanted me to, but not really. So Neil thought it would be best to leave and as soon as he walked out the door Sue told me amidst all of the joking that she didn’t want him too. (She had no idea that I had fantasized about this many times before) So I ran outside and caught Neil and told him that we wanted him to stay and watch…but I knew I wanted him to do more than that.

So Neil came back in and sat on the couch where he had been before…with a bit of an uncomfortable silence. I stood Sue up beside our end of the couch and started to kiss her on her hot lips, I could she her cheeks start to flush and could tell she was slightly shy, but very excited. As I started to play with her tit under the silky robe, which Neil could easily see her nipples thru now, she began to hesitate , so reassuringly I whispered for her to just let me do it…we would make her feel good. At that she very willingly let me drop the robe off of her shoulders as she stood there completely naked in front of me and my best friend, and I could see her cheeks darken deep red as I continually fondled her perk titties in my hands, slowly working one of them down to her shaved pussy little bit of stubble showed). I could feel her body quiver as I stuck my middle finger in her hot sticky hole, knowing that someone was watching us. Then I led her over to the couch and sat her down (one of our favourite positions), now noticing that Neil was already playing with his stiff dick as I finger banged my wife. I knelt down in front of her and pulled my pyjama pants down to my knees, exposing my 6” shaft, immediately teasing her moist lips with the head of my swollen cock. She is very needy when it comes to sex, so she pulled me forward, deep and hard into her pink love canal, and as I slowly started pumping in and out of her I motioned to Neil to come closer to us and told him to suck on her right nipple as I sucked on her left one, knowing that at this point she wouldn’t object to anything. As Neil placed his mouth around my wife’s nipple I could tell she wanted this and more very much, I felt her warm pussy flex against my dick. Then Neil raised his similar in size dick to my wife’s mouth as she hungrily inhaled it all the way until her lips touched the top of his balls, sucking vigorously, almost making me want to cum prematurely. So I gave her a few hard pumps and she told me she wanted “her toy” (a vibrating “bullet”), lucky me, I almost blew it.

Taking the chance provided to cool off a little bit, I ran up stairs to our bedroom and got her toy from under the bed, when I came back down Neil was laid out on the couch and Sue was leaned over him deep-throating his manhood. So I went and lay down beneath her open legs, gave her juicy pussy a few licks and then placed the high speed vibrating bullet hard against her clit. I knew this about drove her over the edge because I could see her dark little hole contract and get much smaller. I would switch between the bullet and licking my wife’s beautiful pussy off and on for about 8 minutes as she sucked my best friend’s dick. I noticed she was about to cum, so I got up behind her and shoved my erect cock inside her doggy style and fucked her as she more intensely sucked him until she collapsed in a shuttering orgasm. She left thick white cum around the base of my thick hard shaft as I pulled out and lay down in the middle of the living room. After about 30 seconds of recovery she crawled tantalizingly over to me as I propped myself up onto my elbows, she first licked off all of her own cum (she always tastes herself when we fuck, she loves it, usually sucking it off of my finger) and then she began engulfing my manhood just like she did Neil’s. I could tell what she was anticipating, and it happened as she knelt on all fours like a slutty bitch swallowing my cock. Neil quickly moved over directly behind my wife, grabbing her by the hips, I could see the lustful excitement growing in her sinful eyes. I watched as she impatiently pushed her pussy lips back onto my friends hardened meat, he started fucking slow at first, and I knew this wasn’t good enough for her so I told him to pound her little body very hard, that’s how she likes it. As he started thrusting harder and deeper against my wife’s mound she couldn’t contain her pleasure, so she pulled her mouth off of my throbbing member and moaned with sounds of complete satisfaction, telling Neil to fuck her as hard as he could. As soon as she got into the rhythm of the rough motion she wrapped her moist lips back around my cock, sucking the best she could and jacking me off with one hand to make up for the inconsistency . Due to the heightened excitement I could tell none of us were going to last much longer, and after another few minutes Neil told me her could feel her Cumming as her tunnel tightened around his dick, and I could tell as her mouth held still around the head of my dick as she quickened the pace of her hand jacking me off. Neil told us he was going to cum, and I expected she would try and pull off of him, instead she quickly looked back and said, “CUM INSIDE ME“, and she screamed as she told me, “HE‘S CUMMING IN ME ANDY”, instantly putting her mouth back to the top of my cock, letting me fuck her throat as I unloaded all of my hot cum into my wife’s stomach…she didn’t know what to think about two guys filling her body with their warm juice at the exact same time, she bucked her hips wildly against him and swallowed my sperm diligently as her body, breast bouncing back and forth, shuddered into 2 or 3 more intense orgasms.

As the “heat of the moment” wore off we could each see slightly guilty faces on one another, so Neil dressed and left, Sue and I went to bed, and talked about it for a while before falling off to sleep. The next day we had passionate, loving sex with each other 5 or 6 times, probably due to the slight guilt we were feeling, kind of as a way to reassure each other that we were in-fact in-love with only each other.