Written by Helen

3 Dec 2013

My life is so different now since being set up by my husband John. I now enjoy sex more than ever before and although getting some revenge on John, felt that he deserved more.

I decided that we would have a party and I only invited the folk that either I'd had sex with or wanted sex with. There were about 10 altogether. At this point my husband only thought I'd been screwed by Andy, little did he know. There were 2 people in particular I fancied like mad. The first was Hayley, 20 years old, fantastic size 8 figure with long blond hair. The second was Matthew, who I seen at the gym, was about 35, great figure and was hung like a donkey.

Everyone arrived and the drink was flowing like water and folk were dancing to the slow music I'd put on. I made sure that John was getting merry, as I had a few things planned for him.

It was now time to start doing stuff, so I took Andy up to dance and as we danced I told him what I wanted him to do. We were dancing in front of John, with my back to him, as Andy pulled the zip down on the back of my dress and slid it off my shoulders to let it fall on the floor. Andy said that John face was a picture when he saw me stark naked in front of him surrounded by a load of people. I then proceeded to undress Andy. Amanda, by bisexual chum took John up for a dance and encouraged him to unzip her dress, which he did, sliding it off her shoulders to join mine on the floor. Amanda dropped to her knees and unzipped John's fly and pulled out his cock. She immediately took it in her mouth and sucked away. Everyone was now getting naked and of course all had been briefed on the course of action. John's eyes were closed as Chas took over from Amanda sucking his cock. His face was a picture when he realised what was happening, even more so when he saw that everyone was taking pictures.

I stopped the music and stood next to John and Chas and announced that it was my intention to screw who I wanted, where I wanted and when I wanted and if John did not agree to that there and then all the photos of him and Chas would go on the Internet. He was obviously near orgasm, as Chas stopped for a moment and said do you agree John, to which he said yes, yes, yes, keep sucking. Chas obliged.

Now it was time to get it off with Hayley, who by this time was totally pissed and naked. She had a fantastic figure and she had a beautiful shaved pussy, which was a soft as anything. We sat on the settee together and started to kiss. She whispered in my ear that she'd never done it with a woman before or for that matter even a man. Wow, I was having it off with a virgin. I went down on her and started to lick her pussy, she was wet already and was starting to come, which of course I helped with. I then layed her down on the settee, with her bottom on the arm and her legs hanginging over the edge. I sat in her face and told her to start sucking me, which she did beautifully. I called Graham over and whispered that Hayley was a virgin and did he fancy bursting the bubble. He smiled like a Cheshire cat. He positioned hImself at the bottom of the settee and slowly inserted his big cock into Hayley soaking hole. She stopped sucking me as he sank his weapon inside her. I could feel her body tensing and she cried out as his balls hit her arse. She then got back to sucking me with renewed vigour and she came at least twice before Graham finally gave her, her first taste of semen.

The evening was great and John experienced things he had never dreamed of. Perhaps I'll let you know what happened.