Written by helen_wylder

1 Sep 2008

i had dumped my boyfriend and decided lifes far to short to wait for mr. right. me and a few girlfriends had gone for a night out in town, and after far to much to drink i was dancing much to the amusement of 2 young black guys. they sort of sidled over to me. they were tall, athletic and so good lookin. we started dancing, the three of us, me sandwiched between them. i could feel their bodies rubbing against mine, could feel their breath on my neck and face, could feel their hard cocks against my thighs, my ass, my wet pussy. i heard a whisper in my ear, \"which of us do fancy babe?\". i remember saying, \" cant i have you both?! they looked like the cats that had got the cream. soon i would be the cat that got the cream. mmm, loads of cream, i couldnt wait. we caught a taxi back to my place, they both fondled me in the taxi queue, tweaking my nipples, feeling through my trousers at my soaking pussy. they had me half undressed in the back of the taxi, the driver had eyes on stalks as my tits were groped and my nipples sucked. we got to my house and i decided sod the chit chat. the three of us headed straight up the stairs. i lit the bedside lamps and they saw the bed. set up for sex. i love bondage and own lots of whips, chains, restraints etc. i said, \" tie me up and do what you want\", so they did. i was stripped naked and had my hands tied behind my back. then my eyes were covered with my soft leaather blindfold. i was pushed to my knees and felt the 1st cock pushing to be in my mouth. i opened my lips and gagged as the sheer bulk of it filled my mouth. i sucked, deep throated and licked, i soon felt him twitch and felt the familiar taste of cum in my mouth. i swallowed his load and waited for his friend to do the same. but to my surprise i was helped up, hands untied and laid on my bed. i was on my back and could feel fingers between my thighs, probing my pussy, rubbing my clit, then, oh heaven, i felt a soft wet tongue running over my pussy lips, teasing my clit. i was laid across the bed and let my head hang over the edge as i was licked and eaten. soon there was a cock in my mouth, a diffrent 1. bigger than the last 1. i got another mouthful of cum just as i came. my mouthwas ful and my puss was squirting. oh heaven. then they tied me to the bed head, arms stretched, tits exposed, nipples like light switches. i cud hear them searching thru the bedside cabinet, they found nipple clamps. i was in extasy, tied up, nipples clamped, two loads of spunk in my belly. then they started fucking me. i dont know who did what as i was still wearin the blindfold. i cpuld feel their cocks in me, pussy, then mouth. then i was untied again. \"turn over bitch\" so i did. onto my kness, arse in the air, wrists strapped to the bed. they took it in turns to fuck my pussy, then my arse. they used my dildos onme while they fucked me. they fingered my arse hole, my pussy, my clit. i came and came. i thought id pass out. i felt them cum in my arse one after the other, i felt their spunk drip back out. my pussy was dripping and pulsing. i begged them to fuck it. so they did, hard. fuck it hurt. we fucked till daylight and the birds were singing. my wrists were sore and cut from the straps, every hole ached. yet still i wanted more. i could imagine how their black cocks looked as they were fucking my white arse. this made me wetter. i still get wet when i think of it.