Written by janice

11 Mar 2010

About 10 years ago the factory I worked in closed and I was made redundant. After 5 months on the dole I was desperate as I had 2 teenagers and an ex who sometimes paid his maintenance. I managed to get 2 shifts at my local garage but obviously needed more hours so I answered an ad for a home help. I went for the interview and met Tom and Laura, it was for 2 days a week just cleaning there 4 bedroom house. Laura had had a stroke and the days I would work would be the days she was at hospital geting phisiotherapy. Tom was short stocky, iron grey hair and I had a feeling I had met him before. They had both been book-keepers doing the accounts for small business from a small office in their house.

I had been working for them for a year really enjoying and Laura was geting better all the time. One day I was working away when Tom passed by me his shirt sleeves rolled up when I noticed his tattoo and then it struck me I said you used to be in the the xxxxxx gang. Tom said I have not heard that for years, I said I am Jo Jos sister. He laughed little Janice who always wanted to be in the gang. I said I thought you would be in Jail by now you were really into all sorts. I would have been if I had n`t met Laura she was the making of me turned my life around, we spent most of the day reminising till Laura came home from the hospital.

A few weeks later I came to the house Tom looked distraught Laura had to been admited to hospital. As I worked away I went into the bed room and found Tom siting by the bed having a quiet cry I put my arms around him saying everything would be all right with Laura. I held him tight stroking his head and his arms tightened around me he lifted his head I bent down to kiss his cheek when he moved and our lips met. The kiss became a long lingering one my mouth opened and his tongue explored my mouth. We were both a little shocked and I ran out of the room. How could I, suddenly Tom was behind me its okay Jan it was just a comforting kiss, the heat from his body as he stood behind me was intense. I made to move into the living room and sat down Tom sat beside me, I so wanted Tom to touch me. I had not had a sexual partner for 3 years and I missed being fucked a vibrator can only still the hunger for a little while. Tom pulled me to him, burying his face in my neck and started a slow sensual sucking and nibbling at my neck. His hands cupped my breast squeezing hard, I moaned no Tom but really I did not want him to stop. He stood up and started to strip of completely naked his cock was thick and hard. I started to undo the buttons on my blouse but I wasn`t quick enough for him and he yanked it of my buttons scattering over the floor. He pulled my trousers and panties of and I lay there naked, he pulled my legs apart his head sinking to my fanny his tongue licking my slit my first orgasm coursing through my body. As he licked and nibbled at my clit my juices started to run out of me and down my thighs he licked my thighs cleaning my juices, I put my hand on his cock it was so thick my hand would not close round it I wanked it for a few minutes then he brought it to my mouth and pushed it into my mouth slowly fucking my face I heard him groan its been so long I sucked and licked his shaft sure he would explode in my mouth. Suddenly he yanked my legs open and sank his fat cock into my fanny and fucked my like there was no tommorrow, my screams of pleasure as I had multiple orgasms and suddenly with a groan and a last thrust he filled me with hot thick spunk. Tom rolled of me gasping for breath I lay there legs open feeling his spunk dribbling out of my fanny, but I wanted more. I straddled him my spunk filled fanny rubbing up and down his body, I put my fingers in my fanny rubbing at my clit bringing myself to another orgasm. Tom pushed me down to his cock I started sucking and playing with his balls till soon I felt him harden, playing and squeezing his balls my finger found his arse hole and I pushed it in I heard him gasp looking down at me not quite believing I done that I wiggled my finger around I am sure his cock hardened at that. I needed fucking so I straddled him his cock sliding easily into my fanny and I started to ride him, his hands gripped my waist as he pulled himself up and we were facing each other my arms around his neck as we fucked. I felt his hands grip my bum and his finger come to my arse hole I nodded and his finger went in finger fucking my other hole my orgasms were coming thick and fast now soon I felt Tom start to quicken I knew he was nearly there I said spunk on me, he pulled out his cock starting to jerk my belly and tits were soon covered in thick creamy spunk. I love to see a man cum it is so horny.

We lay side by side contemplating what had happened and yes we were feeling guilty but it wasn`t love just a good fuck.

I never went back to the house to clean for them I could not have faced Laurs knowing Tom and I had fucked. A few months later Tom came to my house Laura had passed away and he was selling up and moving out of the area he left his new address if I wanted to visit, did I visit????