Written by Nick

21 Mar 2010

I wandered down to my local pub this evening for a quiet drink. I wasn't on

the pull, just needed to get out of the house a bit. The place was fairly

busy, as you'd expect on a Friday evening, and I found myself a spot at the

bar. I was waiting to catch the eye of one of the bar staff when a touch on

my waist made me jump a bit. I turned and found myself face to face with

Helen, a young woman who I've seen in there a few times before, but I didn't

know all that well.

I was a bit startled at how close she was standing, but couldn't back away

as I now had my back to the bar. To my alarm she moved in closer, putting

her arms around me and then kissed me very briefly on the cheek before

nuzzling my neck and murmuring that some guy was persistently hitting on

her and wouldn't back off - so would I pretend for a bit, please?

I agreed and got another brief kiss, on the mouth this time, and she bought

a drink for me. Then we found a spot at one of the standing tables, and she

pointed out the pillock, who looked pissed and a bit leery but wasn't

trying anything further just now.

Helen seemed a bit more relaxed now, but still a little tense, and explained

she'd told him that she was waiting for her boyfriend and they were going

on somewhere else - and would I mind if we completed the charade by

slipping off somewhere else to loose him completely.

I sort of felt that Helen would have done better to have a quiet word with

Denys, the boss, who'd have slung the guy out on his ear, but I didn't mind

going along with her plan if it made her happy.

Helen gave me a wink and another quick kiss on the mouth when I agreed - she

also gave me a sudden hard on, too, which I wasn't expecting but which

I really didn't want her to know about seeing as I was supposed to be

helping her avoid some sexual pestering, not joining in with my own!

Thankfully, it subsided fairly quickly before Helen asked to leave.

She put her arm around my waist as we left and I did the same to her,

grateful that my jacket is cut fairly long...

We ducked into another bar at random, which was a lot larger and busier

than the Lamb; we had to stand and Helen bought me another drink. Not long

after, I nudged her and said her 'friend' had followed us over - he was

standing just inside stareing around as if looking for someone. Helen just

said 'Um...' and looked a bit worried. The other guy, though, found who he

was looking for and suddenly headed off through the crowd where he gave a

girl a big hug, which she returned enthusiastically.

I glanced at Helen who blushed a bit and gave me a slightly cheesy grin.

No, she explained, as I quizzed her, he hadn't actually done anything.

Not beyond a few looks which had got her imagination going and she'd always

wondered about me a bit and got kicks from acting out and when I came in

it seemed like a a fun idea and was I upset? She looked genuinely worried now.

I wasn't cross with her exactly, just a bit bemused, but I had been staring

quite hard as she explained things, which from where she was standing must

have looked a bit like angry. My hard on had come back again, too, and I

figured that if Helen could be impulsive, then so could I. I slipped a hand

around her waist and pulled her close.

Helen's eyes widened, flicked down briefly and she grinned, pressed back

and gave a slow, calculated wiggle of her hips. I still had a glass in my

free hand and most of a measure of Southern Comfort hit the floor behind us

as my back arched in response. I found a ledge for the glass as Helen

slipped her arms around me neck and then got sort the kiss I'd have liked

to have her give me earlier.

The 'your place or mine' question got a whistful grin and a reply of 'here,

this minute, if they'd only allow it'. My place was a lot closer, but the

long, badly lit alley along the back of the church that's the second quickest

route back to my flat, was closer still. There's a deep pool of shadow under a

big old yew that leans over the alley, and a handy wall that's just the

right height.

Helen didn't know the place, but in the quiet when I stopped under the tree

I heard her breathing get faster and heavier as she got the idea. It's

truly dark along there on a cloudy night like tonight and I gently backed

her up against the wall. She undid my jeans by feel and toyed briefly with

my cock in the dark before I swivelled her and returned the favour with my

fingers, making her giggle quietly and squirm, before sliding my cock in

and grasping Helen's hips.

A little while later, I felt Helen freeze when voices and footsteps sounded

from back down the alley, approaching us. I was half expecting this - I

know about the wall under the yew, because I've heard the occasional excited

giggle and gasp from the gloom late at night as I've walked home. This was

the first time I've been the one in the gloom, though.

Normally, I'm not the exhibitionistic type, but I was enjoying this like

crazy by now. Helen was still holding still and trying to breath quietly

through her mouth. She murmured 'you bastard' as I began to rock gently back

and forth inside her again, but when I paused she thrust back and hissed

'fuck me'. I obliged, gently at first because the path is longer than it

seems, but harder as our unsuspecting audience came close.

I'd been unsure if Helen would do a noisy 'porn vid' climax now, or keep

it quiet. As it happened, she just kept quiet and let any noises out as

they happened - much sexier that way, in my opinion. When the approaching

couple were quite close, I helped things along by upping our tempo. Helen

huffed and puffed quietly for a few seconds more then whimpered.

To be honest, I was nervous as hell by now with several colourful 'what

ifs' in my mind. The voices had been one male, one female, which felt

pretty safe, but the footsteps had stopped suddenly. I had a strong urge to

pull out, but fought it down and carried on gently pleasuring Helen, who gave

another shivering whimper and then began to pant hoarsely.

The female voice giggled and said "Someone's fucking!", followed by a male

chuckle and a comment of "Enjoying it too!". I thought 'that's ok then' and

felt wave of relief and stepped the tempo up a bit further to what Helen

really wanted. The couple paused briefly when they drew level, but didn't

linger and walked on, giggling to each other.

Helen lost control when they were a few yards past us, and appeared to get off

even further on the comments they called when they heard her starting to

come. If anyone reading this thinks I'm capable of holding back my own

orgasm at that point, well I'm deeply flattered - and you're deeply wrong!

The walk home was relaxed, and slightly sticky, but my shower fixed that.

I won't go into detail about later, except to say that Helen spent a long

time being very, very nice to me.

She dozed off afterwards and I've spent the last hour or so watching her

snoozing and typing this up on the laptop. She's been awake for the last few

minutes and is asking what I'm up to - now I'll find out if she minds me

posting this tale or not...

Helen says: I don't mind! But if Nicks as timid as he pretends to be and it

was me that led him on then how come he knows about this website? He likes

to pretend he's the shy gentleman, but he's not and you should see a few of

the pictures he's got on this laptop! Especially the ones he took of

himself, dirty sod! I like some of the stories here though and maybe we'll

have some more to post too.