Written by bcands

7 Jul 2008

Back from our boat cruise and a little light fucking, we showered and took a nap. We had arranged to meet up with our new friends (a group of American Swingers who we had cruised with earlier in the day).

Bc prepared herself for the evening, wearing a very short black mini dress with a slit to the navel which showed off her perky full tits to a tee. No underwear, but a nice pair of high heels. I felt completely overdressed in a Hawaaian shirt and shorts.

Dinner was a bit of a riot with our new friends. Food was quickly disposed of and the cocktail hour was resumed. Body shots were encouraged and it wasn\'t long before several of the women were naked or down to tiny thongs. Pussy\'s were caressed and violated, fingers pushed in to sopping wet cunts and nipples tweaked, pinched and licked. A quick lottery was held to find out who would be the Belle of the Balling, a good looking girl Cody was the winner and she was born away in triumph to one of the rooms. There with about twenty of us crowded in she was stripped off, turned over and her wrists and ankles tied to the bed, a cushion pushed under her hips. It left her ass and very wet cunt nicely presented ! There was the flash of cameras and one of the other girls moved into action with an enormous dido. Little Cody, whos tight pussy I had fucked earlier in the day was streaming and giving it some verbal, come on fuck me, fuck my ass, who needed the encouragement, they virtually knocked the women with the dildo aside, and one guy with a long thin cock climbed on and proceeded to give a very serious pounding, she was sweating and he was too, he then pulled and started to work his cock into her ass. Slowly but surely he thumbed it in and then he started to pound away, I was thoroughly enjoying watching this, another guy got his cock in her mouth and almost immediately came over her face. Another guy was led over by the cock and his wife fed it to her. I nearly creamed myself watching this. Turning round to comment to my wife Bc, I found she was also a little engaged, stark bollock naked she was squatted over a guy lying on the floor, bouncing up and down like a women possessed, she also happened to have a cock in her mouth, from a guy standing by her side...Too much for me. I headed back to the bed and leapt on Codys ass, easily sliding into her cum sodden hole. Fucking away for at least ten seconds before I pulled out and came all over her ass and back. Almost immediately some other women was lapping it up and fingering her cunt as well. I turned around to see how my wife was doing, doing very well by the look of it, since she was sitting on a different cock and now had two cocks to suck ! With more to drink and this blur of activity, I fucked someone else and then had my cock sucked, it felt familiar, Bc was giving me a good deep throating and sucked what cum was left in me down her velvet throat. She picked up her cum soaked dress, slipped on her high heels and we wandered back to our room, both naked and fucked. In the shower I washed all the cum off her tits and ass and from between her fat engorged lips, we dried off and fell into a great sleep, ready for more in the morning..