Written by Andy

12 Nov 2012

Thought I would post the story of the second time Helen, my wife, went on holiday with her friend Jean. As readers of this board will know, Helen is a horny blonde who has enjoyed several experiences with other guys. Most recently I posted the story of our summer holiday this year in Gumbet, Turkey (look for Gumbet September 2012) and how she enjoyed four massages.

This story took place several years ago when Helen and her best friend Jean had a weeks holiday in Magaluf on Majorca. they had rented a small one bedroom apartment and I remember as I dropped them off at the airport telling them both to enjoy themselves.

Helen had said that she would ring to let me know they had arrived safely but I heard nothing the first night or the second.

At tea time on the third night Helen telephoned me and after asking the usual questions about the apartment, weather etc I asked her if she was having a good time. She replied that she certainly was and that was the reason she had not rang earlier. I asked her to tell more but for some reason she said I had to guess the nationality of the guy she had been playing with. After a couple of guesses, Spanish, English I said German and which point she laughed loudly and said " haven't I been naughty then" I said that I wouldn't know as I wasn't there and Helen said she would keep me in suspense until she got home.

After that I couldn't wait for the week to finish and as soon as I had met them at the airport and dropped Jean off home I raced us home and within minutes had got Helen undressed and into bed.

This is the story she told me.

After arriving in the early evening at their resort, Helen and Jean had showered, got dressed and went out for something to eat. They had then gone to the nearest bar to where they were staying, intending to have a couple of drinks and then an early night. Helen said that they had been at the bar for about ten minutes when they noticed a couple of guys looking at them. Helen was wearing a low, tight top that showed off her big tits and a pair of tight leather trousers. Her long blonde hair was loose and she had on a pair of high heel boots. After a few more minutes the two guys came over and introduced themselves as Heinz and Carl. Helen was immediately attracted to Heinz who she described as being about 6'4'' slim but well built with long dark hair. He too was wearing a pair of leather pants, boots and a white shirt. The four of them soon got chatting and it was obvious that Carl fancied Jean. After a few more drinks Helen said she began to dance to the music that was playing with Heinz and in a couple of clinchy numbers she could feel his hard cock through his tight pants. By this time Helen said she was really turned on and as she could see that Jean was happy with Carl suggested to Heinz that they go back to her room. Helen let Jean know where she was going and then left with Heinz. Her accommodation was just across the road so it took no time at all until they were in the lift. Helen said that as soon as the lift doors were closed they were at each other. Helen said Heinz had her tits out almost straight away and was sucking her nipples and squeezing her bum, she in return had his cock out and was stroking it and feeling it whilst the pair of them kissed and touched each other. I asked Helen how big Heinz was and she said very and thick with it.

They reached Helen's floor and Helen said that as soon as the pair of them got into her room they striped off and fell onto the bed. Helen told me that undressed, Heinz had a very fit hard body and a very big thick cock. She said that after some more kissing she lay back on the bed and Heinz went down on her, licking and probing her pussy with his tounge. After a few minutes of this they exchanged places and Helen began to lick and suck his cock. She said she did this for a very long time but he did not seem like he was about to come so she lay down next to him and they began to stroke each others bodies. Helen then told me that Heinz began to really play with her breasts, squeezing them and sucking on her nipples whilst at the same time rubbing her pussy and clitoris. Helen said she came quite quickly after all that attention and had barely recovered when Heinz got on top of her and slid his cock inside her. he then began to slowly fuck her but started to get faster and faster. Helen said it felt fantastic to have his big cock inside of her and he continued to fuck her for some time in this position. Helen said she then suggested that he lay on his back, which he did, and she climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto his cock. She said that she then began to ride him very hard and fast and at the same time he was reaching up and played with her tits. Helen said eventually she felt him starting to come and she rode him faster so that they both came together.

Helen said she slid off him and lay next to him on the bed. After a while she got them both a drink and they chatted about how long they were going to be there and did they want to meet up again, of course they both said that would be good. Helen then told me that after about 20 minutes they started caressing each other again and Heinz soon had another hard on. Helen said she started sucking him again whilst he just lay back and enjoyed it. She told me that she sucked Heinz for ages but eventually he came in her mouth, shooting loads of spunk down her throat. They were again lying down on Helen's bed, when they heard Jean and Carl returning tho the room so they got under the bed cover. Jean and Carl came into the apartment and seeing Helen and Heinz in bed started laughing saying that they could guess what they had been doing. Helen asked Jean why she was wasting time and turned to Heinz and began kissing him again. She told me that Jean and Carl stripped off and got into Jeans bed which was next to hers and were soon fucking. Heinz had again got a hard on and was soon paying Helen lots of attention. Helen said she was very very turned on and loved feeling Heinz touching her. After a few more minutes Heinz rolled Helen onto her front and began rubbing his cock along her bum. Helen said that she felt excited and hoped Heinz was going to fuck her up the arse, which she enjoys. Heinz whispered into her ear, asking Helen if she wanted to be fucked there and she let him know that she did. Heinz then slowly slid his cock deep into her arse and began to fuck her slowly. Helen told me the sensation of his big cock fucking her like that was like nothing she had experienced before. That and the sounds and sights of her best friend being fucked in the bed next to her really took her over the top and she said she had a huge orgasm. By this time she was on all fours, still with Heinz fucking her but now he could reach round and play with her tits as well. Helen told me that Heinz fucked her like this for some time before coming himself inside of her.

By this time the pair of them were pretty exhausted so they lay back and just watched Carl fucking Jean. Eventually the two guys got dressed and left but not before agreeing to see them the following night. Helen said she and jean exchanged notes on the two guys before going to sleep.

Over the next four days Heinz fucked Helen every night, in her mouth in her arse but mainly in her pussy. She told me that one night she and Jean were on top of their guys, fucking and the two guys were reaching up and playing with their tits, Heinz with Jean's and Carl with Helen's but they never swapped partners for fucking. Eventually the two guys had to go home and Helen and Jean enjoyed a couple of more relaxing days before they too came home.