Written by ConfusedSarah

6 Jul 2009

Hello readers again. If you remember my last series of posts I am happy to report I didn't get pregnant through my coming together with my stranger (Olli).

Since then I have been behaving myself and getting fully into being a mother and a faithful wife. I also took the step of changing my phone number so Olli couldn't contact me. Now my weeks are planned around my kid and, when I can, getting some exercise in. This has drawn me and my husband Paul closer together, and as a result we entered a bike ride together on Saturday.

As the day dawned we left our child with the in-laws and went over to the start. It was a 26 miles off road ride. We started at 9 and made good progress. At the halfway stage Paul meet with some of his friends, after a little chat and some egging on Paul asked if I wouldn't mind completing the race without him as his friends had asked to complete the last section as a race. I reluctantly let him go.

As Paul disappeared into the distance I settled down to complete the ride at my own pace, I had about another 10 miles to go and was content to not exhaust myself. I came to a section that went along the side of a field when a cyclist came to overtake me and just kept at my pace not bothering to go-ahead. Feeling a little nervous I looked over, a familiar face smiled back. Then it hit me – it was Olli.

"Do you mind pulling over?" he said. Under the circumstances I had little choice so I pulled up by a fence outside a small woodland area. Olli got off his bike and took off his sunglasses. "I thought I recognised that arse" he joked, I smiled in return. He then began to ask me what had happened and why I had changed my number. I explained that I couldn't allow my feelings for him to grow I had a child and a husband, who coincidently was on this ride.

Olli looked around "Well I don't see him – some husband you've got yourself there". I couldn't deny it; Paul could have at least had the courtesy to stay with me instead of cycling off with his friends. "Anyway" he said grinning "I'll forgive you for a forfeit". "No chance" I replied angrily. Olli laughed "That's Ok, when you complete the ride and go over to him I'll introduce myself, shall I?"

He had got me in yet another compromising situation. The sun beat down on my hot back and I noticed Olli's cock springing to life in his shorts. "Ok what's the forfeit?" Olli looked around and waited for a group of cyclists to go pass before saying "How about a nice fuck for old time's sake?". I had expected him to say that, but I was still shocked. "You seriously expect me to do that. Not a chance" I replied angrily. "OK fair enough" he said walking nonchalantly back to his bike "I'll see you and your husband at the finish". I began to panic, I had almost lost everything before thanks to Olli and I couldn't afford it do it again. "Wait" I replied, my mouth drying up and my heart racing. Olli didn't turn but put back his bike. My heart sunk "OK in the woods".

We cycled slowly into the woods waiting for yet another small group of cyclists to pass before finding an area down an embankment. Olli got off his bike and quickly checked to see if we had enough time to make it in without getting caught. The path was clear. We made our way gingerly down the embankment, leaving our bikes out of other cyclist's sight. It was so steep but Olli held my hand as we crossed the wood. Our feet crushing the leaves on the floor and my heart racing out of control, I was about to be unfaithful – again! Soon we found a sheltered area not far from the cycle route as I could still hear the sound of bikes whizzing by and people talking.

Olli came towards me and put his arms my waist. "I've missed you so much", he bent down and softly kissed me on the lips. It was like heaven; my mouth opened and accepted his tongue. His hands made their way up my sweaty back to the sports vest top I was wearing. Still kissing I put my arms up as he popped first one then my second boob out of its confines. We parted briefly whilst he pulled the top up and over my head, our eyes transfixed on each other. He then set to work sucking at my now incredibly hard nipples, his tongue delicately flicking over the surface caressing the areola. I ran my gloved hands through his short hair adoring the attention he was lavishing on me.

With my top off and my nipples now firmly aroused Olli sank to his knees and reached out for my cycling shorts. He hooked his thumbs in the waist band and slowly pulled them over my bum, them down past my thighs, over my knees and to the floor. I kicked them away as he sat crouching before me. He held my thighs and moved himself forward to my incredibly sweaty pussie begging to lick at my clit. I held his strong shoulders as his hands went around my back and grabbed my arse squeezing it. With that I let out a muted scream of joy

Olli turned me around to face the tree parting my legs so he could slide in. The sweet and my excitement enabled his not inconsiderable cock to slide straight in. He began to ram into me with such vigour that my tits were bouncing and slapping on my chest. He reached round and grabbed hold of them pinching and tugging at my nipples. I was now in such a state that I was moaning and screaming with each ram he was making into me. I gripped hold of the tree with my fingerless cycling gloved hands to steady myself. With each powerful ram that Olli was exerting I could feel the bark digging in to my fingertips. I was moaning so loudly now that I could hear other cyclists making comments like "Go on mate give her one", and "fucking dirty fuckers".

As Olli steadied himself and gripped tight to my hips I began to cum on his shaft, my legs were going weak as he suddenly stopped and shot his cum into me. I let out a huge cry of satisfaction. We held ourselves panting heavily our sweaty bodies rubbing before Olli pulled out. I stood up and felt Olli's cum, once again, flow out of me and down my leg. I turned to face him and smiled before gathering my clothes and getting dressed. We then found our bikes and rejoined the ride.

As we approached the finish together I could see Paul chatting to some work friends. He saw me and shouted "W'hey at least someone has pulled", I went crimson as I crossed the line. Paul then walked over as Olli was still with me. I become really nervous as I expected Olli to say something, however, he didn't. As Paul gave me a hug Olli politely introduced himself as an old work colleague that had, by chance, just "bumped" into me on the ride. I was so nervous as the two exchanged banter; they seemed to talk for hours. Finally Olli said that he had to go and turned to me saying "We really should meet up again".

Then the bombshell was dropped. Paul exclaimed that there was another bike ride in a fortnight and that maybe he could join us on that? After all Olli could keep me company as he would probably go with his friends again.

So reader I have myself yet another dilemma involving Olli, and I need, yet again, your help to help me decide what to do. Do I go on this other bike ride in a fortnight and possibly suffer the same fait, or do I try and be good for once? I await your decision.