Written by Adam_nderbys

6 Aug 2008

Just got back from meeting a so-called 'straight' cpl in Ilkeston, Derbys, which ended up being a cock-sucking frenzy.

I knew as soon as I met them that she was going to be a minx, just from the way she kept licking her lips when I looked at her in the pub, and from the comments she made while hubby was at the bar. The one that really got me going was when she asked if I liked a mouthful of cock as much as she did. Wait and see, I told her.

Back at the house, we only got as far as the kitchen before she'd got her tongue down my throat - mmmmm i love deep, hard, frantic kissing - and she was pulling my trousers off. Before I knew it, we were laid across the sofa, with me up to my balls in her very wet cunt and her beckoning to hubby to push his cock in her mouth.

Of course, it only takes a good 3some to make me horny for some cocksucking, and I leant forward to slurp up the side of his cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. She just slid her tongue round mine and we snogged with his cock between us.

Next thing I know is his hand reaching down and squeezing my balls, and then him wanking me. "Fucking suck his cock... now" said his wife, and I was only too happy to let him. She pushed his head down and fuck, was he good for a first-timer. Deep, wet and noisy, just the way I like it....

Finished off with some 69-ing as she wanked herself watching us, and then two loads of cum all over her tits. Fucking fantastic.